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  1. Do not talk about stuff you know nothing about. https://www.reddit.com/r/ElysiumProject/comments/764k0m/not_cool_elysium_staff_not_cool_s/
  2. I get the impression that you think the state of gold sellers in the Elysium Project is due to their lack of trying or incompetence, now, I am not pretending to know anymore than you on how elysium does or doesn't do things. Now this is just my own opinion, so with that said it seems to me like some people think that CF is going to be a safe haven free of gold sellers and chinese players, I don't think that is going to be the case guys. If CF turns out to be a popular server there will probably be chinese players playing here and there will most definitely be gold sellers here as well; Elysium, Warmane, hell even retail has them. My opinion is that CF won't be different, now that doesn't mean that the CF staff is not going to try, but sadly the only way to truly get rid of gold sellers is for every player to never buy gold.
  3. Really...? I wonder when the perception of Wyke changed for so many people. I and many others ex-Rebirth players always saw him as this super biased GM of rebirth who loved to shit on other servers (Mainly nost) and just ignored all the flaws that rebirth, a subpar server had. And as @valaquenta said, @Outstanding with the whole gummy fiasco and asura leavling what other choice do they have?
  4. I fully agree with what @Outstanding's post, especially rule #2, you guys need to distance themselves from the community and all this shit. Good lesson to learn from Gummy in my opinion, he is distancing himself from everything here and just keeps working on his server.
  5. In my opinion, people are focusing too much on the first part of first video, ya it looks very robotic and unnatural or as Road eloquently put it "walking connected to the owner by a steel rod", and yes, it's obviously not how Blizzard had it way back when, but it's hell of a lot better than the pet lagging 5 to 10 yards behind the player. Overall I think the Netherwing purposefully wanted to remove any possible random movement that the pet might have while following the player, and how it's shown in the video is their solution. If you guys want to get a better idea of pet's movement back in 2006, watch Joana's Speed Run from 1 to 60.
  6. Listen man, do not put the private server community on a pedestal, just don't. We're not better than retail community, we're not worse than them, we are a just like them, the only difference being is that we like different versions of the same game, this whole attitude that we're better than the retail community triggers me so much. And also, anyone who's been around the private server scene for a while will tell you that there is absolutely a large degree of competition between all of these private servers, there's a reason why when Nost was at it's peak of population, Kronos was nearly at a comatose level in terms of server population, because those 2 servers were competing with each other. As soon as Crestfall releases it will be competing with every single private server that is online. Don't let anyone, not even the CF devs tell you different.
  7. Can't wait for beta to come around, and also thanks for the shoutout @Darkrasp. I just want to make Crestfall a better server at the end of the day
  8. Rogues and Warriors should still probably around the same levels of dps as other private servers. Unless the devs and the alpha team know something that we don't, bosses' armor values should be somewhere around 4600 armor for a lot of bosses. Considering Faerie Fire (-505 armor), Curse of Recklessness (-640), Sunder Armor (-2250 armor at 5 stacks), and Annihilator (-600 armor at 3 stacks) all stack with each other, that is 4000 armor reduction right off the bat for most bosses. Overall, melee damage should still be somewhat the same, unless, the devs decide to buff the bosses' armor values. On the rage generation problem, rage generation from outgoing damage was always correct on Nost, so Fury and Arms Warriors should still be getting the same rage gains on Crestfall as they got on Nost, rage generation from incoming damage on the other hand is the one that was massively overtuned.
  9. Thanks for the update, i'll try to search for item proc rates later today.
  10. Not every guild gets all the world buffs, most guilds don't even bother with DM and songflower they just get Ony buff and ZG buff.
  11. It should be noted that threat sets are not exactly a Kronos only phenomenon, there were many tanks theorizing and using threat sets on Nost as well: https://forum.nostalrius.org/viewtopic.php?f=36&t=31736 https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ykTa_OWeWsB3L3dJHxMaiC3p4IMSr0W0UMl3woQaSqI/edit#gid=949587540 it should also be noted that it was rumored that the Nost devs buffed the bosses from BWL and every raid afterwards. Finally, as @Nocturn alluded to already a good tank has multiple gear sets for multiple encounters. Edit: One last point, being fully world buffed increases your health pool to ridiculous levels, like we're talking about having 11k hp in a full threat set.
  12. As I mentioned in another thread @Walgrave, it's pretty much a guarantee that the bosses are going to be buffed here on Crestfall, coupled with the nerfed rage generation it's going to be interesting to see how tanks will itemize on this server.
  13. If the devs don't want to moderate the world channel, that's fine. I (and others I'm assuming) just want player moderation to be disabled, a simple solution that shouldn't take more than a minute to implement.
  14. If you know the formula you would know that's not true, let me show you: Here's a video of a main tank tanking Nef on Nostalrius: https://www.twitch.tv/vipzi/v/55361063 , fast forward to 34:51, at exactly that moment Vipzi (the MT) is sitting at 53 rage he takes a hit for 1578 (186 blocked) and his rage bar immediately shoots up to 97, that's a 44 rage increase just from one hit. Currently there's two rage generation formula from incoming damage: The one that can be found on Wowwiki from 2006: Enemy Level * 1.5 = 1 Rage and the one @imbaslap posted from Kalgan: Rage Gained = (Damage Taken) / (Rage Conversion at Your Level) * 2.5. By doing the math you will see that you should only be getting anyting from 16 to 17 rage from 1578 hit.
  15. You assume wrong because out of all of those servers, Kronos is the only one who has correct rage gen values, if Crestfall has correct rage gen values you'll be shocked if you think you can tank with a really fast weapon spamming heroic strike plus abilites. Edit: Actually scratch that, I'm not 100% sure if Kronos has correct values. What I do know for sure, is that Feenix and Nost you would get way too much rage from incoming damage and you also get rage from avoiding boss attacks, making it possible for you to spam heroic strike with a really fast weapon.