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  1. I plan to hit the ground running and I know the horde side well. Its all I have ever played and had to many max toons on retail that were horde. I have my race and class picked and so does my girlfriend. Although I have more time to level so I plan to try and keep us around the same level. Although it has been a long time since I leveled a priest so could take longer with it being vanilla leveling. Planning to quest and grind as needed.
  2. hi

    I play on darrowshire over there. I have an alliance toon and horde toon I am leveling now. Its ok honestly not great. They get ddosed a lot. I am more using it now to kill time until CF launches.
  3. I plan to roll a UD Priest on release. I will be doing Tailoring and an undecided secondary profession maybe skinning/herbing. If anyone wants to trade horde side let me know.
  4. I haven't fulled decided on the PvP part. It will depend what my schedule in life is like and in game is like. I might do some on the weekends during pvp weekends except wsg. I hate wsg, but AV and AB though all day. I will probably just get ranks as I can and time permits. I am not looking to really hit r14.
  5. For me it kinds of depends where the population falls. I would like to be able to raid and alliance always seems to have the worst times. On Elysium they all raid around 9-12 EST which is just to late for me. I have a young kid and work early in the morning. Horde seems to have less of a population, but better raid times. It seems like 7-10 is there norm. I plan to roll here once it opens and leave Elysium behind and my girlfriend will probably as well.
  6. When I played in vanilla my guild met several times in real life. In Wotlk some of my guildmates were friends and others weren't so kind of. I met my current significant other during MoP we have been together three years now and have a little one. Amazing what meeting in real life can do.