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  1. Touche, friend. Main will be a shaman. Not choosing it due to stats. Its just I always been drawn to shaman due to their lore. We strive for balance. Plus, their a hybrid which makes it more interesting.
  2. 3/10. Don't like sexy looking anime kitty avatar.
  3. The true question is... Is there any class worth playing unless it's an undead rogue?
  4. Just found out chicken grease is KFC gravy. Thought you might wanted to know. OT: 7/10. Reminds me of the Talion from Shadow of Mordor for some reason.
  5. "Happy shitting, Onion Knight." Back to the topic. 8/10 GIF. Makes me remember saving these little bastards from the Grimtotems. Plus the small event in that forest up in Lordaeron. -2 because I don't like those creepy things.
  6. Hello Crestfall, This a simple forum game. Rate the avatar of the person above from 1/10. You can point some unique features or give no reason at all. It's up to you. Of course you can't rate your own avatar so I'll give someone the pleasure of doing the honors. (You can rate people who have been already rated)
  7. Would give my left hand to be fishing in Mulgore ATM.
  8. Is it not in China which they can only play for two hours max due to a law that the government implemented to prevent video game addiction? (So I guess they must use a VPN if they want to play for more time? Someone told about that law but don't know if it's true or not.)
  9. One word. Xarantaur.
  10. Hello Crestfall, Once again I opening an opportunity to share our thought as a community. We all have something that inspires us as we feel connected to it, either be artists, celebrities, politicians even your parents. It can even be your pets. As a conscious being we usually pick these role models due to different motives and emotions. And because this a WoW based forum I'm going to add both a IRL role model and a WoW role model because we all have those characters that we fall in love and would follow into battle at any time. IRL Role Model I got to say it has to be Kendrick Lamar. The man is one of the most hard-working artists in his industry due to all the effort he puts in his lyricism and producing. Also assimilate his disgust towards people who disrespect the things he loves. And also the way how he didn't join the rest of his mates in infamous activities and that he got through all that pressure of growing up in a infamous neighborhood jsut shows the perseverance and resilliance of the man. WoW Role Model Broxigar Saurfang. His sense of duty when protecting the mountain pass in the Third War. How he embraced his fate in the end that the only way to honor his fallen comrades was to fight till the very end. To protect your world and their new found comrades. He died like a true orc. Sacrificing himself so others may live. Anyone that does that is worthy of my blade and I will definitly follow him till the end. I shared mine, what are yours?
  11. Don't see why all the hate towards yhe Draenei. Their demon counterparts are cool as hell. The new KJ model and his Machiavellian schemes are cool. Plus Goldshire would be the same thing without them. *Kappa*
  12. Some pesticide spray to keep the triggered nelfs vegans away.
  13. Hello Crestfall, As a lore addict I find myself wondering which race do I find myself leaning too. I had moments which I identified to several races but in the end only one makes sense to me. But there are others that I despise completely either be ally or foe and I'm wondering which are your preferences. Love I got to say the Tauren/Orcs are my favourite. Tauren are just my bros. They only take what they need, they are basically neutral if they handn't a blood oath with the orcs, all in all, everyone likes them because they are chill and when they fight, they smash you with a fucking totem. Orcs just because they are the extreme of all polarities. You have bad, not so bad, good but still bad and generally good. Claiming that you know the lore of the clans. I always find myself lured to the orcs of the Shadowmoon (Pre-corruption and post-corruption) due to their mystic and ruthless ways. I also understand their perseverance due to the fact that they are trying to live in an alien world. Hate Night Elves... Simply cuz they prance around with their vegan ways and racist bastards that are over 12,000 years old. Staghelm being their Donald Trump. (You can choose any race, its up to you don't need to be exclusive to playable races.)
  14. Weren't the beta testers names being reserved?
  15. A PVP video with Drowning Pool - Bodies as background music. Now real talk. Some World PVP and BGs. In my case as a RPPVPer would like to see if emotes and movement is not clumsy and weird like most private servers.