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  1. blizzard will have legacy servers by the time this releases in 2030
  2. 2018/early 2019 I am predicting this server will launch, anyone who disagrees is in dreamland.
  3. Are you able to give us a more accurate eta for release? What is your target month?
  4. I know what you mean, but as soon as we know the ETA we can just forget about it till then rather than checking the forums all the time.
  5. It looks like there's twice as many horde as alliance
  6. What's your aim for this year in terms of launch date? What target have you set for yourself.
  7. In the mean time there's a fresh tbc server on hellground that needs some more alliance players if anyone wants to kill time before this maybe launches some time.
  8. For anyone looking for a fresh tbc realm hellground just launched and needs some alliance players.
  9. There's no way in hell it's going to make it too wotlk before the server gets shut down by blizzard, unless there's something I'm missing?
  10. 5 years to make then blizzard shuts it down after a few weeks ? that would be well rekt.
  11. Any information on how the website is comming along? Since the eta is '2017' I imagine it's almost done?
  12. Any idea how the website is comming along?
  13. With all this hype going around giving a ETA of '2017' doesn't really narrow it down
  14. More like another 4 years pal