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  1. @mrmr thanks that would be a fun addon. Outstanding has been wanting to beta test fishing for like 8 months if not longer I'm glad hes/she finally got his/her chance. @Lilaina that's great.
  2. I found some old profession pdfs I don't know if they would be useful for you or not but I thought I would share. They don't seem to have complete data for everything but it something. Fishing Specific 1.Draznar's Fishing Zone and Loot Lists 2. A fishing XLS sadly no drop rates General Professions 1. I think this one is the most recent pdfs but there are two others 1 ( 2, 3 ) 2. and two older gatherer databases you might be able to gather something from ( 1, 2 ) Also found someone claiming that "FISH DROP RATES CHANGE FOUR (4) TIMES A DAY"
  3. Hi

    Good, i was afraid i wasn't going to get the blizzlike experience.
  4. Hi

    i don't know. seemed pretty good to me. horde_scum.webm
  5. Hi

    Hello, just wanted to write this up real quick. I plan on playing on the Zul'Dare PvE server as a human warrior engineering/enchanting. i played retail for roughly 3 years from wotlk to cata my main at the time was a nelf hunter. Thanks to WoW, researching things about video games has become a fun hobby of mine. For instance i can recall when I was installing wow for the first time realizing I hadn't played any mmo let alone multiplayer game at the time, I found these set of videos. looking back at them now they're pretty cringey but i still hold some guilty pleasure for them thanks to nostalgia. I don't expect to have too much of a presence here since most of my time is spent shitposting elsewhere but I can promise to save anything I find useful for this forum. *shill inc* i have been playing halo online to pass the time waiting for CF release if anyone wants to join. Also reading through old forums with hindsight i find fun to pass the time as well.
  6. I found what i believe to be historically accurate footage of a majority of the instances/pvp/raids in vanilla, although i have a feeling the devs already have access to most of these videos i just thought i would share. (not my site BTW credit goes to progression-annexe.) http://progression-annexe.blogspot.com/2016/02/vanilla-world-of-warcraft-retail-videos.html