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  1. Sign me up! I'm not gonna have a lot of time to play and so a guild like this would be a good fit. PvP is my thing, for sure.
  2. This is a great idea! Looking forward to the next one. I simply cannot wait for this to launch.
  3. Wonderful news, Glad to hear everything's coming along!! Keep up the great work!
  4. Alt-J - 3WW Sorry I don't know how to embed YouTube videos
  5. Ahhh what a cute dog! Seems like he/she is a real sweetie. Personally i'm always a fan of learning useless trivia. Might not come up on an exam in life, but who cares? It's way cool to know things. I remember taking an astronomy course in high school and loving it, I've always been a big Sci-Fi guy. Thanks for the mess *begins sweeping glitter* shit's gonna be stuck in my beard for a week.
  6. It's a small dream of mine to learn how to SCUBA dive. Once I've got a steady income it's something that I would really really like to try. Studio Ghibli films are incredible! They're staple films that my SO and I watch with regularity. Sounds like you've got quite the zoo at your place
  7. Great meeting you! I'm a huge tarantino fan as well, Inglourious Basterds is my favorite movie by him. Still gotta see Hateful Eight! As for your question - large breed (or one could even say "giant breed") dogs can sometimes make great city dogs, but it's not a guarantee. Great Danes are actually excellent city dogs, because their #1 hobby is sleeping. Thus, they don't require as much space as one might think. Newfoundlands are also pretty good because of this. They just sleep and are really gentle. Tibetan Mastiffs, however, differ in temperament to breeds like Great Danes. They have guard dog in their nature, and would be hard to exercise really well on a leash. Personally, I wouldn't wholly recommend them for a flat. A TM would also likely end up barking a lot from people coming/in and out of the apartment building. How your dog behaves around other people and animals depends a LOT on breed and socialization in his/her young life, but It's such a multi-factorial thing that nobody can ever predict 100% how an interaction will go. Really depends on how in tune you are with your dog's behavior and personality.
  8. To be fair I was notorious in my classes for being the 'guy who hates cats' until I adopted one. Now I'm a Cat Dad. Keep writing! Just make yourself do it. I mean, I LOVE learning medicine, but it does and will always feel like work at times. Motivation is great, but cowers in comparison to discipline. I've been trying to make small improvements too - running, doing body weight exercises, preparing my own food. Good meeting ya! Honestly if this thread just turns into talking about pets I'll be ecstatic.
  9. Any other bluegrass fans here? The Devil Makes Three - Gracefully Facedown
  10. Of course! I would never expect people to get too personal, but hobbies feel superficial enough. Heck, I don't even mind if this is just a more detailed introduction for myself, just thought I'd put it out there.
  11. Apologies if this is a redundant topic, but I'm still learning names around here. In my years of gaming, I've always enjoyed knowing the people behind the toon. So who are you? What kinds of hobbies do you enjoy? Is there anything cool that you're learning? As for myself - I'm a veterinary student, I love surgery and in particular hope to study and practice orthopedics. Physics, as a general discipline, is so intertwined with this type of medicine - in biomechanics, in imaging - that it combines a lot of interesting stuff for me. By the way, if any of you ever have pet-related questions I'm happy to answer to the best of my ability. Outside of academics, I love to play the banjo and to sing, although gaming is far and away my #1 hobby. I have a cat named Mooch, and she's a douche.
  12. It's embarassing for me to admit but it's why I'm here: I never got to be max level in Vanilla, let alone TBC. That's my single goal for CF: get a druid to 60, and play the game I always wanted to
  13. I've always been a PvP guy, all the way.
  14. Hey everyone, I'm FunkyPockets. I've lurked for a little bit on the forums but this is a project I know I want to get 100% involved in. I played WoW up through Wrath, and I've always been a big fan of Druid/Shaman classes. I'll probably try and reprise my NE Druid for this one. Great meeting y'all! Glad to be a part of this. -FP