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  1. Have you seen the Teenage mutant ninja turtles movie ? It was hilarious!!!
  2. So scripting team has iniciated work I take it, nice to hear this.
  3. If you want something done properly, it takes time. I love your work ethic guys, haven't seen this anywhere else (in pWoW emulation) and I congratulate you on that alone. Needles to say I have good hope for this server.
  4. xxArthasdkxx people will say you are ahead of your time, also roll human paladin for rp purposes.
  5. the meme was strong I agree.
  6. Nice post I love it. I love the windfury mehanics and I believe they are very good chosen, basically 2 items doing 1 thing it is reasonable to choose the 1 item not get 2 procs, windfury is different so it gets his own proc.Would have loved dem extra deeps though hihihi.
  7. where is the downvote, how can you share such gore images ? /cry
  8. Beta when ? /joke Nice info, I reaaalllyy like it! Keep up the good work, I believe we will get good server in due time!
  9. Lol
  10. Server wide Anouncement: C'Thun renamed to Elicas after some consideration between the team, Kel Thuzad renamed to Bloo.An ai uber Paladin Tank will help the champions in their fight against the four horsemen, he will have only one spell to help him tank and that will be consecration.
  11. warrior and mage here, playing both of them with rested XP.
  12. best way to level is, and I heard it from another guy, level 2 character at the same time and get max advantage from rested XP.
  13. I was fully sarcastic.
  14. Yes, we still don't know what their opinion on this is.