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  1. Seeing how terrible Elysium PvP is right now with DDoS protection, I'm all in on forking out some monthly cash to maintain a defense against the inevitable onslaught of dbags. I get maybe 30 minutes of playtime per day right now because they're servers are wide open for assault and asking for it.
  2. General rule of thumb across all xpacs from vanilla to WotLK, to be in the upper echelon of dps in both PvE and PvP, choose mage or rogue. Sadly, I don't really enjoy either classes so I'm torn between Warlock, Shaman, Priest, or Warrior. I have no intention of tanking since my ping will be far too questionable. I love to heal in dungeons/raids/bgs but I hate the leveling with those classes. Warlock is great up to WotLK, where it finally falls off and i just got done leveling one to 60. Ugh, decisions, decisions.