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  1. I'm sure that when it will be finished will be a great server. Since i don't see a proper section to write this, i'll wirte here this message. If u need any help for the beta team i'm up to join it and test the game during my freetime (i can do it for 2-3 hrs a day). Btw my best wishes for the entire project and members. @Darkrasp
  2. Yeah, it's still happening. Take a look here:
  3. This is just a phase. Now CF needs to make a choice about this project and i think we can only support them how we can, but togheter. Donations, subscriptions... all good ideas, but now it's the time to make a choice and expose it to everyone, and see how we can adapt to it or how it can change for us. Thanks. P.S: I might prefer a subscription of 1€/month and some ipoteticals TCG items to buy for the financial part.
  4. Thanks for the given answers till now and for all the beautiful work that the CrestFall Team is doing for the community. Btw i have 2 questions that i haven't found in the forum. First: Will the "Corrupted Ashbringer Event" work inside the Cathedral Wing of Scarlet Monastery when someone will enter with the "Corrupted Ashbringer" ? ...( like in this video )... Second: Will the runes of Molten Core be cleansed by the "Eternal Quintessence" ( http://www.wowhead.com/item=22754/eternal-quintessence#comments ) to summon Majordomo Executus? Waiting for some answers, thanks for reading.
  5. Hello, i'm Tronus and i'm an European guy that want to create and push a good cooperative guild through this Vanilla realm (both PvE, PvP). I've seen that at the moment there aren't active horde guilds in recruiting, so i thought to create my own one and regroup all the disbanded players that want to join "HORDE". So the main objectives that i would to reach are: - create a good cooperative guild group in which one can help each other ( this is a prio for all the group); - create a good raid group (with a flex raid schedule) to try to reach the "First Realm"; - create good and competitive BG/Arena groups with the goal to destroy the "ALLIANCE" and to push the rating; - enjoy the contents and have fun togheter; These are the main objectives that i would try to reach with your help, for any questions about it just send me a message and i'll try to answer you as soon as possible. So ty for reading this post and see you soon in the game. "For the Horde". P.S: as soon as i will see people coming to this "call" a guild forum will be created with the apply section to make a census about the races and classes we would need for the guild. Tronus.
  6. Hello, i'm interessed to join in this guild. I'm going to roll a warrior tank, so let me know what do you think about.