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  1. you gotta dig even deeper then this..... when they intended on 3-3.5k people on a server, they always assumed those people would stagger in a few at a time 15 or so an hour spread out over 6 starting zones..... not "SERVER IS LIVE 1000 spawn into mulgor"
  2. genius sir.... rather then troll him outright give him a loopback address.
  3. I'm Truly optimistic that our servers economy will be good, since it's a PTE server, we should get new life into the server pretty regularly, i'm not sure about you all but over the years i have found out about a server.... poked my nose in and found out the server had been up like 9 months.... most people were raiding the last content, and very few new players or levelers are starting so there is no desire to play there. but if someone came across crestfall at this time they might say.... hey i got time to level to 60 before BC is releasted, maybe i can get in on a couple raids and even get some gear to make the leveling easy.
  4. People don't have to like having to contribute.... nobody likes paying for anything, but we do cause it's worth it. It's good to know that there are people out there who want to do this as well. this idea is also better if there they have hosting that won't accept partial payments, it's rough for any one user to Donate 350 for a months service.
  5. Hi Guys I'm new around here. I Have been playing wow since about 2 months after launch of Vanilla. I was thinking about how best to support the server and our make the devs not have to worry about the problems that can arise from figuring out how to pay the bills. I'm sure people are going to weigh in on my idea with negativity, some people always will. I don't know if I plan on creating a guild or joining someone else's and contributing to them, but I plan to try and organize something were we take ownership of it. The Whole idea of PTE is that our investments in our characters is rewarded, and we get to keep progressing them forward, re-live the old content... and wondering if the project is gonna continue makes people worried to invest their time. My proposal to my guild, and after that try to get other guilds to follow suit will be to collect money internally to pay for the server. If you have a raiding guild you have atleast 40-50 people committed to raiding and want to play the game. If each member of the raid team pays 2 dollars a month, $8 a quarter, $32 a year to play wow they will be able to pay for the servers hosting and costs once every 3 months. If I can convince 3 other guilds to follow suit and alternate when we pay, the server will be completely funded, and no single player will pay more then 2 bucks a month. If we could get more then a couple guilds involved each guild might only be responsible 2 times a year... Who can't afford 16 bucks a year to play the game they love. Anyways it's just my 2 cents, and just something I was thinking I might try and organize once the game launches.