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  1. This isn't about CoreCraft though..
  2. No way, that just simply is not doable. No. I don't mind whether or not there will be enough Finnish people in the end, I'm perfectly fine with being a grunt in someone else's international guild too. Definitely not enough to become Alliance. It's all about a guild idea I've been toying with anyway.
  3. 2 Finns so far. That's like.. half of a 40-man raid!
  4. I was wondering whether or not here is/will be enough people for a Finnish casualish raiding guild. On the Horde side obviously. I'll be setting up a guild no matter what, the raiding part shall be determined by the amount of support. And everyone loves polls, so why the hell not!
  5. Wasn't it so, that the raids actually release in a buffed form, and once it's been cleared the buff starts to reduce. And when it comes to progressing to the next expansion, let's say from Vanilla to TBC, the Vanilla realm stays as it is, and people wanting to progress move to a new server, but with sort of the same gang (minus those wanting some more Vanilla). More like the characters progressing to next expansion than the server itself progressing. And then again TBC stuff (raids) will be boosted until cleared and so on. But since we play with the original client, I assume (not certain by any means) that the TBC nerfs to the Vanilla content will come to effect on the TBC realm, and it's somewhat part and parcel of being in TBC.
  6. Let us know how you really feel...
  7. Maybe he is referring to retail Vanilla, I'm not really sure. On PVP realms, if given the option, people used to congregate on servers where the balance was tilted massively in the favor of one faction or the other. On private servers that's not as possible since there's not that many servers to choose from to begin with.
  8. Which has in my opinion been represented here. I think I clearly acknowledged the fact that the server will not even be as Blizzlike as possible, on the premise of the dev statements on tuning and tweaking so far. That could is the very reason I made this poll. Information on opinions on such changes can't hurt, right? Blizzlike+ may have been a bad fit for the other opposite choice in this poll, due to the fluid nature of what one means with it. The explanations should however do justice to the options. Also it was a bit of a play on Atheism and Atheism+, which were pretty much nothing like one another in the end...
  9. I must say I like this idea more than just deleting stuff. IF it can be done (easily enough).
  10. Łëǵöłäš says hi!
  11. Maybe post this in the current Q&A thread too, we might get the answer in the next iteration. The threat of deleting accounts might just cause people to login every now and again to seem active, yet not really be active. And after one loses a cherished name or something like that, one might never return to the server, even if one might otherwise have done so. Defining what accounts are reallyreallytruly dead would be tricky, and would require setting some parameters that people hopefully would know when signing up.
  12. Sure thing, his words are quoted above. From a thread about removing controversial features, on this very segment of the forum. Those opinions indeed were the reason for me open this poll. There's no harm in the devs knowing how the players/potential players feel about the stuff. It's entirely up to them what they do with the info. I hope there will be more votes in the future to give a better picture.
  13. One might even think he's been burned by the bright flames of CoreCraft... I was looking forward to CC too, but I have to admit, Crestfall seems like a much better fit for me. The progression, the PVE realm. Worth waiting for in my opinion.
  14. But that's not what Blizzlike+ means in this context. As @Elicas outlined it himself, that'd include chopping off entire features, not just tweaking stuff.
  15. Soon™ What a difference it makes though