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  1. Here's another good site with video sources of a lot of vanilla content: http://progression-annexe.blogspot.com/2016/02/vanilla-world-of-warcraft-retail-videos.html
  2. Haven't seen that one before, seems like is has some useful stuff in it some open world stuff as well. Although I do think he is being a bit too stringent in only including videos that are dated from vanilla since the old world content was largely unchanged up until Cataclysm.
  3. These are from WotLK but old world content was still largely unchanged then. They are one of few 1-60 alliance videos I've found: For lower levels there are also these videos but they really only cover the starting zones and then some zones up to level 30.
  4. I personally core mechanics while important -- will not make for a very interesting hype video. I think for generating hype focus should be on content fixes that are often overlooked or missing on many private servers. There is no shortage of missing or dysfunctional content on the big private servers on the top of my head some I found on Elysium: Desolace escort quest Southshore Assassin event Blueleaf Tubers RFK quest The Sacred Flame Quest King of the Foulweald quest The Swarm Grows quest Fool's Stout quest chain Uldaman Stone Keeper event Dreadmaul Rock quest Rescue OOX17-TN! (aka Tanaris Chicken Escort quest) SM Cath Mograine event (killing Mograine does not cause Whitemane to appear) Counterattack! quest In Dreams quest DM Rhak'zor is not aggro linked to his adds I'm sure there's lots more but the point is, I think maybe doing a side by side comparison of some content with another pserver similar to how the old CC videos did side-by-side comparisons to retail would be a good hype video.
  5. So a few observations I've been able to make from watching the videos so far: The combat dialogue that was posted for the TC script seems to be correct. The darter cage door opens instantly instead of having a 2.5s opening time that it has on cmangos. A very interesting detail that I haven't seen mentioned anywhere else but noticed in this video is that a Grimtotem Raider/Naturlist spawns on the hill next to the cage when it's opened. At first I thought this might simply have been a coincidence but it is consistent across both videos. The biggest difference is that in the first one a Grimtotem Raider spawns while in the second one it is a naturalist. Like the guide says the sprite darters have two different sets of escape routes that they use. When the quest completes she says "We've done it! Meet me back by Jer'kai above the Grim Totem camp." and she then starts running back, despawns after a few seconds time and reappears at her location. Edit: A very interesting thing that the TBC video shows is that, the quest does not actually complete until the Darter's have been saved AND Kindal is out of combat. You can clearly see this when the player is flabbergasted as to why the quest doesn't complete upon the last Darter being saved and he has to run back and kill the mob that Kindal is engaged with until the quest completes.
  6. Credit goes to @Roadblock for finding these videos, wanted to share them here for everyone's reference:
  7. Interestingly enough from that guide that you shared, it states this: What this indicates to me is that the darters actually had two divergent waypoints. However the TC issue only seems to give them one and the same. I'm trying to look and see if I can find video footage through some alliance playthrough of Feralas quests I encourage others to look as well it might contain footage of this quest.
  8. This is a quest that I have not to date, found working fully on any private server. I suspect it is not because the script is mechanically very complex. Rather there is no good source of information. The quest I'm talking about is Freedom for all Creatures. The quest is sort of a pseudo-escort quest but to date I have only found this one video of it which is of very poor quality: There is some key information that is still missing from here, like for example what is the behavior of this NPC if you abandon the quest. And what is supposed to happen when the quest timer runs out? There is some useful information posted on this TrinityCore issue but as they mention the information for the dialogue has no primary source so we cannot now for certain if it is accurate. Any information that we can dig up on this will surely help contribute into making CF the realest vanilla experience so far.
  9. A very large part of helping out the CF team in shaping the most Blizzlike experience is the research and exploration of various historical sources. A big problem nowadays is of course that, especially vanilla WoW is very old, as a matter of fact the US release of Vanilla WoW was in November 24 2004, that is more than 10 years ago. As time passes a lot of information is lost and we must make do with what we have. But there are still some sources, some good, some less good. So what I'd like to do here is to invite the rest of the community and have a discussion on how we can grade these sources in relation to one another. My thoughts on this are pretty simple, the A tier sources are screenshots & videos from retail WoW. They will provide almost irrefutable evidence in the cases where they can be applied to the relevant context. There are some caveats to this, mainly that WoW emulation has been around for as long as WoW has been so there is always a slight risk that the footage isn't from retail in which case it's not very reliable. B Tier to me would be archived websites and texts such as those from the official WoW forums or the older revisions of WoWWiki pages. There is a certain degree of fact checking here so we should be able to trust these sources in most cases. I consider archived Thottbot/Allakhazam to be C Tier unfortunately there are more than a few instances where they had bad information and the comments aren't fact-checked so people could really come up with any type of bold statement and masquerade it as a fact. VanillaGaming/AoWoW is sort of an extension of the above but I've found a lot more bad information from them especially once it comes to quest information so I would rate them as D Tier. The E Tier I personally think are other private servers or emulator databases a lot of guess work and/or poorly fact checked data and information has been put into many of them. Alas there are probably some cases when no other source can be found in which case I would argue that it is still better than nothing. There are some archived WoW emulators that were produced during the time of retail unlike the back ported mangos that many servers today are using and they might contain some relevant information if worst comes to worst.
  10. Another small detail is regarding the NPC, Moon Priestess Amara who patrols the road to Parnassus along with two other sentinel NPCs. When she aggress she will dismount and instead of engaging the attackers in close combat she will attack them with there bow while her sentinels get close and attack. A video of this can be found below (The video is from WotLK but I don't think it is likely that it was changed in the patches): Edit: You'll also notice another important detail and that is that she is not only aggro linked with her sentinels but they are also waypoint linked. As you can see the sentinels remain stationary while he is interacting with the NPC only resuming their patrolling once Priestess Amara does so.
  11. I don't really have an opinion on this as of yet, but I will ask something that I feel hasn't been addressed in this topic as of yet. What kind of deflationary pressure would banning effective gold farming put on the server economy? Especially if we are to assume that the VPN ban will effectively eliminate close to all chinese gold farmers. I'm no expert in economics but it seems to me that vanilla already has a rather large amount of deflationary mechanics in the game, like the 60 mount, respec costs and just skill costs. These are all things that take a non-negligible amount of gold out of the server economy (especially in the case of the 60 mount). Looking at some class specific gold farming methods as giving an unfair advantage to one class of another is, in my opinion, a logical fallacy. Assuming that these people are not hoarding their gold or farming towards their epic mount (this is a possibility) then the gold generated through this will go back into the economy providing much needed market liquidity. If all of the sudden these farming methods were nerfed or restricted then most likely the net effect on the economy would be that we we would have a smaller amount of gold in circulation, leading to a smaller amount of goods traded & exchanged which in turn would drive prices down making gathering and crafting less profitable etc etc. The longer term effect is that it will deter trade and crafting. Would be interesting to get some feedback from someone who has a better understanding of economics.
  12. Can this thread be merged into the other details thread?
  13. Yeah this is a pretty big thing, currently on Elysium we have Mad Magglish who is supposed to have three different spawning locations. But because they have not implemented this "random" spawning system he always spawns at the exact same location leading everyone to camp his position for the quest. Some other minor things I'd like to mention are the Stormwind City Patrollers during the night they are supposed to have the lanterns but during the day they should have a sword equipped. "The Challenge" is a very interesting event/quest which I haven't seen properly scripted on any private server thus far. Basically when you play the banner of provocation in the Ring of Law you will instead of the usual spawns get to find Thendren and his gladiators, now the special thing about these NPCs is that they fight like players. They don't have a traditional threat table and they are immune to taunts, instead they will target healers and other clothies and try to gang up on them like normal players, also using CC to lock down the other players and etc. It was a very unique and cool fight.
  14. Found a secondary source from WotLK and it does indeed seem like there is no dialogue involved in this quest chain prior to Cataclysm.
  15. According to the comments on WowHead quest the Shades of Kaldorei spawned in patch 3.1.3 already and delivered the following dialogue: Although I haven't been able to find any video footage of the event yet which would still be helpful to see the positioning of the NPC and the timing of the dialogue. Source: http://db.vanillagaming.org/?quest=929#wh-comments Found another source from a leveling guide from October 2010 so that would be before Cataclysm still. http://www.wow-pro.com/node/3084