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  1. I assume there will be a wipe of sorts after the open beta, to level the playing field for full release. Just to be safe, is that the case? And if so, is it possible to not wipe actual characters, just reset them to the starting level and place and whatnot? So that names won't be ninjaed by some devious and envious individuals.
  2. Personally I'd like to see a timeline that doesn't feel so rushed. Even if players today might have more skill/knowledge than back in the day, the gear progression still takes time. Assuming drop rates and amounts are close to Vanilla values, there is no point in rushing the releases. If it's tied to first clear of an instance, it will be rushed. In the end, gear progression is pretty much the only kind of progression this game offers at max level. Vanilla did last about 2 years on official servers, there's no need to rush at breakneck speed to the next expansion.
  3. Spoken like an Alliance spy! Other than that, lok'tar friend.
  4. He was being witty. Or a grammar nazi. Or both. Plural form for a newbie is newbies, not newbie's. That 's -part indicates a genitive, someone possessing something, rather than plural. I'll shut up now. Or at least stop typing. I'm fairly sure I see what you did there
  5. Great news! One thing that came to my mind about the potential merging of Vanilla/old content servers once the fresher stuff is out.. what kind of server will it be? Assuming there only is one failing PVP and one failing PVE realm, which way would the merger go if the cash flow isn't great enough? Also, any ETA on the website itself? Especially closer to the release it'll probably be more important for the newcomers than the forums are, more easily available condensed information is useful to the masses. Not to mention that the page that has Crestfall name on it at the moment is a gold-selling website...
  6. OK, there also was burps. There you have it, full disclosure.
  7. I felt strangely rejected though...
  8. 1) Vitaliy did nothing wrong by Elysium 2) Racial slurs by edgelords 3) Kermit has a green dick
  9. Reddit stuff by mr Legacy This is the best I could find about it. I think it's safe to ignore Shenna's "transparency". I do hope we get more information though.
  10. In the end, this could be good for Elysium players too. Assuming the rest of the admins keep the lights on. After all, some of their servers supposedly had costs paid for several months. Getting rid of the corruption can only be good. And does not need to mean the end of the server.
  11. If that's how it works, great. I was just relaying stuff I saw on the discord. Never tried it myself, so wouldn't know personally.
  12. Even cross-faction communication within the game was not allowed by Blizzard. What would be the point of even having factions if they do not matter at all. And in this case, it'd be cross-faction mafia making sure they control a certain commodity in the game, completely. On PVE realm, there could be no solution to the control at all, wouldn't even need a cross-faction mafia to be honest.. On PVP realms, the cross-faction co-operation would make sure there would not even be a PVP solution.
  13. Thanks, I'll read it through!
  14. This topic still kinda-sorta needs some sort of an official reply. The cartels are an actual thing that can impact a server in a big way.
  15. I've played on quite a few private servers so far, and all but one allowed nordic alphabets and all kinds of accents to be used in names. Elysium doesn't. I assume this is a server side thing, since the clients I've used have been the same. When I tried to use 'ä' or 'ö' in the name, I was told that the name exceeds the maximum length allowed. Even if there was only a few letters in it. How will the things be here? I suppose this is technical support issue more than anything else. Sort of.