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  1. This should give you a good idea of what to expect since it will be under Elysium now. Anyone with insider info feel free to chip in.
  2. Dungeon Finder was added towards end of Wrath, 3.3.0 to be exact. Should it exists in any form, probably the best way to include it is the way Blizzard did, late into the progression of the content.
  3. Quite often the ones complaining about content being too easy aren't the ones who are doing it fast and efficiently (by buffing and flasking) but the ones who are watching them do it and thinking it somehow conflicts with their own experience of the game.
  4. Is PvP testing scheduled more towards the end of development since it would also be released post-launch?
  5. If the project's goal was to take donation money and run, they would be doing a very bad job at it currently. No ridiculous hype train, open donation tab and a promised release date to bait donations. If this project is the most elaborate attempt at leading people on and taking their donation money (the couple thousand they *might* get), where's the incentive for the already passed year+ buildup? Surely they have better/more productive things (begging on a street or filling 10 cent ad surveys comes to mind ie.) to do than keep up a facade for a meager potential, not even guaranteed income down the line. From this you could argue the devs must have some other means of income that isn't related to developing a private server for emulating a 13 year old game. Whereas other servers with already dubious pasts and a proven history of monetization it might not be too big of a leap to conclusion that the project owners could indeed be living from or at least supplementing their other means of income by running a server.
  6. 40 man raiding was a mistake.
  7. Sounds good.
  8. Take time off if needed, regroup - come back stronger.
  9. That is exclusively Cartel players included in that spreadsheet, not the original Mafia which the Cartel imitated (they came a long after, closer to the server's shutdown - around early 2016). Do not confuse the two "factions" - Mafia and Cartel hated each other and fought for the control of the Crater.
  10. PVE server they can consider different rules but it's still gameplay mechanics (polymorph) and there are counter plays to this (dots, bleeds, fast weapons and in general kiting etc) and "outplaying" your opponent. On PVP server you collaborate for the control of the Crater. Better organization wins.
  11. For pvp frost is the only viable option. Unless you're talking of just POM pyroing or nuking a target.