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  1. I shall do so immediately!
  2. Hello to you as well Mogri! How I got here is basically Lelouch who was introduced by VeloxBanks, who was introduced by *info not found* and I normally don't really do MMOs, but since it's not that hefty of a download size and plus it has the possibility of hilarious times I decided to join in because summer is mind numbingly boring without stuff to do. Here's hoping! Server/Faction-issue? Don't think I've begun that, gonna have to check it out
  3. Hey all, I was introduced to this place by the newest guy Lelouch, never played WoW before, or any MMORPG for that matter, seems like an interesting foray for this summer. A summary of me: I watch comic book movies and shows, and play vidya gaems of course
  4. This place is old school but functions like 2017 tech, I like it