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  1. Future Human Pala here!! Buffbots unite!
  2. Thought I might as well bump post here out of interest since the more players looking for the same thing in a thread the better right? Gonna be maining paladin
  3. Hello Crestfallen Community, The Paladin has been my favourite class since forever. While some despise levelling up via judgement and SoC, I absolutely love it. Not because of the l33t d33ps I get but the sheer survivability and the freedom you get for mash all your "oh-shit" buttons after each other because you lack a proper rotation. It's perfect! As much as I can't wait to be downranking flash of light, buff botting and applying wisdom to the boss I don't want to embark on this strange and broken journey alone. I'm currently looking for a nice guild to go with - a raiding guild! I've had experience in Vanilla raiding before, I was the GM of a T1 raiding guild on Kronos - we cleared out MC and Ony many times but we struggled with recruitment - but enough of that. As someone who is used to staring at hp bars and gets excited for the plaguelands, you won't find a more enthusiastic buffbot out there looking for a guild. My ideal guild should already have an experienced leader with a decent core of at least 4-5 core members, ready to get recruiting at the launch. Raiding is something I really enjoy and I'm looking for some players who are going to go all the way - from MC right through Naxx. If this sounds like you and you need another Paladin on your team just drop a message and/or your discord down below and we can get talking about it. See you ingame!
  4. Thanks guys, I think I will try out rogue, mage and druid on another server to see how I like their playstyle. I also really like the paladin class but I'm scared that gold acquisition will be extremely difficult at endgame as a holy pala. Not sure I want to be paying 60g each time to respec.
  5. Hey thanks for your reply, How are holy pally's at getting gold for raiding? This sounds similar to how I remember my pally in TBC so far but if gold farming is just as bad as on any other healer that'll be a dealbreaker for me. Although I'd probably end up going ret and getting nightfallen if I rolled paladin.
  6. Sign me up! (Also, I'm having trouble choosing a class, let me know what you need and I'm happy to try fill it )
  7. On Kronos II there was an unusually low proportion of warlocks on the server so when I started on Elysium I decided to roll lock - it seems everyone had the same idea.
  8. Thanks for your suggestion. Yeah a gold alt might give me more choice on my class and druid sounds fun. The problem with the hunter class is not really the feeding of the pet, but the fact that I could be expected to have a bunch of different pets for different raid encounters, which is just too much of a pain for me. Also I'm not very good at kiting lol so I would be a terrible hunter
  9. Thank you both, yes this was about on a fresh server so I will take your advice. Thanks!
  10. Seems like a good choice for me. Approximately how long do you spend (outside of DM because they are nerfing it on this server) grinding gold for raid consumables? Only thing is I do find mages a bit boring but maybe that'll get better at higher levels.
  11. Does anyone know a guide on tips to level enchanting while levelling up? Thanks Or even better if you can just answer whether or not this is viable!
  12. Hey all, I'm really excited for crestfallen and as it's a progressive server I'm having an unbelievably hard time choosing a class. I made a similar post on general asking for suggestions about what class to play but I thought also I'd like some more info about paladins as, my first main (in TBC) was a pala and I had a lot of fun with that class. In my opinion it was an extremely well designed class (until mid-late WotLK when they started to ruin seals and I preferred the old judgement also) I probably know how levelling is having already done it in TBC, but could someone tell me what it's like to level a pala on a vanilla PvP server? Do you get ganked a lot, can you hold your own and how fast is it generally? Is there much down time? At 60 you have to go holy to raid. Like any other class you need to get consumables but that costs gold. How is gold farming on a paladin (enough to raid)? Do you get ganked a lot at 60 trying to farm herbs/ores? Is farming mobs for gold viable for them? Finally, what is ret like? Does anyone ever play ret on Vanilla servers at 60. Thanks.
  13. Played warr on K2 let me elaborate on this. Warrior levelling PvE wise isn't terrible, but the PvP exacerbates it greatly. You WILL be ganked by everyone lol. Secondly they're just very gear dependent. A mage can run around in terrible gear and still do well but I remember trying to kill same level mobs in Un'goro crater was impossible with the 2h axe from alliance scarlet monastery quests (despite it being BiS for many levels previously) and I got to a point where I literally couldn't level without an upgrade so had to farm princess (and boy did that upgrade feel good). Warrs tend to have long downtimes eating as they have no heals and their damage is meh. Gear dependence is a double edged sword though (pardon the pun lol). Yeah it can suck if you have bad gear but it makes getting upgrades even more exciting because you will notice the difference instantly.
  14. Hey all, On Kronos I played prot warr and absolutely loved it during group content - raids/dungeons. But as BWL came out it was now necessary to grind gold for flasks and that was taking up a LOT of time, more than I wanted to because Prot warriors kill mobs slowly and are bad at WPvP. So I'm asking you to help me decide on a class and help me make some money (enough to raid). There's a few key points that I'm considering when choosing a class. It should be noted the only class that is off the table is hunter as I might even quite before level 10 and managing the pet is not fun for me. The class doesn't have to meet all the points I list but just bare in mind that I'm looking to minimise my time spent farming mats and on other annoyances - say hunter pet management. Also I like to tank, heal and DPS so this doesn't matter to me. Point 1: I'd prefer a low maintenance class such as a warrior. I'm probably not going to pick warrior but luckily warriors don't have any systems such as soul shards or feeding a pet so I'm using it as an example. This is a lower priority for me than other points. Also, classes with fewer consumables are preferable - although I'm likely going to pick alchemy or enchanting to help myself out with enchants/consumables. Point 2: During levelling I want to not only be able to take down mobs at a decent pace but also have low downtime. Low downtime is more important to me than how fast stuff dies. I levelled a warrior last time, it was slow, I want something faster. Point 3: Also during levelling - this one is a must - be able to hold my own in 1v1 WPvP somehow. Either the class can fight other classes or can reliably escape. I remember envying druids because shapeshifting was an easy way to escape, also rogues due to vanish and definitely locks and mages due to how easily they could kill. As a warrior I was feared, horrified, frozen, stunned, charmed, sleeped, sheeped and slowed and there was nothing I could do about it (except fear - though breaking it often meant insta horrify lol). Point 4: I need to make gold at 60. This point is more open but probably the most important. At 60 I'm probably going to be either grinding mobs or farming ores/herbs for gold. Farming any node often results in WPvP so I don't want to be getting corpse ganked, and grinding mobs needs to be fast enough that I don't gouge my eyes out. Please take into account how easy it will be to cover my raid costs when suggesting a class. Point to consider - this is all relative, I'm not talking about absolutes. I know that it takes time for any class to farm mats/consumables, etc but I don't want to be bottom of the pile. I also know that most classes cannot handle every WPvP situation they encounter but again I don't want to be bottom of the pile for that either. I'm not looking to be the best at everything as I know that's unrealistic also. EDIT: Would love to hear what class you guys play and why you play it