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  1. Cross-server BGs felt pointless to me, might as well just fight against NPC bots that imitate players. The whole point of MMOs is the community, knowing who you play with or against and being able to meet them in the world, the rivalry, the alliances, the drama, etc. I want a coherent world, not being paired with random people from a different dimension. Personally, this is a dealbreaker to me and I won't be playing if it happens, it destroys all the fun of vanilla BGs for me.
  2. I absolutely despise cross-server stuff and is one of the biggest reasons that made me stop playing on retail. It doesn't "bring the community together", it does the exact opposite. If you want to keep everyone together, then don't split them by having multiple servers.
  3. I have zero interest in TBC, while it had some interesting novelties, the overall quality of the gameplay was greatly reduced, along with player retention. The game was on its way to "modernization" so the MMO aspects were already being removed. I had no reasons to log at all about 2-3 months after the launch. besides the "weekly 10 arenas", which felt like extortion more than anything, and the trend continued with daily quests.
  4. Druids are stellar when mobility can be exploited and turn into unstoppable juggernauts once geared enough (AQ40/R13), with engineering and utility potions you can mitigate most ganks and burst fairly easily, and you also get good enough damage output to kill squishies. Main issue is that with bad to average gear, you aren't really able to do much besides running and annoying people.
  5. Dynamic spawn rates based on the number of online players and some sort of spawn timer randomization. Also, on every single server I've played, there were some of our chinese friends who just teleported from node to node as they respawned.
  6. Buffed content is an absolute necessity for server's longevitiy, else everything will be smoked through in no time and people will get bored of hoarding purples pretty fast. I myself would greatly enjoy custom changes to some skills, mechanics and gear. Some stuff is plain bad and there's no way around it, opening more possible build options and gameplay styles would be awesome in such an old game.
  7. Some classes (namely casters) can drop resistances almost entirely at a certain point or use the bare minimum for encounters which absolutely need them, and it's also tied to your stock of elemental protection potions and how often you can pop them.
  8. I like dark zones like Duskwood and Darkshore, also Tanaris and STV due to their PvP activity. Disliked zones would be Felwood, Un'Goro and Silverpine Forest because they're poorly designed as far as layout and NPC hubs go and feel incomplete.
  9. Thankfully MC is kinda phased out once ZG and AQ20 are available and is mostly run for that TF or a few select pieces, I dread that place and it gives me headaches. About BiS gear, it makes perfect sense within logical boundaries. You want your damage dealers to be hit capped, or almost, your healers to not run oom in a minute and tanks are self-explanatory. You want everyone to have their gear planned, enchanted and not run around in random pieces because they're clueless. But like I said, there are limits. As a class leader myself I had to re-educate a bunch of recruits who had a long-lasting trauma caused by retarded BiS requisites they had to deal with in some guilds. Like wasting hundreds of gold on the cloak threat enchant because someone told them it's necessary even though their damage output with that starting gear doesn't warrant anything of the sort, or wasting weeks farming some 5 man instance for a piece of gear that gives them 1 more crit or hit. Valuable time they could instead spend doing something way more valuable, like farming for their raid consumables.
  10. Is there a list of those "normal" items anyway? I only recall seeing GM toys like the instakill stick and Ashbringer. Custom changes can be a good thing if they add something to the game or fix some old issues, the goal here is to implement them in such a way that people won't feel like it's something out of place, it has to be well-integrated and functional. It can also be flavor stuff that doesn't alter anything, but if that's worth the development time is another question. The "blizzlike" label makes sense to a certain degree, if TBC release wasn't so rushed, we would see more patches after 1.12, fixing bugs, balancing stuff, adding new content, etc. If anything, Blizzard is known for changing stuff all the time, often for no good reason, breaking more than they fix and pissing off the community, stagnation isn't "blizzlike" at all.
  11. The best solution is to run a background software like Dxtory to take care of screenshots globally across all games, it lets you choose the format, quality, etc, and the screenshots are taken instantly with no performance hit. Many games have pretty poor in-game screenshot implementation that may freeze the game for an instant and the quality leaves a lot to be desired.
  12. Both systems have their merits and shortcomings, with DKP you'll see a lot of loot "wasted", going to people who already have everything and bid for fun/to piss off others. You also see poorly informed people blowing up all their points on gear that doesn't benefit them that much, which is sometimes encouraged by others to secure their grasp on the real big toys. Loot council can become biased easily, I've been part of one where most members had a hardon for giving BiS pieces to recruits over core players to "encourage them to play", which only ended up pissing off dedicated people and created endless drama that added unnecessary stress to the whole raiding process.
  13. Have never tried priest in vanilla so probably that.
  14. The entirety of the population is brown skinned because that's apparently the team's vision of what humankind in the distant future will become, which seems to be a standard SJW fantasy nowadays. So instead of a rich world filled with all sort of beings like we saw in PS:T and its setting, you see 99% brown skinned humanoids and occasional constructs plus other undefined stuff. Not even 10 minutes in you meet a gay character who can also become a compaion. It isn't that hamfisted and probably not as bad as in DA:I, MEs or that BG:EE aberration but I'm sure there's more to come. I'm just tired of all this unnecessary, forced and cringe-worthy stuff in games just to please some SJWs and entertain their delusions while alienating most of potential players. I just want a properly written RPG.
  15. At the very least it would be logical to cover the hosting costs with donations if possible. They're putting in their time into this, the money could come from our side. Maybe some sort of bar that shows how much more is needed to cover the next month's hosting could help, although it shouldn't be on plain view as many people would mistake it for desperation and a "server in shambles". Dunno how that would work with Blizzard around though, those lunatics will look at anything to grasp at once they target a server, although Nostalrius didn't even have donations available and went down anyway.