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  1. For leveling and PVP i always using White Serpent, because cba waiting till pet catches target in melee, wasting time and nerves...
  2. Oh god i hate jumping NE females...running, doing fcking flips all the day
  3. Going to level my main first (Hunter) to 60 with Alchemy/Herbalism Then gonna level another hunter to 35 for Alchemy/Enchanting for DE Then gonna level warrior to 60 with Alchemy/Minning
  4. I've got R13 on feenix back then, started to join premades after i hit R10...Had to play from full-time job too in order to keep 10-20th Standing
  5. Just like centaurus, 60-70% of their body got animal skin, but you are not that cruel to skin them or owlbeasts...
  6. /Kind Regards, Killerduri
  7. Herbalism/Skinning till 60, then dropping Skinning and level Alchemy in one day, start to transmute Arcanites, Superior Mana Pots/Mongoose/Arcane Elixirs, before getting your Flask Recipe As for PVP'er, i start with Herbalism/Alchemy asap, so i always have stack of highest health potion with me in case of extreme PVP situation