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  1. I just mean revamping the way ranking works, not changing the items or adding any at all. That part is fine imo, the big issue is how you obtain said gear - having to queue BGs for 16-18 hours/day to get Rank 14 is unhealthy for both the player and the game.
  2. A big problem with a lot of Vanilla servers is the attrition of players during content 'droughts' - most people don't like farming MC for 8 months, even the most casual Guilds will have had it on farm for at least a few months prior to BWL release...it's definitely a bit much. I don't see there being a need for any tier of content to be out longer than 8-12 weeks before the next tier is release (pre AQ I guess I should say)
  3. That post is over a year old but yeah last I read they were shooting for a quicker timeline, like 14 months give or take, which is definitely a good thing.
  4. @Terpsichore To be honest the difference between Paladins and Shamans isn't as big as people make it out to be - most Guilds aren't properly utilizing their Shamans and most MTs are average at best, if he -really- knows what he's doing, threat won't be too big of an issue on Horde. For my questions - what will Crestfalls stance be on cross faction colluding (i.e. Devilsaur Mafia) Will there be any changes to the PvP rewards system? I'm not one for custom changes at all, but the system is incredibly archaic and honestly just all around bad
  5. I don't know why you're wasting your life posting on these forums instead of just playing on the server that you enjoy, and let the people who want to enjoy this server do just that.
  6. Honestly very hyped, this server could change the private server scene if it delivers.