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  1. best way to level is, and I heard it from another guy, level 2 character at the same time and get max advantage from rested XP.
  2. Yes, we still don't know what their opinion on this is.
  3. Enha is a sweet spot.
  4. You can always create a guild full of rogues and raid that way, 3 tanks 5 healers and 32 rogues.It will be awesome roleplay too.People will know you too.
  5. Is this a reply to a deleted comment because I do not get how this is connected to the title at all.
  6. I'm currently playing life, it hasn't paid out yet, have expectations.
  7. Title
  8. Whats your fav class in Vanilla ?
  9. Thats why I hope they do flexible spawn times to combat Mafias, because life is hard when you alone, and Mafias are merciless against all but their own. I wanna have fun too, fun is ruined by bullies and mafias consist of them, wow bullies, who take your nodes and don't give you a ray of hope because they are alot.
  10. Hunter Vanilla, Warrior TBC, I love breaking faces with big 2 handed wep in 2.4.3 s4 as a warrior.
  11. I like my profile pic, it's picture of me and I look like a mafiot, so I really like mine. The guy above me gets 6/10 in my honest opinion, too much colors in the pic and its cartoony.
  12. Max 12-16 months for all content to be released.For every major tier/raid, we are looking at 3 months gap or so.I heard Darkrasp saying this.
  13. Asura release server m9