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  1. I'm here because I was promised free pretzels and beer! Foth!
  2. I knew I wasn't dreaming. This is why I never really grouped with anyone for quests. I noticed XP was being shared. Kind of a bummer. Imagine how much more social WoW would be if everyone retained full XP and that bonus during grinding quest mobs and items.
  3. I like this guy. Here, have my upvote.
  4. Are you playing Persona 5? I could understand the delay if you're playing Persona 5. Persona 5 is a good game. I approve of that.
  5. Huh. I never knew any of that. I thought XP was the same or being wasted when grouping. TIL
  6. I'm more optimistic than the other blokes around here. I'm predicting 2020. Hopefully the server will reach peak around the next US presidential election because, honestly, world chat is just too funny when the topic is of political nature.
  7. Wording is important, especially in the legal and political fields. @Outstanding, you should just make sure to outline that you merely provided your predictions based on the aforementioned analysis, otherwise people will continuously jump on your head for thinking you're playing wannabe prophet. Unless, of course, @Heroin is right and you believe, without a slimmer of doubt, that the project's future under the current conditions is a matter of fact.
  8. I'm planning on playing as part of the Horde on Kul'Tiras as well. While I don't live in EU anymore, I used to raid with EU guilds from US on other vanilla private servers like Emerald Dream and Nostalrius.
  9. Welcome, fellow neighbor! I would like to congratulate you on making the decision of joining our tight knit community. The people here are warm and welcoming. I am a university student in international economics & politics and finance as well. But I am far from my native country and study in the US. However, I do have friends of Hungarian descent back in Romania, so I will take you on those language exchange lessons if you don't mind. I am fascinated by foreign languages and cultures as well. Not only this, but I am also a big history buff. I used to be trilingual, but I haven't spoken French in years, thus my skills are rusty. This being said, I am currently taking Spanish classes and self teaching myself Italian. I am hoping to become fluent in Italian by the end of the year and in Spanish some time next year. Cheers!
  10. Spectacular post. I Do, however, disagree with the fact that reputation is responsible for the cleanliness of the Crestfall community. Yes, I do believe that it has some impact and it encourages people to be respectful and contribute in a positive matter. But I do not see it as a ground breaking addition that shapes the way the community interacts. What I find to be the most influencing factor in this situation is the respectful and courteous nature that the staff are handling communication and sensitive sitiations. You would see a lot more trolls and drama mongers if people like Darkrasp and Asura were more superficial about they way they talked to us. Even folks like Elicas have an influence. And, of course, the most active community members generally dictate how the overall feel of the forums will be. Thus people like Lilaina play a crucial role.
  11. This development is astonishing. I'm more excited for Crestfall than ever. I can't wait to join whenever it will be released and introduce my girlfriend to the monumental masterpiece that Wow is for our gaming generation.
  12. I think Spotify is diluting my music taste. I swear, these Discover Weekly playlists are getting worse and worse, but I seem to listen to them more and more. I generally prefer electronic music, however, this week was almost all about junk-neo-wannabe-gangsta rap. And you know what? It's catchy as hell!
  13. I have never experienced WoW during its transition stages from one expansion to the other. I've always heard people go from one to the other and the common consensus seems to be that each new iteration is worse than the previous one. Now, I'm not saying that is not true. But I just want to go through the same experience just to see what all this rage is about. I'm planning to stick with it until Legion, if need be.
  14. Welcome to the community! I'm impressed with the amount of work you put in your introduction. I wish you the best of luck!
  15. Welcome to the community! I wish you a swift ride through the content of Vanilla (though it may not actually be the case) and much joy in experiencing the game that redefined a genre and a generation.