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  1. That is exclusively Cartel players included in that spreadsheet, not the original Mafia which the Cartel imitated (they came a long after, closer to the server's shutdown - around early 2016). Do not confuse the two "factions" - Mafia and Cartel hated each other and fought for the control of the Crater.
  2. PVE server they can consider different rules but it's still gameplay mechanics (polymorph) and there are counter plays to this (dots, bleeds, fast weapons and in general kiting etc) and "outplaying" your opponent. On PVP server you collaborate for the control of the Crater. Better organization wins.
  3. For pvp frost is the only viable option. Unless you're talking of just POM pyroing or nuking a target.
  4. Ability to kill all regardless of faction
  5. LFM Blackrock Depths, Itempower 500+ only!
  6. If your previous handle isn't a finnish nickname for Potato we're good.
  7. Mechanic: 12 (MECHANIC_STUN) for kidney shot and Mechanic: 14 (MECHANIC_KNOCKOUT) for sap. but yeah you're right. The aura effect is (SPELL_AURA_MOD_STUN)
  8. Sap is an incapacitate effect mate.
  9. It's a private channel, just happens to be named world. A lot of servers choose to moderate it though, which is not "blizzlike" so to speak.
  10. Absolutely amazing.
  11. why would you care its refurbished remove kebab copypasta