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  1. I think they have thicker skin than you give them credit for.
  2. Seems I misunderstood how the lockout would work. It is still a problem for the AH players. Instead of some deals earning you a couple of gold or more each, they are never there. The bot never sleeps, never takes a day off, only misses stuff on occasion because of human error. Whenever you post an auction, it is undercut within the hour at any point of the day. It essentially removes reselling items as an income. I have some hope that your server-side magic will remove the more advanced bots as well. Orly? I know how AH works, and basic programming. Probably isn't hard to program them. If you use image recognition and windows cursor functions it would probably be undetectable by the simpler measures. I'm not there yet knowledge wise. Well I don't want them to break a game I enjoy playing. Mainly AH. Ayy lmao! You should know I might move before the end of the year. I'll most likely use the same account, unless I'm somehow banned by then, so note the user ID as well.
  3. I do a full scan before each AH session, which is about 30 mins long in total. I do this because after the scan, the mod shows all current auctions with a low % buyout in a historical perspective. The mod can't know these deals exists magically. Only after a full scan can it know they exist, and can show them in a nice list. It also shows the auctions I compete with when I post my own. This is an important feature alone and makes the scan almost mandatory if I post auctions of many categories of items. It would definitely break the less sophisticated bots. But how do you deal with a bot that searches only for rares level 15-19 and epics 55-60, for 10 mins every three hours? (As an example. Felcloth, Illusion Dust, Eternal Essence etc. would also work. The point is to limit the number of items to look for. Maybe even cycle several groups of items to search for.) That's not difficult to program.
  4. That's how I use auction mods personally though. Scan the AH and use the data gathered to sift through the auctions fast for deals. Couldn't the botter only specify a short select list of items to scan for in the bot, as to not incur the lockout? Thus would the lockout handicap, but not break the bot, and fairly severely interfering with real players anyway.
  5. I disagree. Putting off pleasure and working towards a difficult goal can be very fulfilling once you 'cash in', so to speak. The hard part is figuring out what is worth doing and how to do it. Levelling in vanilla is a nice pastime when I don't have energy to do anything proper. Mostly just something to do with my hands while watching Star Trek or The X-Files. But putting in more energy than that into the game simply isn't worth it for me. It becomes a second job too easily, with responsibilities, time tables and so on. Not to mention a lot of the endgame things takes a many of hours. In a way it's similar in wow as it is IRL. You spend a lot of time working towards a goal. Then you attain it and reap the rewards, possibly even respect from a community. It's just more work and larger rewards IRL. There are also very few guides for IRL, because the complexity of the real world makes that impossible most of the time.
  6. I'm trying to get my life on track. Can't really sink a lot of time into games any more. I'm starting to feel like I'm wasting my life. Just got my first real paycheck at 24 with an IQ over 120, still have no education on paper and no social life. Step one: get on a career path or start learning programming on the side of a normal job. Step two: find a wife and procreate. Maybe I can play some more vanilla with my future children when they get old enough (read: at the age of 10 kek).
  7. That was my point. However as you point out it's not a perfect allegory. When you overdraw the electrical grid, it stops working. When you overload the communication paths in the internet, it mostly takes more time. What I wanted to point out was that the bandwidth is limited and thus market behaviour determine pricing for individuals. Both the subscription model and $/data types of services exist. If they don't want to pay for other peoples usage of bandwidth, simply buy the $/data plans. They are much cheaper if you don't use as much bandwidth as the average user. The ISPs either own or rent bandwidth on the major internet communication pathways, so they act as intermediaries who keeps tabs on their user-base's bandwidth and how much it costs them (the ISP). Then they make a business model out of it, and the subscriptions seems to sell best, right? Regarding the rates being increased. We have the option to make our rate set for a time, but that rate is higher than the free-floating one is currently. Since our grid is very stable and we even export quite a bit of electricity to nearby nations, the free-floating one is used by almost everyone. We barely have newsstands in my country, other than for magazines (which isn't really a newsstand then I guess). Here everyone is either subscribed or not, which is a set cost every month regardless of how many pages there are. That might be why the allegory seemed odd. If you don't want to eat the whole pizza, some restaurants sell slices others sell smaller pizzas. So don't buy the whole damn pizza. In our amusement parks (I like this allegory!) we have a choice: A day pass, or tickets. With a day pass all rides are free for the day. With tickets you give a set number of tickets every time you take (ride?) a ride. That same choice exists for internet today as well. Most people prefer just prefer the day pass.
  8. @Brikot what about a chat window? I'd put the cooldowns under the exp bar and remove the stats, then put chat window in the right square where the cooldowns are now.
  9. I can't agree with this argument. Everything in the market is finite, but we let supply and demand determine the pricing. The electrical bill goes up or down depending on how much they use and how much is available. If there is a shortage, they raise the prices so fewer draw electricity from the grid and power outages stop. You don't charge newspaper subscribers more for every page they turn. They pay for a service and expect to use it freely after the payment. That's just how the business model is. As it is for ISPs.
  10. You can always wait for Open Beta it will be open for everyone, that's when i'll problaby jump in hehehe I can't wait to level a toon to 60 and then quit like the filthy casual I am.
  11. Couldn't agree more with the dilemma you put forward @Darkrasp. Bots ruin the AH game, as well as inflate prices. The third option does seem best, however I hope this lockout isn't too long or ramp up too fast, as it would mean some of us would have to either scan/buy every other day, or scan in the morning and buy in the evening. As opposed to in one session. Isn't it possible to make a note in the logs if someone buys/sells large quantities? Making a list of verified active AH players and checking in with them occasionally when they are buying shouldn't be too rough. Or perhaps it is...
  12. Sure call them out. You are referring to the alt-right who support Trump simply through pragmatism. Trump was the closest to their viewpoints, even though he wasn't very close at all. When you do call them out, they will dismiss your label, and instead argue the semantics and legitimacy of race-realism vs. racism and of psychological and physical differences between the sexes. As would I. After a number of terrorist attacks in Europe, doesn't it seem like a wise choice? BTW, Obama wrote the ban list, Trump only implemented it. You mean like, no trans women in womens bathrooms? Have fun with the peeping toms with newly reassigned legal genders. We both said it's a philosophical debate, not a medical one. Did the thread get moderated, or are you referring to me? Not sure where I insulted your person if that is the case.
  13. Abortion is an active philosophical moral topic, not just because of politics but for it's complexity. There is bound to be two sides on this topic for a long time. Discrimination is too general of a claim. You discriminate every time you make a choice. For example: If you need to hire someone, then you have to discriminate between the applicants. Either it's not racism or it's plain racism. It's Boolean. You mean grab em by the pussy? Don't you ever banter with your mates? I don't do it personally. It's not like only men objectify women and not the other way around. Take less from the most productive people in society? Isn't that the premise of Robin Hood? Then we also have stuff like this:
  14. To anyone trying to defend Obamas national policies: check out the US national debt. Specifically the Obama years. 08 was the financial crisis and the bailouts were over by 09, the first year of the Obama presidency. Since then the national debt has doubled anyway. It's so big that they can't feasibly increase the interest rate to where it needs to be, or they won't be able to pay interest to their lenders. If they don't increase the interest rate you inevitably get bubbles in the economy. The dollar is going down, the question is only how and how far. Either way it will impact the global economy downwards. If I had savings, I'd invest in metals over the coming years. And a gun. Regarding Trump. He was dealt an absolute shit hand, not only for the above reason. Don't listen to the msm and try to look at actual sources, not sensationalist fluff.
  15. I actually kinda agree with you! I'm probably going to try to make a "lite" version, that takes less vertically space. I did actually do a draft for a slimmer Nelf version some days ago (although didn't finish it): Try adding this: https://legacy-wow.com/vanilla-addons/ct-viewport/ Access menu through "/viewport". It's more of a band-aid than a perfect solution to an obtrusive UI, but it's enough to make them worth it IMO.