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  1. They make when one has population for 20. kek Imo this will be intersting to see how it will develop.I know something for a fact in life, if you don't risk, you won't get what you want.
  2. I should make a thread "Show off your acc/pass on Ely" thread. On topic (to justify my previous words kek) I liek the UI's here.
  3. That would not be Blizzlike, I would not love this feature.I hope they will have working solution that would not interfere with Blizzlike experience at all.
  4. Make hunters shoot from melee range, there is no reason to flee from someone when I hold a gun kek.
  5. Goldshire is great name too
  6. If you're gonna remove Alliance you might aswell remove Horde too.
  7. Ima ask a thing here since I don't want to start a thread for 1 question, how will windfury work here because I saw today old forums talking how it worked back then http://www.mmo-champion.com/threads/1319549-Out-of-curiosity-how-did-rogues-perform-best-in-vanilla-and-TBC " - rogues were the best "buff leechs": rogues didn't bring any raid buff/boss debuff on the table, they just did a lot of damage; on the other side, they got advantage from basically every buff possble and they were scaling extremely well with the old Windfury Totem (only horde in Vanilla, became available to everyone in TBC), which was a flat chance to get extra attacks and could proc from old combat sword specialization and also from itself (and that attacks could proc sword spec aswell). That was extremely powerful, now it's become the raid wide aura that grants attack speed. " Let me summon the master of these questions @Darkrasp so I can get a good answer Edit1: I found pretty informative post of retail guy about old naxx and why it was hard, he breaks info on bosses so let me share it with you guys I believe it may be informative https://www.reddit.com/r/wow/comments/2u8i26/how_hard_was_vanilla_naxx/ A part of the comment of this dude - Gauntlet before Heigan 10/10. It took 30 fucking minutes , it was hard , you could wipe , made heigan 15 times harder since you had 3-4 tries max per night. And most people required tries to learn the dancing part of the encounter. Loatheb 6 hours a day farming ghost mushrooms in scarlet monastery graveyard / 10 Pretty much that , it required a strict rotation of shadowpots/bandages/healthstones. Farming Shadowpots took literally 6hours. Also healers had 1 heal per minute, had to use it on the maintank , so rotations were introduced ( there was an addon later on that showed who already used his heal , but it wwasnt very relevant when it showed up ). So 40 people had not to screw up their consumables rotation for 6mins , also healers couldnt screw up , also tank had to get good rng on avoidance and ON TOP OF THAT , it was a very tight DPS race. Which meant world buffs helped alot. So you really had 1 good try per night or 3 days depending on zul'gurub/onyxia buffs. The stars had to align to kill him. EDIT2: Our experience with gothik was a lot different than yours. We didn't really have problems with CC breaks though, as we'd stick CoE on long-duration CC targets and that seemed to affect their success considerably. You're missing the one thing that made all of this genuinely difficult: Latency was 4-8 times worse for many players then compared to the average broadband user now. That tightened the difficulty on thaddius, heighan, and KT. We had a substantial number of AU players going into naxx--even with a 4 point rotation on thaddius, they often didn't get there in time. These points were major for me I felt it is good to share them here, I hope we can gain something from this.
  8. Hi, I just got this idea while watching Vanilla videos, can you add autoloot option for us, I know it is not in Vanilla but can you do a special patch to download so we can have this life saver please ?
  9. You can always desert the Alliance and go Horde with you paladin.
  10. @Asura Indeed, thats why you guys are the professionals here, thanks for clarifying it.
  11. Btw I heard some people here saying warriors shouldn't do big dps, but I just stumbled upon this vid 1550 dps at pachwerk with bis gnome warr (naxx gear)
  12. Imo we should respect the new youtubers work, because they are showing that they are here to stay, we should accept them and chrish them for their work and their good attitude they show toward us and we enjoy it.Thats my opinion if you guys wanna see more of them help them and don't bash them, because if you dishearten them, you will not have their reviews anymore.I love their reviews and believe the community should be good to its youtubers and not bad, so show the good. dailybs out.
  13. @Elviss I see your point better now, my belief is contrary to yours though.I still stand to my major point - we must show some defense against all the bashing from others lest they think too highly of themselves.Defense in necessary because while this server is only in closed Alpha it doesn't stop people talking about it as if it's already released/done deal.This is what angers me, their biased opinion and why I show to defend it when I deem necessary.
  14. I believe this will be a great server where details will amaze you and economy will make you melt with exaltation that you are reliving Vanilla days again.So thats what I will say to those who doubt this server will deliver as promised, because I saw the potential in it, while I didn't see this good a potential in Nost when released. Edit: @Elviss I don't think you understood what I was talking about.