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  1. No clue, those guys are just weird - they still watch Teletubbies! Ignore them
  2. Congratulations. No. No vac. emot. here
  3. Timeline as in what will be released after what and the current stage of the project in terms of alpha/beta/released? Well that thing is not even made in a design, nor even discussed. I'm (mostly) the backend web dev, Audio makes the design and usually creates the front-end, unless it's already made and I can use it (which was the case with the beta sign up form page and few more stuff). Go quote Asura, not me, since I only implement designs and create websites, i don't involve myself in the part of figuring out how ti visually look since I'm not a front end guy (i know how to do it, i just hate coding js and html&css is boring and nerve wrecking). Provide me with a design concept and a PSD or a converted html&css one and I or another one can make it in to a site. It would be quite pointless to do it right now though since we are not aware when we will release, let alone on which date will X instance release. The dev progression page is done since November - the page on which you can see progress bars of different aspects of a private server (like spells; AI; quests;etc.) and one global progress bar to indicate how far is our progression though the Closed Beta. Blame Asura for not allowing me to make it public. Darkrasp gave me the new values and slight update to it a few days a go. Go ask Crogge/Asura to make it public, nothing more I can do about it. PS: to answer OP's question - there have been assumptions made by the staff regarding how many months we will spend on each patch of an expansion, usually being between 1 to 4 months from what I remember. Look it up in the FAQ, it should be somewhere on this forum.
  4. Thank you for this information. We will take care of this leak right away. Fix applied.
  5. ME IRL
  6. Elysium's (main?) administrator.
  7. First. This is awesome
  8. That Kubernetes does look rather nice. I've already coded a progress page with bars and a bit of info about few months a go, but as it was explained, giving exact values is a bit hard right now. I'm assuming that one day we will for sure have such a page where you can track the current dev. progress.
  9. In case you missed it, there's actually an official statement from us:
  10. To everyone who has missed the drama: 1. Nostalrius tweets huge article, posted on their forums, asking elysium to stop using the stuff they gave them: http://forum.nostalrius.org/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=45489 2. A pastebin with a what appears a leaked statement from Elysium appears online: http://pastebin.com/CCaEqS32 3. Elysium proves this is legit on their twitter: 4. Everybody grabs popcorn 5. /vg/ going crazy http://boards.4chan.org/vg/thread/165541316#p165552250 6. Fresh memes are born
  11. Thank you for the addon, I'll be using it as well. I'm also looking for a timer for HoTs and also other people's DoTs/HoTs.
  12. But wait... I still have my Christmas tree at my home... I saw a lonely thrown away Christmas tree next to the garbage can today It made me sad.
  13. What did I just read
  14. At the bottom of the beta signup page: You didn't see this?
  15. It took a lot of work to create the beta signup system and I hope that no one will experience any issues. If you see any bug or have an issue, contact the admins or PM me on discord so I can push a fix.