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  1. Oh before I forget...I am U.S. based and will have raid times around typical US raid times.
  2. My name is Salv and I have run top 50 US guild throughout wow's long history and want to relive vanilla and BC which was my heyday of the game. I led <Terrible> on Shadowmoon during BC to top 50 US status and Top 20 US status during WotLK. I will be looking for competitive individuals to really push progress in vanilla in all facets and then work towards BC content. I run a very fun guild that tends to be pretty offensive, not going to lie, but ends up creating a place for some seriously great memories and friendships. Feel free to message me on these forums and I can give you my discord info as I do play other games in the meantime. Thanks for your time. -Salv
  3. I know this is a subjective question but which private server is considered the "best" currently, whether that is purely opinion or universally recognized? I am curious because I am bored and want to just level on a vanilla realm I just want one that is more accurately true to the actual retail game. I also dont want to play where the people running the servers are scumlords lol. Obviously I am referring to LIVE servers. Thanks.
  4. As someone who just plays on these private servers and I am sure I am in the majority of those who dont know what the developers shit smells like, I can say that the vocal minority is driving all of these "personal attacks". Do what every other business owner does and remove yourself from the personal portion of this project. Have community managers handle these turds and do your thing. I don't know who Alexsensual or w/e his name is nor do I care and, again, I am sure I am in the majority on this....we don't care and we will be the people paying the bills. Ignore these parasites and do your thing....the normal people who just play the game and enjoy your work are the people who actually matter.
  5. God, seriously. I am so tired of waiting for this....I am playing on Elysium just to burn time but I would greatly prefer to actually help this project especially in Vanilla so we can get this train rolling.