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  1. This is true, thus I said Islands and not Island of Kul Tiras. It's a shame we don't have them in game, especially because Kul Tiras is the best human nation.
  2. To be fair, Crestfall, Zul'Dare and Kul Tiras are all lore things based in WoW, but it's shady money trading bastards so fuck 'em! (history lesson time) Kul Tiras was a human nation focused on trade. Zul'dare and Crestfall are both locations on the islands of Kul Tiras! Fun fact: Kul Tiras is mostly unincluded in WoW! A bit ironic that a great private server coming up is named after something Blizzard is actively hiding and not including into their game..
  3. I only got one thing to say.. EW REDDIT
  4. Of course it's not. It's Vitaly, can't you see?
  5. Vitaly has an account here too, same avatar as well.. Hmmmmm.
  6. I'd go smoke so I wouldn't be that guy holding up the whole raid with a 'smoke break'.
  7. to be expected in a Burning Crusade experience.
  8. On the Rebirth, we had a loot council in my guild. Shame it was more of a boy's club who gave their friends gear over members who were actually carrying the raid. Not to mention it took 30 damn minutes to hand out four loot pieces because they had to go through the politics of who they liked and didn't like more. Guild leader would just take pieces for himself without a moment's thought that someone might have a piece that is aching to be replaced. This all being said, I don't like DKP either, but there needs to be a system in place for this loot. A fair loot council would work well, but if a guild is a glorified boy's club, it won't matter no matter the system you have in place.
  9. I'd say a community that keeps it's own in check works best. If you say something stupid and have a bunch of people to call you on it, well, that makes you watch what you say, am I right?
  10. Crestfall is one of the big cities of Kul'tiras. Kul'tiras has effectively been retconned by Blizzard. Blizzard hates private servers. Private server named Crestfall is the chosen one? LOOKS LIKE KUL'TIRAS HAS BIT THEM IN THE ASS AGAIN BASED KUL'TIRAS JAINA WORST PROUDMOORE
  11. There's level 4's in Un'goro on Elysium trying to farm the crystals, lol.
  12. Grind the Elementals in the Badlands. Grind skeletons in the plaguelands. Quests, sell Rage Potions, sell herbs and potions.. There's a lot of way to make money in the World of Warcraft! As a rogue in TBC, you can do lockpick runs in the Arcatraz or one of those dungeons, I forget which. Blood Elf dungeons.. they're all the same.
  13. Saw this last night and wasn't too sure. Reeks of fish. When I read Mr. Legacy someone's name who rhymes with Wrex Sensual popped into my head. Dunno why, might be because he never shuts up about 'Legacy' shit. If it's true, I told ya so, but I'll be the first to say that something about it is all too convenient. You'd think someone up to no good would be cautious about someone prodding so deeply about their business.
  14. Yep, I'm a conspiracy guy. It's not like many people are concerned that this network might cause more harm than good. It's not like tons of people are worried about Elysium's shady practices and how they might seep into Crestfall.
  15. You fail to realize that CF is going to be helping them make their platform. CF is making the core that Elysium will be using to potentially make money off the game, many of the CF crew is working with people who are probably making money in the game. The network directly brings the two servers together. I can't believe I have to spell this out for you. There are CF devs on the Elysium team now. The Elysium team, if taken down, could very well take down CF as well. They could rat, point their finger, or Blizzard could just take CF out as collateral damage. I won't claim to know how Activision-Blizzard does things, I just know that many servers I've been on have been taken down by them, at the very least when they can't be taken down (in the case of the Rebirth), Blizzard is happy to just DDoS people into submission, lol. I don't know about you, but I'm not gunna use TOR to connect to CF, lol.
  16. We'll have cause to worry when Elysium gets taken down by Blizzard for making money off of a game that doesn't belong to Elysium. I think you can fill in the blanks on what happens next.
  17. I don't know who this Duki is, but you have to be full retard to think protadins are better than warriors, even an arms warrior can tank better also, holy resistance, lol..
  18. I need to know more.