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  1. Chiming in, thanks @Darkrasp& @Asura . I thought the drama seemed too bogus for a reason.
  2. Hello everyone excuse the wall of text. My brother and I can't wait to be apart of Crestfall. We want to take the race to 60 somewhat serious but nothing unhealthy like no sleep for 1-3 days at a time but more serious than casual something like take off from work for a day or two or play for long hours consistently for 2 weeks. Recently we have been debating and theory crafting the opinion on whether the most effecient way to level during a fresh server is to solo lvl or duo lvl (possibly with a friend to form a trio) also we have been wondering whether we should lvl 1-30 from grind/questing then from 30-60 mainly only grinding. OR quest/grinding in between points A & B from 1-60 entirely as long as quests are available and easy. My brother will be making a warrior and I will be making a feral druid with mostly resto gear to mainly heal the warrior and provide extra dps as a hybrid in cat or bear form with dots. We also plan on leveling and sharing a single character together (as long as this is within the TOS and is not bannable) for when one of us is not home. We will be testing this method out on Elysium a few times and will try to keep this post updated. But we are wondering the opinions of others on these methods. So i guess our question is - is partner leveling just as good or possibly better if you have a pocket healed warrior tearing through the grinding zones or is solo lvling like a full days played time faster? Anyone have experience or insight on this subject?
  3. I don't feel like reading all the comments on the forum, could someone give me an update on everything going on with Crestfall? Was it true that Alexensual DDOS'd the server? Any update on Asura? Any update on CF? Or please provide info regarding anything going on.
  4. Chiming in to let you @Asura know that you have another player who has your back and supports you no matter what.