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  1. Hello, Do you plan to implement Google Authentication function, IP lock, or another similar 2FA, for better account security ? Best Regards.
  2. Can we see this changelog somehow showed on one of the pictures, with spell fixes. If not it would be great to implement public changelog, so we can easily track progress.
  3. Hello, I have tested a lot of private servers during my "lifetime" and i always have been paying attention to that people that i see out in the world "stutter", or kinda flickers when they move, they are not moving smooth to be on point, like it is on retail. Do you plan to fix this ? Best Regards.
  4. Hello, I want to see PET AI Mechanics working like on retail, some examples from other project. Never worked like that on any private server ever. PET AI 1st Video PET AI 2nd Video PET AI 3rd Video Best Regards,