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  1. I wouldn't mind to see some changes to paladins/shamans/racials, in fact I would welcome them. The short term baby fit over a few changes is well worth it when you consider the server's overall life, pretty much every single vanilla server fell victim to this, stagnated and declined.
  2. Alliance is simply superior when it comes to organized PvP and raiding in vanilla, while also naturally being the slightly more popular faction. The only solution to this would be taking a look at shaman vs paladin balance and some racials.
  3. It's vital so someone gotta have it. In a raiding guild though, that should be delegated to single core member with high attendance so he can get all the raid drop recipes. Enchanting also isn't something you should pick up while leveling on a fresh server as you'll be losing money. Hit max level then pick enchanting, run low level instances and disenchant all the junk.
  4. Original dota killed WC3.
  5. Games are about having fun, not "needing" anything, and what you mentioned is pretty much what should be happening in a faction-based PvP MMO all day along, that's the whole point. This modern mentality that you must get some sort of tangible reward for playing the game is why modern MMOs suck so much, they're just glorified farming simulators where fun doesn't exist, just mindless farming, and this includes PvP. The only reward PvP needs is fun.
  6. I would say the balance is way better in vanilla that it is in any expansion, quick reaction and proper execution is rewarded, and mistakes are punished. As opposed to the mindless turtling of expansions with a myriad of oh shit buttons and counters to counters to counters which removed class identity.
  7. People make it sound like camping low levels is an everyday ocurrence. I've been playing on PvP servers since the game was released and can count with the fingers of both hands the times I experienced anything of the sort, and it was mostly either my own fault for trying to butt in, or was done to stir up some action in the zone. There's no more intrinsic value in oneshoting a low level than there is in killing a boar in Durotar. When actually done, it's usually so you ask for help and people come there for actual PvP.
  8. To me playing on a PvE server is playing only half of the game. You get to quest "in peace" but forfeit the extremely fun world PvP that can happen while leveling, making the experience very dull and one-dimensional. Once maxed, there's no world PvP either, a vital portion of the game is missing and you can't turn it back on, which seems like a poor long term choice to me, just so you can speed up the leveling a tiny bit. And yeah, factions make no sense in this case.
  9. There isn't, horde has a big advantage on Viscidus and a small one in a couple of melee/fear heavy fights but that's about it. It's true that chain heal from a geared shaman can carry a raid of baddies who stand in fire but that isn't worth mentioning. Alliance has an overwhelming advantage in all fights that matter.
  10. That's incorrect though, Alliance is also considerably better in organized PvP, once again due to paladins.
  11. I don't think a cap is necessary unless things start to get out of hand and server's performance degrades, but it would be nice if stuff like node and quest mob respawns were speeded up if the population grows above that soft "retail-like" limit.
  12. When those people minmaxing and squeezing as much as possible out of their usually limited time, most likely already spent long nights wiping on that same content in the past.
  13. Getting world buffs and Darkmoon stuff is usually a big chore due to the logistics, some people will invariably lag behind or miss them, and it takes a fair amount of time to get everything, and then if you wipe it's all for naught. From my experience those buffs mostly help clear content already on farm faster, during progression fights you will wipe and waste them. If anything needs to be removed is the ability to enter instances with soulstone buff, things like everyone getting soulstones for C'thun was very annoying, and it also made people waste a lot of time leveling a warlock, filling bags with shards, bringing the warlock to the entrance, etc.
  14. World buffs mostly help clear content on farm faster so there's more time for progress.
  15. Don't forget the Nightfall, which used to be pretty popular for lower tier raiding.