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  1. One thing that hasn't been mentioned, is that (in my opinion) it would be great to have asura and dakrasp talking in the next video, with the game running in the background, with an adequate music track, exactly like gummy did more than a year ago : The idea is quite simple : whatever the topic may be, it's much more interesting for viewers to have something to watch while listening to people (as an example, asura and darkrasp could be talking about why they wanted to make crestfall, about the details, about how exactly they're trying to bring people the best vanilla server out there, AND the most promising PTE server in the future, also mentioning the fact that it's quite difficult to find the real data, and that yes, re-tuning is a necessity etc etc...). I'll leave the details to the team, but i really think that what orcbit and gummy, or even mikepreach (a much more famous wow youtuber, of course) are doing in their videos is just exactly what needs to be done : hearing the voices of the devs makes people think that it's truly something professional, and seeing the game in the background when people proudly talk about their projects makes it that much more exciting. Of course, this couldn't apply to an interview (it would make no sense at all), but i you make a 5-10-15 minutes long video about the server, then yeah you probably need to do that. /discuss
  2. I'd wait for gummy's tbc server if you're only interested in TBC. Crestfall wow will undoubtedly make a good tbc server in the future, but let's be honest, the legacy crusade server won't get nearly as much people as gummy's because, while most people know about crestfall, very few are actually familiar with the legacy crusade (crogge's server).
  3. Here we go again.
  4. Elysium is not out of the scene at all my friend, there are still thousands of players there, and not all of them will go to crestfall when it launches (fortunately). Those who really want quality will come here, but there are tons of people who don't care about all the details and will just stay on elysium, that's how it is. For TBC, obviously gummy's server will be ready before the crestfall (PTE) tbc server, so most people will just go to gummy's (i fear that legacy crusade, on its own, won't be able to attract a lot of players : call me crazy, but that's simple marketing logic : the brandname isn't established at all in the private server scene, even though LC is linked to crestfall.) However, Crestfall's own tbc server (which will be the same core-wise, i know) will have no problem at all, since most of the vanilla players will probably want to progress to tbc, and it will be fresh when gummy's will be established already.
  5. Open-sourcing is only useful if there is a good team around to recuperate a project that isn't developed anymore (or it will end up just like elysium, although you could argue that nostalrius was nothing special, quality-wise). Furthermore, people will follow the "big guns", the hyped projects, that's how it is.
  6. none taken, you're kinda right.
  7. The downvote squad seems to have arrived on reddit though... oh well.
  8. Darkrasp (or asura for that matter), i remember that you guys wanted to make a sort of "a better estimation" thread, just like what corecraft did years ago, to try to illustrate what you guys still need to do. Did you decide not to make one in the end? (because, maybe, it wouldn't be that accurate or that useful, who knows?) Also, in your update, you mention that you guys want to "really start pushing content out", are you only talking about pve encounters, or other things? Thank you for the update as usual, i think it' safe to say that the previous weeks were indeed difficult ones for everybody, with asura being put under a lot of pressure all of a sudden. I like to think that our support (the community) helped you guys in these "troubled times", and i hope you guys are doing well.
  9. Brings tears to my eyes
  10. I think that the crestfall staff's decision is probably the best way to go forward, and, honestly, hats off for overcoming all the shit that happened the last week(s) : i'm not sad to see the discord go, because i know that the community will still be there, and that most of us totally understand that it needed to be done. Still, i'd like to give my love to you guys (no homo, of course) : -Darkrasp complaining about how Asura always give him tons of stuff to do -Asura's "hue hue" memes and quotes, ... and his obsession with huskies. -Senor Hue, who actually told me that Alexensual sucked (i should have kept a pic that day) -Dizzy always reminding me to be patient concerning the eta -Surpass and his tendancy to constantly link me vala-harambe memes -rot, the typical Italian macho who always recalls me that i should be ashamed to be French -Chickengrease, ...... who's pretty much doing the same thing Surpass does, though he also makes a lot of bad jokes. -karamele, who uses sarcasm so much, i can't remember the last time he was serious -crogge, although he's too nice for his own good (:D) -Bloo and Finalflash, although they tend to love animes too much, and have some very weird kinks. -Clarissa, who spent so many time in the politics channel that i thought she became a special moderator at some point. -Confirmed who constantly reminds me that fapping to hentai is good for your health. And of course, i'm sending my love to you guys as well : maronics, banks, ghostly, inari, xaverius, suzerain, rooted, jonu, arrowlink, sosen, sarmat, nogar, imbaslap, rodeg, masterdaribon, cruzix, hashem, kallax, Peter(stingart), rayaleith, soyoen, timothyjames, aaaaaaand soooooo many others. Thanks for all the good times we had on discord, (i know we have a "community" server available right now, without the staff, but it's a bit different, i'm sure you'll agree), i've been here since may-june 2016, and i just love this community, even when they call me a dirty french troll (.....maybe there's some truth to that, to be honest :D). Thank you guys Valaquenta
  11. Nice necro
  12. 13? Wow, you're younger than my nephew and i'm only 27. Age is just a number though, you look like you're mature for a 13 year old boy ^^.
  13. looks like a semi-necro to me though
  14. I'd rather contribute to the server (donating), than to have a vote shop, like really.
  15. I'd be more willing to give them a round of applause for putting up with the daily crestfall-bashing that happens on reddit, to be honest.