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  1. Thank you for this information. We will take care of this leak right away. Fix applied.
  2. ME IRL
  3. Elysium's (main?) administrator.
  4. First. This is awesome
  5. That Kubernetes does look rather nice. I've already coded a progress page with bars and a bit of info about few months a go, but as it was explained, giving exact values is a bit hard right now. I'm assuming that one day we will for sure have such a page where you can track the current dev. progress.
  6. In case you missed it, there's actually an official statement from us:
  7. To everyone who has missed the drama: 1. Nostalrius tweets huge article, posted on their forums, asking elysium to stop using the stuff they gave them: http://forum.nostalrius.org/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=45489 2. A pastebin with a what appears a leaked statement from Elysium appears online: http://pastebin.com/CCaEqS32 3. Elysium proves this is legit on their twitter: 4. Everybody grabs popcorn 5. /vg/ going crazy http://boards.4chan.org/vg/thread/165541316#p165552250 6. Fresh memes are born
  8. Thank you for the addon, I'll be using it as well. I'm also looking for a timer for HoTs and also other people's DoTs/HoTs.
  9. But wait... I still have my Christmas tree at my home... I saw a lonely thrown away Christmas tree next to the garbage can today It made me sad.
  10. What did I just read
  11. At the bottom of the beta signup page: You didn't see this?
  12. It took a lot of work to create the beta signup system and I hope that no one will experience any issues. If you see any bug or have an issue, contact the admins or PM me on discord so I can push a fix.
  13. You can always amaze us with your short summary of why you wish to be a beta tester. Darkrasp didn't include it on his screenshots, but there's an input field in which you can briefly (up to 1k characters) explain why do you wish to be a beta tester. PS: the only thing I wish to emphasize is to fill out correctly your username, forumname, discordname and e-mail address. Without a valid e-mail address you won't receive a confirmation e-mail to complete your registration, nor can we contact you if you are one of the lucky chosen ones.
  14. 7.43AM... stood awake all night... but this is too interesting to go to sleep.
  15. The administrators wish to keep this as less politic/religious-debated server as possible, so do know this. We do discuss occasionally politics in #offtopic, specially during the three debates. If I could vote, I'd vote for Trump since there is literally 0 valid reasons to vote for Hillary. I made the mistake to watch local Bulgarian news regarding this (which just copy blindly whatever CNN says) and I wanted to smash my TV... never again. Can't believe every media is this corrupt.. I mean Hillary corrupts the American media since she owns most news stations, but that also takes effects on all EU and i guess worldwide news stations as well. (the Bg media said that.... if.. if Trump gets elected he eh.. he will support Putin to such an extent that he will support Putin if he wants to invade Bulgaria ... and i'm sitting here like: what? are you insane or something? First of all, we're better off with Putin than with the Islam migrants or EU or USA and second of all he doesn't really care about us)