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  1. Craziest player I ever met was from England. He was friends with my now girlfriend of three years. He found out my ip address and then checked hers. He noticed that they were similar which makes sense since we were playing together. Pretty creepy and lets just say contact was cut.
  2. Sure getting ganked sucks, but projects now are catering more the player base that wants a pve experience with the option of pvp when they want. I know this project will have a pve server and I think a couple others do as well. Granted not every project does and that is there choice. If i recall this one intends to go a long way so for those looking for it probably the best project being worked on. Some people just aren't as interested in world pvp or just dont want to waste time dealing with it. That unfortunately is how retail made things as expansions went on. It became less beneficial to pvpers and players got bored or tired of it. It really depends on the players and new or old doesn't matter as much persay. Some people want a smooth leveling experience since vanilla takes so long. I don't think it does since they have the option of open pvp and pve here.
  3. It can be if you try to brute force everything. If you take a more methodical approach it isn't bad. Carry food with or without buffs, potions when you get them or from a friendly alchemist, and try not take on more than you can handle. When I level alchemy i generally give the easy health pots a way or vendor price them for people to help with leveling.
  4. Welcome and enjoy your time here as we all wait together. There is a decent pve following if you check the Zul'Dare side of the forums. People are already planning guilds, pvp, and prof trading to help each other out. Everyone is pretty friendly so don't be afraid to hello. I will be on the horde side of the pve server. Look forward to seeing some of you there.
  5. As far as browsing if you are worried you can download and use opera when browsing. It has a built in vpn and ad blocker. It is basically the same as any other and you can import your bookmarks. I have been using it for a while now (before the whole your data can be sold). There are a few vpns out there if you want to go that route. Here is a good link for info and how to setup things up http://www.iflscience.com/technology/how-to-set-up-a-vpn-after-congress-voted-to-sell-your-online-data/
  6. Sounds close to what they did. They cut the gold farming amount per hour in half for all classes limiting hunters and aoe farmers that could farm vast amounts.
  7. I was curious if all classes are going to get a gold farming nerf like on Elysium. Since hunters can farm up to 100g an hour or mages/locks can get pretty close to that. I know blizz fixed it later on at some point. It wont alter my class choice at all towards my main, but I would like a toon that can farm gold/mats easily. If I can't farm gold easily then at least I know to make deals for expensive mats.
  8. I will definitely have to try this addon out. I currently use chronometer since there wasn't a good addon out there for this. Thanks for the hard work. Someone bake this guy a cake.
  9. I plan to hit the ground running and I know the horde side well. Its all I have ever played and had to many max toons on retail that were horde. I have my race and class picked and so does my girlfriend. Although I have more time to level so I plan to try and keep us around the same level. Although it has been a long time since I leveled a priest so could take longer with it being vanilla leveling. Planning to quest and grind as needed.
  10. hi

    I play on darrowshire over there. I have an alliance toon and horde toon I am leveling now. Its ok honestly not great. They get ddosed a lot. I am more using it now to kill time until CF launches.
  11. I plan to roll a UD Priest on release. I will be doing Tailoring and an undecided secondary profession maybe skinning/herbing. If anyone wants to trade horde side let me know.
  12. I haven't fulled decided on the PvP part. It will depend what my schedule in life is like and in game is like. I might do some on the weekends during pvp weekends except wsg. I hate wsg, but AV and AB though all day. I will probably just get ranks as I can and time permits. I am not looking to really hit r14.
  13. For me it kinds of depends where the population falls. I would like to be able to raid and alliance always seems to have the worst times. On Elysium they all raid around 9-12 EST which is just to late for me. I have a young kid and work early in the morning. Horde seems to have less of a population, but better raid times. It seems like 7-10 is there norm. I plan to roll here once it opens and leave Elysium behind and my girlfriend will probably as well.
  14. When I played in vanilla my guild met several times in real life. In Wotlk some of my guildmates were friends and others weren't so kind of. I met my current significant other during MoP we have been together three years now and have a little one. Amazing what meeting in real life can do.