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  1. You shout 'kurwa' at them. Repeatedly. Loud.
  2. I'm fairly sure once the open beta hits there will be more than enough videos hating or loving CF and thus creating hype. Before that, what would be the point of producing (key word here) videos for a project with a very limited access. It's nice to know and see how stuff works, but this approach was from the hype-angle.
  3. Changing clients every single patch would be a pain in the ass and hassle no one probably would want. Ok, sure, there must be some that do, but I'd imagine most do not.
  4. I need to woo you to the dar.. I mean right side. Who could say no to playing a Tauren!
  5. I was wondering whether or not here is/will be enough people for a Finnish casualish raiding guild. On the Horde side obviously. I'll be setting up a guild no matter what, the raiding part shall be determined by the amount of support. And everyone loves polls, so why the hell not!
  6. It's in closed beta, so you indeed need to be certified.
  7. The matter is a bit muddy. Most likely 100% Blizzlike action is not even a possibility. And the premise of Crestfall is already one with overtuning raids on release, so as Blizzlike as possible will not even happen here. But that isn't the point of the poll, the point is, how would you prefer things to go if you had the say in the matter. Which we obviously don't, but that's why this is in the feedback portion of the forums. I was a wee bit inspired by a recent forum interaction I had here, when the idea of entire features being removed was floated around. And there have been a lot of controversial features in WoW over the time (on retail, why not on private servers too). I'll list a few here, might even make individual polls on some of them later. -Flight on/off: This is a big one, on retail at least. Probably couldn't be turned off for TBC, seeing as there are quite a few places that would then be out of reach. Even instances. But how about flight in Cataclysm Azeroth? That'll be coming up eventually too. -"Welfare" epics for justice/valor/honor/conquest points: Should tier be only reachable by raiding? The eternal elite vs. plebs debacle. -Raid tier time reductions: No one obviously likes ToC, so its duration should be reduced, Ulduar extended and ICC pushed out earlier. -Summoning stones activated or not: Believe it or not, this is a point of contention for some. Could/would reduce people in the world and wPVP I suppose. -LFD/LFR: The destroyers of server communities and wPVP. Would it matter on a single server community and on a PVE server? Who knows... -Tier in LFR: If LFR is in the game, should the not-real-raiders receive tier there or not? -Pandas: Should the whole of MoP just be skipped? These came immediately to mind. But there are many such points to start tinkering with a game due to personal preferences. Personally I feel it's a slippery slope that leads to a road that is paved with good intentions...
  8. Vanilla content on a TBC client is heavily nerfed by default. Unless they went through an insane amount of rebuffing the world and instances, it's not really Vanilla. It's TBC leveling experience in Vanilla world.
  9. I got a new one! Or maybe it's an old one I've totally missed: since there is possibility to use an alt account in major cities, will that account be tied to the main account? And in fact, will there be separate game accounts under the "forum account"? I remember at least one private server having this functionality, meaning under the main (forums and such) account you were allowed to create a number of game accounts, the sole purpose of which was to let you login to the game. That helped keep the forums tidier, and in the end I suppose also helped with potential bans and whatnot, since the desired action could be levied on the entirety of a player's accounts instead of having to go full sherlock to find all the potential accounts.
  10. Awesome to see this wasn't pushed further due to the other communication this week. I have a question too this time around, further stuff on the node spawns. On one server with a "superior custom" way to handle node spawns one would end with all nodes cluttered in one corner no one usually goes to, i.e. there was no limit as to how close together the nodes would spawn. An excellent example of this would be Hillsbrad Foothils, where all nodes would eventually spawn in the Yeti Cave or the Human Mine, both of which were relatively high level areas compared to the zone in general. So most of the time no one was going into them. Can this happen on Crestfall? Didn't happen on Live Vanilla, something like 4 nodes max in the cave, not around 15 like with that system...
  11. Blizzard already has his balls in a vice. Kinda makes me think he'd be a liability to the project, at least if openly working on it. And someone posted some shady stuff from his past. Quite a bit of it too...
  12. Maybe it's a dialect, or a foreign train!
  13. For me at least, that is an awesome idea. It just has to be updated regularly, either by the automated processes or by hand, or there will be RIP Crestfall comments popping up left and right. The road to hell is paved with good intentions, and the intent in these cases matters a whole lot less than the actual execution. Once you set it up, there better be commitment to it, or it WILL backfire. I'm happy this didn't come on Sunday after all. I like being wrong like this, and it helps with the cynical mindset one might set as a default as a sort of a defense from disappointments.
  14. So the "answer this weekend" basically meant Sunday Who would have thunk. Also, this probably postpones the other community interaction threads to the future, after all, can't have a drama reaction/fix-up and a Dev blog too close to each other. Or that still MIA Q&A4... Mind you, I'll gladly be wrong about this thing, I'm just afraid I won't be.
  15. Which makes it even more baffling that he chose to go about it as he did. It just makes NO sense whatsoever. I love TBC, I might have even tried his server, I'm not happy it's gone. I just find his actions... stupid.
  16. Apparently Alex got hacked too, showing his password on a stream. And then his hacker did some streaming of his own. It's been a truly silly day apparently. And it's not like Gummy wasn't warned about this, he was kind of asking for it... Even some mainstream online gaming websites were posting news about the launch. Not going to fly especially in Blizzard's backyard.
  17. Does that mean that you won't be playing on CF under any circumstances? What about The Filthy Casuals! Did you find a new server, and if so, what is it? The next isn't in reply to you, it's just general stuff. While the owners can do whatever the hell they want with their stuff, their time isn't one bit more valuable than the time of someone else just being on the forums. We all have as many hours in the day after all. And then there's the fact that my time and my problems always feel like they supersede those of the others for the simple fact that they are closer to me, mine.
  18. One thing is for sure, the optics are pretty bad with this kind of stuff. And some of it has been tied to the (still) postponed Q&A4, as in it's a bad sign that a project can't hit even a small deadline that requires no actual (coding/scripting/whatever) work. It's just words to answer other words, and that shouldn't be too demanding. Especially if the person signing off on those words actually is online is on Discord. So what's the solution? Stop giving monthly updates or answers to questions? That probably wouldn't go down so well, if one cares about the community at all. My answer would be to hit at least the little easy deadlines, as in community updates since you have a community manager just for that, and be honest. People in general like being informed, I do for sure, and this communication with the community in my opinion is a positive thing, and shouldn't be scrapped. If people get lied to (a la Blizzard), eventually the lies just run out and you are faced with the ugly truth, and some people will get really pissed off. People do not like to be strung along, even if it's a hobby project for you and them. They still could be doing other stuff with their time. Be it playing on some other server or whatever it is they would choose to do. Well, it's their own decision to hang their hopes on this server and give their time, right? That's all well and good, but do humans really work that rationally when they feel they have been slighted? I'd say no. People are much more understanding to things not always going to plan/expectations, if they are forewarned about this. And if the project stays alive as long as @Darkrasp is alive, I see no reason not to give the bad news too. In clear writing spelling out the actual things going on. Some people might be able to infer things, read between the lines, that @Asura being busy with RL/taking time off the project means automatic delays, but if you keep still saying 2017 launch is the plan, people might get confused. OK, you could later say that it sure was a plan, it just failed, but the closer to 2018 you postpone this, IF it's known to be inevitable, the worse the reaction will be. TL;DR If a project misses easy and "insignificant" deadlines how would it be reasonable to expect them to hit the "real" ones either? Stop shooting yourselves in the foot. Or maybe feet at this point.
  19. I was wondering whether there is enough ARK-players here to form a tribe while we patiently wait for the coming release of Crestfall. I'm thinking on the Ragnarok map, PVE or PVP is ok in my mind. Preferably with an offline raid protection though Let yourselves be known, so we can plan a bit and choose a server!
  20. Me thinks lady tries too hard to be such a (h)edge(hog)lord! You love dinosaurs like the rest of us, you just want someone to buy the game for you now that it has gotten its release price applied! It actually isn't released yet, officially. The price is already the release price, but the game is out of early access in August. Bugs and all. If Wildcard doesn't have some insane godly internal build that will fix everything including the world hunger, there's no way to justify the price hike. Or the release for that matter... I so understand what you're saying. The optimization of the game is nowhere near what it should be. Looks pretty though. Luckily one can tune it down quite far and it'll run on a bit more ancient machines too. But it still takes a godly amount of memory/pagefile to run, even on the extremely low settings. I play it on extra low, and I still find it enjoyable, except for the OP sun reflections and shiny skybox. Of course I have no idea how ancient your machine is, or if you've already tried getting rid off all the eye candy ARK has strapped to it. Just like Vanilla WoW is better than Legion because of the gameplay being superior, the good things in ARK don't disappear with lower LODs. In my opinion at least
  21. This isn't about CoreCraft though..
  22. No way, that just simply is not doable. No. I don't mind whether or not there will be enough Finnish people in the end, I'm perfectly fine with being a grunt in someone else's international guild too. Definitely not enough to become Alliance. It's all about a guild idea I've been toying with anyway.
  23. 2 Finns so far. That's like.. half of a 40-man raid!
  24. Wasn't it so, that the raids actually release in a buffed form, and once it's been cleared the buff starts to reduce. And when it comes to progressing to the next expansion, let's say from Vanilla to TBC, the Vanilla realm stays as it is, and people wanting to progress move to a new server, but with sort of the same gang (minus those wanting some more Vanilla). More like the characters progressing to next expansion than the server itself progressing. And then again TBC stuff (raids) will be boosted until cleared and so on. But since we play with the original client, I assume (not certain by any means) that the TBC nerfs to the Vanilla content will come to effect on the TBC realm, and it's somewhat part and parcel of being in TBC.
  25. Let us know how you really feel...