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  1. LOL! Gotta love trying to whisper people with these kind of names.
  2. Upvoted for hockey reference!
  3. No announcement yet... This can only mean one thing, Crestfall confirmed hoax. Time to abandon ship boys! Irony
  4. This is a good one! I remember when I was playing my first rogue, closing in on 60 lvling in WPL around the Gahrron's Withering and I get jumped by a stacked dwarf rogue. I was playing undead myself. Out of nowhere another UD rogue, stacked af comes to my aid. Then comes ANOTHER dwarf rogue jumping him. So there we are, 4 rogues battling it out. I vanish as soon as I get out of the stun lock. So does the dwarf that got jumped by the other undead, and he vanishes too. And the 2nd dwarf too - like we all vanished within 1,5 seconds of eachother. And just like that it went complete silent. All of this happend within a 5 second time frame or something like that. It was just so random and so badass. I never felt more like a rogue than i did then. I never caught the name of the UD rogue that saved me(back then I wasn't aware of the combat log), he obviously tracked them to me. Thank you if you're reading this! Of course this wasn't a bug or anything, but still strange in a way. I just read the title
  5. I'm pretty set on playing a tank class. Either warrior or bear drood. Probably warrior though. I'd love to off some boomkin but they are kind of meh before ZG loot comes available.
  6. Any MTB fans out there? Now that spring is around the corner I'm out on the trails all day! Nature is just beautiful this time around. I've honestly lost interest in other video games at this point. Nothing really stimulates me enough to keep going and the other vanilla servers that are online right now are kind of so-so. I better save my fire for Crestfall!
  7. Well this made my day. I'm so happy! Sorry to hear about the tech issues though but that's bound to happen at some point. Good to have that out of the way!
  8. I never got to experience the TBC raids and I would really much like to do that. I was a kid back then and my view at that time was that PvP was way more prestigious with the badass arena face offs than the silly PvE counterparts and all I did was for the end game PvP. Pathetic I know. But we were all kids once, right...? At least I got the Gladiator title in one of the most notorious battlegroups for all my sacrifices, something that comforts me looking back at things I remember how badass I thought I was gliding around on that armored nether drake, flashing it. Ahh those were the days!
  9. I am but a humble lurker and I too just wanted to show some appreciation, I bet there are many more like me. I am SO eager to be a part of this project. I'm actually planning ahead already to make time in the near future to be able to put down a lot of hours on this project! I'm really glad that you managed to sort out all the shenaningans and are back on track again <3 Keep it up fellas!