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  1. Asura said on discord that this Niko guy (a friend of him) is actually "more or less" at his level, and that he'll be able to get him up to speed quite quickly: you guys should wait and see what he can do.
  2. I perfectly understand what's going on, sorry.
  3. Seems like you guys didn't really understand what's happening: it's either they continue the development on the "crestfall gaming" project with elysium taking care of the communication, the hardware and so on, or they might just give up on it in the future because of their IRL issues. Yes Elysium now owns Crestfall, but it is also the next main Elysium server, people are already understanding this: it's the only PTE server of elysium, and the only one that's TRULY using the benediction core (Darkrasp just mentioned that the rest of the realms will be hybrid). If anything, this is a good thing for crestfall: -it's going to be super populated in the long-term -Blizzard won't be able to touch them thanks to the elysium project owners nationality. -The development team (Asura, darkrasp, Nogar, MD, Crow, Xaverius...) will be able to focus 100% on crestfall from now on...and no, before people say it, Asura didn't quit. He already clarified that on discord, he's just not a project owner anymore, that's it. I'm a bit surprised by people's reaction tbh, it's not bad news at all, it's actually a guarantee for the crestfall server.
  4. True. However, the fact that so many people don't want to play vanilla anymore also means that the population should get smaller in return (which is actually a good thing in my eyes).
  5. I just can't choose, forgive me
  6. Blue and Red for me.
  7. Hello, I'm one of the officers of the famous "entitled little whiners" guild, are you interested?
  8. A very late 2017 release is unlikely but not impossible. Who knows, maybe we'll be surprised?
  9. You answered your own concerns: do you see a viable alternative apart from crestfall for a PTE experience starting with vanilla? Nope, there's none. I already said it before, and other people did: as soon as the open beta is announced, the hype will begin. The team DOESN'T want any hype right now, because it's additional pressure, and you need to be careful about every single thing you say. Let them do their thing, continue doing what you were doing before all this, and one day you'll probably have a big smile on your face after reading a news update.
  10. Good luck with your application, developers are always needed I suppose ;-)
  11. I've read the entire thing...the guy does sound like he's neutral. I haven't been active for months on this forum since I'm more interested in Felmyst/gummy's right now, but this is sad news indeed.
  12. Crestfall and Felmyst are literally the only projects that i'm interested in, so yeah i'm gonna roll on Felmyst right now. Also, that ping "issue" is ridiculous, i'm living in Lyon (France) and I have 85 ms, anything below 200ms in wow is completely playable. This is a mmo, not a first person shooter Better use this link btw ;-) :http://kotaku.com/new-world-of-warcraft-fan-server-takes-players-back-to-1796551541 The Kotaku article is kind of a guarantee that there will be a big population on the server...I just hope there will be a reasonable population cap.
  13. I know, right?
  14. Thanks, Elicas. Is the philosophy towards pve encounters still the same ("early"-raiding (MC and BWL) should be considerably harder, but AQ40 and Naxx40 shouldn't be changed at all) or did it evolve a little? We've had a discussion about aq40 and the nerfed version of c'thun the other day, and i'd say a big part of the community would rather have a big challenge fighting c'thun than downing it as easily as a lot of guilds do on other private servers right now.
  15. *wrong thread, sorry.