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  1. Funnily enough, the Atlantiss Team working on the Netherwing Private Server release an update and a video yesterday showing their solution to this exact problem. Maybe if it gets too frustrating you can bounce ideas of them to try and find the right direction. Here is a link to the update if you haven't seen it already.
  2. Thanks Darkrasp. Glad to hear you guys are still plugging away. Keep it up :).
  3. The letter had a reference number. You can go to the website of the law firm blizzard is using and type in the reference number to validate its authenticity.
  4. While ill always support this idea....you always get the 'muh character names' response and a negative vibe towards that type of launch.
  5. Of course I have doubt. I had doubt when he first took it down. My immediate assumption was that he just couldn't take the load and didn't want to bother anymore. But then he released a few more statements, then a video. Sure, what he says might not be 100% the truth. But apart from his track record there is no other evidence or reason to doubt what is saying. Yes question everything, but also learn that there is a line between reasonable doubt and conspiracy theories. In this scernario I feel there is enough evidence to put reasonable doubt to bed. PS. Sure he might have not opened the door himself, maybe or it was a caretaker or maybe he in an electric wheelchair. I can't say I care enough to dig that deep into the mans situation or rather I don't think he even deserves such doubt, given what hes done and been through. Poor chap.
  6. Gummy caved because he was personally the recipient of a C&D letter. A lawyer from Blizzard came to Gummys doorstep and handed him a letter. Stating if he does not stop now, he will go to court. Not the host, but himself personally. He did the right thing, call it 'caving' but any reasonable person would shut everything down immediately and comply else be buried in a wash of legal fees. In fact, Blizzard can still take Gummy to court. They are just choosing not to as a bargaining chip. If Gummy so much as leaks the code or even thinks about hosting in another country, Blizzard will come down on him like a ton of bricks. The launch of Felmyst goes to show that hosting anything personally in the US is a huge risk. Certainly not a risk worth taking for anyone unless they have a mountain of money behind them and are willing to play Blizzard at their own game.
  7. Just wanted to say. The Felmyst shutdown is in no way good news :(. A fantastic amount of work has been lost and private servers are more vulnerable then ever. The only positive thing I can ascertain from Felmyst shutting down is that we now have proof that popular US based servers do not work.
  8. Don't jinx it.
  9. Just saying EU is sufficient :P. Thanks for clearing that up. I will retract/rephrase my question.
  10. Isnt Asura US based? Did I mistakenly make that assumption based on his accent? If that is the case then I will retract my question.
  11. -Question retracted-
  12. During the beta, how will bug reporting be handled? and what will the procedure be? ie. only opened internally etc. or opened to the public for view and comments so we can help research and discuss. Will CFG host its own bug tracking site or use something like github?
  13. Well...there's really only 2 quarters it could be. I guess we can likely ascertain which one it will likely be at the end of Q2 (in 30 days)
  14. Mage. I have always gone the spellcaster type in MMO's and RPG's. Usually followed by a melee alt. The importance positioning and strategy are what keeps a mage my main with every new private server.
  15. Agreed that such things need to be discussed, and I doubt we would actually see much change. However, if there is one thing I would like to never see in the game again - its Heirlooms. That design decision is what killed everything from level 1-max.