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  1. They've stated serval times before that two clients per IP adresse will be the limit, so No, this will not be possible. If you somehow got it to Work, then yes, it would be considered cheating. If you're more than two people, the third would'nt be able to log on. Sorry if it all came out a bit bitter, but as a old forum follower like me, all of these questions have been asked repeatly over the last year+, and I know a quick forum search would have given you the answers you were looking for.
  2. I can see the dilemma, and I hate it aswell, but as a lot have mentioned above: this is progression. Which means its a completely different scenario than the rest of the private servers. Therefore I think a more delicate solution should be found, rather than a harsh one with deleting characters. People should instead get a warning: Someone have tried to use your name xxxxxx and since you haven't logged on in the last xx months, you now have 2 weeks to reclaim your name, otherwise you must rename your character upon next login.
  3. You would get a lot of enchanting mats by doing an ironman though.
  4. You think you do, but you don't
  5. If you can remeber how quests, mechanics, etc in vanilla worked, and you can differ between vanilla memories and other expansions, and you're willing to research a bit, then you would be of great use to developing. Don't underestimate yourself @Fitzz
  6. Awesome addon @Renew , I really enjoy it, especially on my lock. Would it be possible to make some wishes for future updates? Particularly judgement timers on targets (crusader/light/wisdom).
  7. @shdw would you mind sharing the add-ons you use and your config file? I really like your UI, especially the minimap and etc. I would really appreciate it!