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  1. I remember on retail you gain reputation in alterac valley for your main fraction (horde=og) when finishing repeatable quests. I think it was like 10 rep for or so. after beeing exalted with the main fraction those 10 rep where converted into "horde-rep" and you gain +1 rep for every other horde fraction. This way i farmed my ud lock a black fraction epic wolf on my way leveling fresh to lvl 60. And you could possible farm more AV's to gain the rep for kodo/raptors. Never tried this again on a private server but this should be checked, because av main fraction rep farming was easier than cloth farming. but yeah cloth farming was another way to get other fraction mounts back than.
  2. Nice to hear! /cheer
  3. Noma - Brainpower
  4. Was hive before or after qiraji? Can't remember.
  5. I play on a laptop too, which has a pretty similliar spec. I have to say it works and that's why i stick with it. but sometimes i have fps drops that rly sucks. The intel grafic chip is the hair in the soup... When I had my desktop computer a few years ago I played with better settings on lower specs and it was a way better performance. I guess you have a reason why you're aiming for a laptop. So it depends on your needs. You won't have any problems 99% of the time and you could play 1.12, 2.4.3 and also wotlk with it. But you will loose some performance compared to your gaming computer.
  6. Congratz @Elicas, I know you do great work and invest alot of your free-time in progression, so I am verry happy to see that your effort will be rewarded. It's so good to see that so many known ppl from this pserver scene/community working together for one project that I just can't wait to create my character once again. Cant wait for updates!
  7. This videosection is so empty right here... found this while waiting for cf... Bam Bam Bam
  8. In the FAQ you say you will release without honorsystem and battlegrounds. Could you maybe get more into detail of your progression plans? Will it be possible to get standings of "prekilling" ppl on the pvp realm? Thx.
  9. Im not an IT profi. But I have a small understanding of how databases works. The worst case is double or false data - and thats the point where I Personally settle down - I don't believe anybody is following activly my browser history - there must be 1 human kind to follow me alone... and I am not the only person in the www.... - I even dont know a company that would be big enough to follow EVERYBODY on earth... and even if... it must be the sadest job on this planet... as long ppl dont implantate chips in my skin i am pretty much fine. I have so many Internet Identities that it would take 2 years for some1 to understand the connections. Oh I use WLan? I dont care vpn...
  10. Haha they are looking funny (never heard of them before) (me looking when cf launches)
  11. 5/10 for that owl? Looking like deathwing. Or wait is this the point?
  12. It's really nice to see how these "old" p-server players from Feenix ED and other projects unite as Betatesters to help you guys to set a new standard in pservers and even more... It's like the community is building it's new home on their own. Really appreciate your work guys - all of you.
  13. I think he doesn't fear any ping issues. ^^
  14. It was 100% possible to skin Yeti's back in 2005. I farmed the ones in Feralas and Winterspring back in those days with my rogues for leatherworking. But I m not sure about the owlbeast. I think it wasn't possible because they counted somehow as a "bird" and birds can't be skinned, but i cant find any source to proof. while thinking of this I remember these "worgen" mobs in silverpine/duskwood/sfk. I think they counted as humanoids and were sheepable - and if I am right they were also skinnable.
  15. The respec costs have a huge impact on the server economy for price stabillity. They are important to get gold outside of the system.