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  1. Elysium is basically the Warmane of vanilla, with Feenix-like thought control.
  2. That would make me quit right away so I hope not. I'm of the opinion that having multiple servers only does harm to the already small playerbase.
  3. Divide and conquer has never been easier.
  4. I personally don't even care about population numbers as long as they're able to sustain all basic game functions like raiding, PvP and economy. I'm more interested in the final product having the quality we all expect AND continuous development.
  5. Cause it would be admiting that the direction they took for the game was a wrong one. First the massive sub drops, now a fairly large amount of people wanting to play vanilla.
  6. I spent hundreds of hours playing both official campaigns and dozens of custom modules, good stuff.
  7. Because all those vanilla/TBC players just itch to play some legion but the evil private servers keep distracting them!
  8. I was just making a comparison, I did level as retribution until 54 or so. My overall kill speed was better with a faster weapon.
  9. Not going to happen, they're past the point of no return and will continue to churn out games for the lowest common denominator. All the brainpower they had from Blizzard North times has long since left the team. I'm not even upset about this fact though, I'm upset over how they treat former Blizzard fans and MMO genre like total shit. They focus on preventing people from having fun at any expense, even though they lose absolutely nothing from vanilla private servers existing since they continue to refuse opening official vanilla servers. What they did to Nostalrius with the biggest display of childish malice and spite I've seen when it comes to gaming industry.
  10. Yeah but that doesn't exclude misses, dodges, parries, blocks, etc. The seal isn't going to proc if the hit doesn't connect. I have experience leveling a paladin in vanilla and and it was really horrid to spend up to 30 seconds missing hits over and over. Switching to a faster weapon made the killl speed generally faster, and switching to protection build make everything a lot better.
  11. Blizzard went from being my favorite to most hated company that I will never support in any form.
  12. Can't help but laugh. Though, Blizzard burned pretty much all bridges at this point by alienating MMO players and stopping them from having any fun.
  13. Yeah but it happens so that you spend like 30 seconds missing or the mob dodging pretty often. Warriors can get away with it due to having multiple instants.
  14. The main issue of 1.12 servers is indeed Paladin, allowing alliance to clear Naxxramas and dominate organized PvP in a much easier manner. Although the team already made it clear that they won't be doing any balancing changes to deal with those issues.