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  1. Definitely hard to prove collusion, the most suspicious part about the ranking team ban was half of the TEAM (when you rank you play with the same team constantly, 12-18hrs a day, at least it was on Nost) was unbanned, while the rest of the same team remained banned. Why ban only half of the team when if you win trade honor (opening empty games) you surely do it as the whole team since those are the only people you play with. Either everyone is guilty or no-one is in a scenario like that, so why compromise with only half of them being banned? Of course, later on those characters (once they reached their target rank) were sold on like so many before them. The industry for selling high rank accounts on Nostalrius was huge, and a lot of the time the 'professionals' used VPNs to play the characters for extended periods of time, making it somewhat hard to prove they were indeed account sharing, but still possible had they taken enough time to monitor activity on the accounts and characters. I don't know who had the power to unban people on Nost, whether it was Daemon or Viper only or some of the senior GM's too, this particular case just struck me, along many others in the community of the time as very odd.
  2. You're not going to find a DM of Viper or Daemon saying they sold gold or accounts on Nost if that's what you're asking (because they probably didn't, the same way Elysium did.) Their unwillingness to properly deal with the RMT (chinese) industry on their servers obviously isn't 'proof' but it's curious as to what would motivate a server owner to let their project get destroyed by abusers.
  3. I'll spoon feed you this once; https://forum.nostalrius.org/viewtopic.php?f=65&t=34206&p=240084&hilit=alliance+premade#p240084 So these people get banned for wintrading, keep in mind it's a TEAM and the appeal is for all of the players. http://forum.nostalrius.org/viewtopic.php?f=65&t=34340 http://forum.nostalrius.org/viewtopic.php?f=46&t=35035&start=40#p246156 But later on, only half of the same team are found guilty of win trading (and banned), how does that work since the same team plays in the same games, if they wintrade - all of them wintrade, not just half. This caused a hassle on the forums at the time due to the way it was handled (poorly). How does a team get only half of it's members banned when they all join the same BGs AFTER getting several appeals rejected? They got unbanned on their third or fourth one. You're free to look into the matter more by searching through the Nost forums, I won't spoon feed any more.
  4. I guess just like you played on Elysium and were too busy playing the game to figure out they were doing shady shit right from the start, yes?
  5. Nost staff was corrupt too, only people who didn't play Nost somehow claim they were 'very professional and uncorrupt'.
  6. This should give you a good idea of what to expect since it will be under Elysium now. Anyone with insider info feel free to chip in.
  7. Dungeon Finder was added towards end of Wrath, 3.3.0 to be exact. Should it exists in any form, probably the best way to include it is the way Blizzard did, late into the progression of the content.
  8. Quite often the ones complaining about content being too easy aren't the ones who are doing it fast and efficiently (by buffing and flasking) but the ones who are watching them do it and thinking it somehow conflicts with their own experience of the game.
  9. Is PvP testing scheduled more towards the end of development since it would also be released post-launch?
  10. If the project's goal was to take donation money and run, they would be doing a very bad job at it currently. No ridiculous hype train, open donation tab and a promised release date to bait donations. If this project is the most elaborate attempt at leading people on and taking their donation money (the couple thousand they *might* get), where's the incentive for the already passed year+ buildup? Surely they have better/more productive things (begging on a street or filling 10 cent ad surveys comes to mind ie.) to do than keep up a facade for a meager potential, not even guaranteed income down the line. From this you could argue the devs must have some other means of income that isn't related to developing a private server for emulating a 13 year old game. Whereas other servers with already dubious pasts and a proven history of monetization it might not be too big of a leap to conclusion that the project owners could indeed be living from or at least supplementing their other means of income by running a server.
  11. 40 man raiding was a mistake.
  12. Sounds good.