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  1. All well and good, but when will holy resistance be fixed?
  2. Warcraft has never had good writing, plot-wise. Metzen is no Tolkien, and falls into the usual tropes of high-fantasy. Warcraft has always been driven primarily by its art direction, and interesting characters. I would only argue that Cata's writing is actually bad, I have not played Legion. Even WoD was interesting at points. I would argue that there is no significant dip in the quality of writing across the expansions. The only reason that Cataclysm and beyond feel contrived is because the premises are largely original, i.e. not derivative of The Frozen Throne.
  3. Prot Warrior also
  4. inflation will happen naturally, so don't worry about it. Whereas the 50g cost will stay the same. I don't think it will be a problem for most players after 3-4 months tbh. And then, it will be changed when BC is released iirc. also devs have already said that the 50g respec cost is definitely staying
  5. my shitty 3-4k opinions then i guess: the introduction of shrines initially made the offlane a breeze, and meant that mid-laners who were weak/countered in the first 5 minutes were viable, but this changed in 7.05 so that shrines only become available at 5 minutes but the point still stands; shrines basically removed splitpush from the game outside of naga siren and illusion spam; talents arent inherently bad, if anything they add more depth, if only they were balanced; At least stacking is back; pubs have suffered, but actual matches have benefited; I like the new rosh pit, its more balanced, pity you can't cliff people around it anymore. Dire no longer have the +2% wr. I have no inherent strife with the inability to solo carry. It does suck for increasing your mmr though. At least some pos 2 mid-game cores can still pull it off. The buff to supports has made it harder though. dual lanes seem to be the way to go, including mid. rip trilanes
  6. "Because if you played WoW, then you probably played Warcraft 3, then you probably played Dota, then you might play Dota 2 now" -Margaret Thatcher, 2014 Thread for general discussion of dotes and dotes-related things: lying about your mmr broken Osfrog meme strategies hating on <9k plebs partying with people in your region pro player fanboyism Will [hero you just lost to] ever get nerfed? general saltiness ironic shitposting Whats there not to love?
  7. well you cant blame people for min-maxing. Imperative for self-improvement will usually demand optimization.
  8. Since the TCG and Blizzcon in-game stuff, such as these mounts, can be considered pseudo-cashshop items in actual retail, CF can easily justify giving these to donors as a donation reward. Goes without saying donations/funding is key to a private servers ongoing success. I seem to remember a dev saying they were considering this, cant find the post though. I am personally interested as to what will happen re: the old epic mounts. Will they not be present, or limited availability, or remain in-game, or be donation rewards themselves, or some combination of these?
  9. I can only imagine the hilarity of hosting an AMA on 4chan though fam That said, /wowpsg/ is one of the most important forums for this sort of thing, and we should let them know
  10. Elicas slowly spreading his tendrils. Announcement: Crestfall now renamed to Elicas' Kingdom
  11. As CF is a decidedly less-than-legal operation per IP law, making an IP claim in Trademark would probably be more to the detriment of CF by drawing undue attention from the big-bad-ActiBlizzard. Most that can be done is to let people know its a scam/permabannable/or whatever
  12. I don't know who Theloras is, but Duki does, either intentionally, or due to his own delusions
  13. From my understanding, and I would like if the devs/mods or whoever could affirm me on this: The targeted difficulty for the PvE content on Crestfall is the same difficulty as the content when that content was released at the time; that is, before any later nerfing patches of the content, and mechanics matching; HOWEVER, Crestfall's items, talents, professions and class abilities are at 1.12.1 values, which act to INDIRECTLY NERF the PvE Content, even were it to be correctly set to the pre-nerf values. by 'Values' i refer to the amount of damage the bosses, mechanics, and adds do, as well as; player dps, player healing, player damage reduction, and the strength of player items and minions/pets. Crestfall's tuning will consist of proportionally scaling the relevant pre-nerf values of every raid in the game up to the same equivalent difficulty as they were at the time of release, acting nullifying the indirect nerfs brought on by the later patches, so; For the purposes of PvE Content release-date difficulty, Crestfall will be Blizzlike; BUT for the purposes of emulating the 1.12.1 patch identically, Crestall will NOT be Blizzlike. Therefore, Crestfall PvE content, is, at least in the minds of raiders, due to be MORE Blizzlike than traditional 1.12.1 emulation.
  14. Few things i've forgotten re: Vanilla, was hoping some of you guys could help me out. Defence Cap = 450 (300+150)?, and is there an effective soft cap or not (crush v crit)? Hit% = how much required for bosses on melee, ranged, magic dps? Hit% interaction with weapon skill, or how much weapon skill equals what hit percentage? Is weapon skill just related to glancing blows or something else? ty in advance
  15. As the title says. The link to which ever database the CF devs create/source/choose. Make it so that the tooltip appears upon scroll-over of the link, just like in-game so Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker and you just scroll-over it for the tooltip Clearly a luxury feature