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  1. Yes it is. However, with so many months left until the open it seems a bit silly to round up people as we will have literally nothing to do except talk. They haven't even announced the launch date yet, have they?
  2. Hey, Outstanding, check this out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BBsJ9VSQvbE Does it look familiar? That's basically what you're giving them license to do by going back on your word. You let me down, man. Not to mention the fact that now every chump gets to throw it in your face and dismiss you anytime you try to make a stand. A few of them have already done it. Well, I'm not abandoning my stance. As long as Elysium is involved I am out.
  3. They should have at least given the people concrete facts about the benefits of this merger. I don't really have any claim since I haven't been really invested in the realm at all. I just thought it would be a nice place for vanilla. But there are some who have spent days worth of time on these forums and they get nothing. This means nothing. What? I have to figure out the benefits myself? I'm not on the team of devs. What information do I have to help me figure it out? You should have said exactly what you are getting out of it. How many researchers do they have, how many coders, how many beta testers? Do they have any at all anymore? Isn't their core already up and running? I doubt they are doing any more research and not much beside fixing major bugs. What are their resources exactly? My guess, since I am basically asked to guess, is that Elysium brings in money and name recognition. But maybe I am 100% wrong. I don't know because I have nothing to go on except a vague statement. Plus Elysium is already shafting CF by presenting them as some failing project in need of rescue. The general impression on their forums is that CF have to 'prove themselves worthy' of being allowed to join Elysium.
  4. CF won't test their core on Elysium servers. Elysium will use CF as a de facto beta and after they are satisfied with the state of the core they will move it over to their servers. How can you believe that they would port a possibly faulty core onto their servers and what, 'give it a shot'? No, they will wait until all the bugs have been worked out and then use the core. Second this kills all the CF hype because nobody will wait for CF servers anymore. They will start on Elysium right now. Why wait? You will play on the same core with CF and at the same time whether you start now on Elysium or wait for the CF servers. What is the benefit of waiting? There is none. I'm asking the people who have decided to remain with CF. How many of you will wait for the CF release and how many of you will just start on Elysium right now because you know it will eventually be the same thing? I saw what happened with the Nost - Elysium partnership and what followed afterwards. It is the very reason I dropped my character and quit their server. I wanted out of that shit pie. Now CF wants to toss you all into it. I'm not sure how many of you tried Elysium but trust me, it is garbage. Toxic community and poor management. And when I say toxic I mean Chernobyl toxic. Holy shit, I would never go back to that god forsaken pit of salt. I made a post once asking the people who were old Nost players to try and get along with the new Fresh realm crowd and I got insulted by both sides, each one claiming I was against them. It's like they don't know how to function if there isn't hostility thrown at them. For these reasons I will not play on CF or what ever they are calling themselves now. There are plenty of games that are far better than WoW out there. The reasons why I wanted to try vanilla again was to try and recapture some of that community feeling that we had when it first came out. That's gone now. I hope you, who remain, will find what ever drove you back into the vanilla scene. I truly hope you won't be disappointed with CF as I was with Elysium. As for me, I'm not giving them the benefit of the doubt. Farewell and good luck.
  5. I took this countdown and I THREW IT ON THE GROUND. I'M NOT PART OF THIS SYSTEM. I'm an adult.
  6. Nice update. The projects is moving along nicely. Also, do updates come out every two weeks? I haven't been here long and I'm curious to know.
  7. Thanks for the support, mate. It will be a long road getting there but once we do it's gonna be awesome.
  8. I added the time zone to the original post. As for the pserver experience, I have none. However, I have extensive retail Vanilla experience and the good folks at Crestfall promise us a very blizzlike server which means it will be pretty close to the real thing.
  9. Brilliance Alliance - EU (time zone GMT+1) http://brilliance.wowalliances.com/ Introduction I was a World of Warcraft pioneer. I was there when the doors first opened on this epic adventure. Over the years my interest waned until I finally quit during the Pandaria expansion. Still, there is something about Crestfall that has lured me back and reignited my passion for the MMORPG genre. I think there are many like me eager to relive the glory days of Vanilla and Burning Crusade. It is to you that I am speaking now. We may not be as young as we were back then. The responsibilities and duties of adulthood may burden us but I think there is yet time, still, for some good old fashioned WoW. Who I am looking for I am searching for dedicated people to help me build and organize a guild that aims to be one of the best on the server. When I say best I want you to understand that I don't mean mindless progression and lootgrabbing. Of course PvE will be an important part of our guild and I am looking forward to clearing all content, but even more important than that is the social aspect of the game. I'm trying to build a friendly environment where people feel comfortable to engage in conversation, to laugh, and generally have a good time. I don't want to have a guild where most of the members are just faceless raiders that I barely know. Just some strangers that show up twice a week hoping to get a new item or two. Guild Goals PvE: I wish to create a stable roster of skilled individuals that desire to achieve progress without sacrificing fun. We will take raiding seriously, you will need to come prepared with your gear enchanted and flasks ready. However, I don't want anyone to feel like raiding with the guild is another job. I want people to look forward to the raid because they enjoy the company of their guildmates and the whole experience. I don't want people to come to raids just because they're hoping that cool item they need will drop. Soulless lootgrabbing guilds are pointless in my opinion. PvP: Fighting the Horde is always fun, be it in the open world or in battlegrounds. I have noticed that there are some potentially powerful foes already organizing on the other side. I aim to have a night for PvP only where we try our best to stomp the Horde. Killing a boss is fun but the thrill of destroying the Horde is something special. Let's do this If you wish to join me in my quest then hop over to the website and place an application. I want you to be involved from the very start in all aspects of the guild. For now we have no game to play so I believe we should try to get to know each, improve upon the website, and recruit like minded players.