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  1. I know That going underground was the best thing, however, still wish for those long posts about what you’re up to and stuff. It just gave me hope, I still believe in it, you lot seem like reliable and focused people. But would definitely wish for some more activity. Just getting that out of my chest but you do what you got to do. It’s your project. I’ll still be here until it comes out.
  2. Seen it now. I’m conflicted now. Great improvement but will surely deal a great blow to the private community.
  3. CF Community: Niko, cousin. Lets go bowling? Niko: ... OT: This situation utter bollocks. For some reason, this seemed inevitable when they started having talks with Elysium boys. But what can we do. Its odd for someone that we never seen be assigned project manager out of nowhere(Even if he is a close friend of Asura and such but we truly don't know if he is on par with the things going on). But oh well, not my project. I'm just a lurker bystander in all of this.
  4. Mint report, mate! Would have preferred details about your hiking trip as I am a nature lover myself. I stick with what I got. Continue on the path. Will buy a PC when Crestfall launches just to play on your SV and you lads won't disappoint as you catch all the details. Keep the faith, lads.
  5. Anything that involves Russia and video games will sure to be "cuka blyet" community and weird heiroglyphs that I was not thought to read.
  6. Hey Jose, name's Jose. Nice to meet ya partner.
  7. Very correct point of view I have to agree on that and you do share an extent of my own. However, I think you undervalue the sense of community a bit. If this is suppose to be a personal project or a daily blog about scripting a wow server it wouldn't have a specific forum like this one for it. Many of the staff were former forum bystanders like us previously. I believe it's in Crestfalls goals to provide what's never be done before. So it's meant to be enjoyed by others than the devs and their personal friends. What's the point of playing an MMORPG with 20 people or so. I still do have hopes for Crestfall like you (even though I don't have a computer ATM probably buying it when Crestfall releases). I believe if the server launches out proper many of us would be willing to support the project through donations. Straight to the point. I don't want us to just accept what is given. I want us to expect what is promised. Projects are fuelled by the communities energy and if we demonstrate a passive stance towards it I do believe the devs will undertake the same stance towards working on the core. We must be supportive, truthful and thorough if we ever want to see this project grow into a legacy. It's up to EVERYONE to ensure that this will be a mark of honor and not a stain of shame
  8. If it makes you feel better. I was genuinely stating my opinion. Not trash talking your taste as I see you put a lot of effort in this. i would love to see your reviews on series like Iron Fist or GoT. Just the oriental soap operas are not my style. It's a culture that I respect but can't take it seriously. Nonetheless, I will not post more if it's not thread related as this got a lot of shit posts already.
  9. Welcome Uncle Scrooge!
  10. How it all went down! Gratz @Elicas!
  11. After clearing a boss that we been stuck for weeks in TOT. We decided to go out drinking in the Stormwind Inn and later some guildies marched for Goldshire. Then the rest I don't want to speak about. Some people are very imaginative when it come to ERP.
  12. 0/0 Will not watch K-PoP teen drama. Not my cup of tea.
  13. Cheers, mate. Guess I'm quite late. Nevertheless, it's here. Just in case. Just found it odd as the server hasn't released yet.
  14. Where is the Fellowship of the Testers?