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  1. tHe tROll iS bIG iN tHiS oNe
  2. Hello darkness my old friend
  3. This project turned out to be a bigger disappointment then CC what worth is the word of a liar ? Hope this just helps the privet community with a new core. So one day we will see a good and serious vanilla server.
  4. I dont feel this is the time to add more fire to the flame. There is tons of info about CF Staff on other forums if u feel the need see it by yourself.
  5. There is alot of sketchy behavior done by crestfall staff that too need to be addressed. But yes lets wait for the official statement!
  6. I feel down to be honest. Just bought Gold on Elysium for 80$ Can i have that transfered to Crestfall?
  7. So how long are we talking about for a release CF ? 3 months, 6 months, 1 year? All the best