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  1. and i have to do another one.
  2. Gotta love this one as well.
  3. Nope this happened back in retail vanilla. Never got to max on Kronos.
  4. Hello Community, I have been on the few different private wow servers before Kronos, Nost, and Elyisium and have been following this project for awhile we a keen interest. A little about my wow career. I first started playing wow Day 1 one on the Garona Server and was there until Black Temple when I moved to Exodar. I played everything until end of MOP when I stopped came back for a bit in legion and felt bored. I was of a different sort in vanilla as when it first came out i played a prot pally and I was one of our tanks for MC-Naxx. Got to tank most of the bosses before righteous fury was in the game. I was fortunate to be in a guild that let me play as I wanted to and didn't force me to heal although i did on some fights. BC came around and we finally has the spells and gear to allow me to be a full time tank as was intended and being able to fully play and progress as a tank is what I always wanted. I played paladin until ICC when I switched to shaman and was a shaman until mop when I was able to play the monk. I tanked all MOP and then stopped playing. Some of my most memorable moments in vanilla: 1. Getting my first epic a world drop called Ring of Saviors 2. Getting to Tank Ragnaros for the first time was not a easy fight. 3. We where doing Rag and one of our engineers used the gnomish discombobulator ray on him and turned him into a leper gnome we subsequently wiped from laughter after seeing that happen. That is a little about me I plan on getting back on a pally when the servers go live and playing it again. So you all in game. Telemecus