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  1. I know, right?
  2. Thanks, Elicas. Is the philosophy towards pve encounters still the same ("early"-raiding (MC and BWL) should be considerably harder, but AQ40 and Naxx40 shouldn't be changed at all) or did it evolve a little? We've had a discussion about aq40 and the nerfed version of c'thun the other day, and i'd say a big part of the community would rather have a big challenge fighting c'thun than downing it as easily as a lot of guilds do on other private servers right now.
  3. *wrong thread, sorry.
  4. Hunters stronger in wpvp and organized pvp than mages? I'm just asking, but are you sure that's right?
  5. I think Asura wants to take of it, when it comes to details, and maybe darkrasp too. I doubt they'll have the time to answer though, maybe elicas can.
  6. I think it would be more adequate to say "pre-bug" rather than "pre-nerf" to be honest guys :D. That's why i was wondering if it would be wiser to try to find a middle ground. If C'thun totally unbeatable as it was back in the day, i don't see the point, however if he's super hard and yet doable, then i'm all for it.
  7. I remember people criticizing the aq40 on kronos, and now people are critizing elysium's one, because the top guilds are able to clean everything in a matter of hours. Apart from the obvious advantage that comes with the knowledge of these encounters, i think some people forgot about one thing : c'thun was mathematically unbeatable BEFORE it was fixed, as it was completely buggy before : http://www.pcgamer.com/the-story-of-cthun-how-a-wow-boss-drove-raiders-to-madness/ Now, the interesting part : as this article shows, many thought that c'thun's nerf was too much, and made the fight trivial. Which means that the way these teams (kronos, elysium...) took care of the raids wasn't necessarily bad, in fact they might have done a good job. Of course there's still the issue of the exploits that they couldn't fix, but that's another story. To the team (for those who have the time to answer) : what is your point of view concerning c'thun? I mean, you're going to make it so that MC and BWL will definitely be a challenge for raiders, wouldn't it be weird if AQ40 was, proportionally, easier than the previous pve encounters? I recall reading something in the faq about AQ40 being hard enough, but i believe that the only reason that it was so hard was because of the "bugged" version of c'thun. Is there some middle ground here? Are you planning to avoid re-incorportating the bugs that made this boss impossible to beat, and yet trying to make the encounter one hell of a challenge compared to how easy the fixed c'thun is? Also, what's the plan for the other bosses of the raid? The top raiding guilds will clean the content quickly anyways, but i tend to believe that even the other bosses should be harder. As i said, it looks like the only raid that shouldn't be touched AT ALL is naxx40, AQ40 is probably not hard enough to consider not modifying a few things. What do you guys think?
  8. Congratulations buddy, you totally deserve it.
  9. We discussed about this on reddit before : there's absolutely nothing wrong with them taking longer than we first thought, as it's for a good reason. Plus, there are lots of things to do apart from waiting for crestfall guys, just go on with your everyday lives like you used to. HOWEVER, there's one thing i fully agree with : even though they are in "silent development", it's really necessary that they provide people with some feedback concerning where the projects stands, and to show a little optimism. Right now, things are way too vague, too uncertain, and even the crestfallen are getting worried about this, which is quite normal. Darkrasp and Asura obviously know about the community's concerns, and i have no doubt that they'll alleviate our doubts the next weeks, so let's calm down a little for now, and again, give them some time : putting them under even more pressure is probably not the best thing to do.
  10. They do? I always thought they were quite nasty against mages (shamans are good against mages in general, especially elemental shamans i suppose), and squishies.
  11. Very interesting, thank you for the update Darkrasp. Tell me : what impact do you think this "multi-proc" thing coud have in pvp? It seems to me that what you're trying to do is avoid making some weapons ridiculously overpowered in pvp, especially on the horde side since they're the ones using the windfury totem, but maybe it might end up working the other way around, making some specs like enhancement underperform sometimes, i don't know? What about pve? Do you think that some melee specs could perform quite differently if you do that? (which means you may have to take that into account when you start retuning raids). nb : first btw ;-)
  12. Welcome
  13. What do you think fits asura the most? Shitting on all those poor tourists going on a walk on the beach, or just chillin' like most geeses do? I'll give you a hint : "(Asura) : i'm an asshole!" There ya go ;-)
  14. He has shit taste when it comes to hats though...
  15. This community is the best one i've seen for a long time now, which makes sense : the ones who are lurking (ha ha) on the forums are the ones who truly care about the game, since they're ready to wait until the server launches. As you said, we've had our ups and downs, but the "core" of this community is still just as solid as it was before. Thank you for your hard work guys, you're trying to bring players the best experience that people ever had on private servers, and god knows that's not an easy task.