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  1. Thanks :)
  2. Guys, you don't need to explain much. I understand that life happens and I am glad that this project will continue and that Asura will be coming back. That is good enough for me.
  3. Good work!
  4. It was a good update, thank you.
  5. it's a reasonable possibility.
  6. I'm gratefull for the service pservers provided, may still play them because I have grown up, don't invest much time in wow now to play legacy blizzard, maybe who knows, just my initial thoughts.
  7. I got only one question. What is the overall progress of the server ?
  8. Welcome to the future.
  9. I love your perseverence, I wish you success CrestFall!
  10. I am looking forward to his annauncement.
  11. https://imgur.com/a/hq9jT#V7aPRgs life vod with Crogge Shenna and Whitekidney https://go.twitch.tv/moo_uk
  12. Thing is I didn't believe in Shenna, I can in them.
  13. Crogge say goodbye to your credability.I don't know about Asura's credibility and if he is involved with Crogge in this matter but I do know that I will go to Lights Hope to play, they seem like trying their best to do whats right!
  14. Oh thats cool Elicas, ty for letting us know so we can relocate!
  15. I am not sure if he does this gladly or not, he may not have strong bond to this project. We will see. I just hope Asura stays with us because even if it releases late it will still release.