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  1. Seeing as my post, wasn't what I intended - I decided to remove it. I am sorry - I meant no harm. There is still a trace of it, in Polyphem's quote - I sadly can not remove this. I apologize.
  2. Must admit - I look at it a bit different. The way I see it, the person here, is giving back, what was played. Putting it out there, for everyone to see, exactly how this game is played. On BOTH sides.
  3. Mate, that's what backups are for. Screenshot your sign_on mail from the authentication process. Copy it to a portable USB device. There you go. Always accessable for restoration purposes.
  4. Greetings Community of Crestfall, I might have missed a post, regarding this issue, and if so, I am sorry. Will Crestfall be offering 2FA to protect accounts from Hacking?
  5. Things are escalating now. A lot of work, is being done behind the scene. I really feel the need to say this again -> Crestfall should remove itself from the LGN. This project deserves a chance to survive.
  6. Ah, damnit. I stand corrected. I updated my initial post.
  7. It is a client-side bug on the Mac, yes. But there is a server-side solution. I believe Blizzard made a very reliable fix, back in the days. Also, this was almost solved on Kronos, where it nearly no longer bothers those playing from a Macintosh device..
  8. Time to officially introduce myself. Hello, Crestfall Community. I've landed here, on your forums - finally. I've known about your existence for quite awhile, but now it is time for me to come "live" here. I'm a long-time WoW player. I've been around, visited quite a few servers. And quite a few expansions. I quit retail, in late TBC, because the game just changed too much for my liking, back then. I'm thrilled about Vanilla and most parts of TBC - which is also why I've come here. You are aiming to build, what I consider my "dream scenario". A PTE Realm, going from Vanilla, into TBC. Yes - I come from Elysium. No, I do not regret my time there, but I am sad to say, I am losing more and more trust in that particular project. I know about the LGN - and I am in favor of it. However, I trust Crestfall to be the home I seek. I will be here, for quite some time. (If the servers allow it) In the shadows.. I am home.
  9. A solid point, indeed. However, my post was just an illustration of the profit involved in this. But you are right. Work methods were the same, the two groups are not.
  10. Escort quests performed and completed. Especially those in Desolace and Tanaris. Stealth in function. Different situations - displayed as working. Especially mob reaction to "noticing" you. Warrior charge would be good to see working. Trade window enchanting and/or lockpicking. More will most likely be added.
  11. Maybe I misunderstand your post, but gold selling is a BIG part of it. I think this small picture, tells it's own tale. Ps. The Anonymous related post on the image, is not related to my username. I apologize for any confusion it may cause.
  12. This isn't about game mechanics. This is about organized structure for profit. On Nostalrius - the Cartel ruled the Un'Goro crater. They sat heavily on Black Lotus farming and Devilsaur Leather skinning. You came to gather these resources - you'd die. Now - one could bring help. Very true. And it was your only option -> Bring more friends. Hope you are swift and precise. Because if you fumbled just a bit, you'd see the Cartel "power" nearly instant. This isn't just 2 or 3 people having fun. They are a cross-faction army. You come alone -> They are 2 or 3 watching you. You come as a group -> They'll have 2 groups standing by. You get the upper hand -> Get ready to face an entire Raid Group. They will not stop, to protect their resource of income. And this is the entire point. They profit from this. Supply gold sellers, with gold. Hell, they've even been rumoured to hire entire assassination squads, to deal with people they do not like. To protect their income. Nostalrius did very little to stop this, so it just went on and on and on. Until Nostalrius shut down. Now the Cartel roams Elysium. Elysium has tried to prevent some of the griefing - but we all know how well Elysium is handling themselves. They find it more amusing to post pictures of Elementals and happy Night Elves, than actually be online and support the players. Once Elysium kills it own servers, by failing miserably at protecting their players - this Cartel will move on. Most likely they will expand to CrestFall servers, way sooner than that - because, obviously, this is a very profitable resource of income. As a long time player of WoW. A Vanilla/TBC loving individual. A person interested in gaming on servers of quality and not quantity - I really hope CrestFall is openly listening to warnings. Because this is more shady than what has already been exposed. - Anonymous. Ps. Yes - this is my first post. Hopefully one of many. I'm not trolling. I'm not looking to fuel the fire. I'm here to stay.