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  1. Sounds like you're really working your asses off, which is great to hear and I think I can speak for everyone when I say that we appreciate it very much, so thanks again. It's awesome that even the little stuff gets the necessary attention, if you keep going like that I won't be able to contain my excitement in the next few months.
  2. For now, it's not going to get more spedific than that, @Hamilton.
  3. I don't have much experience with private servers, so I don't know much about common bugs or things that often don't work correctly, but I'll just chime in. 1. What I would like to see would be, for example, that Charge works correctly, meaning the character stops in front of the target, not behind it. Another thing would be mobs turning towards a stealthed character shortly before discovering the character. One last thing I can think of would be ore nodes not spawning on top of each other, although I don't know if it's possible to really show off in a video. 2. Those would be things that, for me personally, would show off the Crestfall staffs capabilities and attention to detail, to help distinguish the project from other, similar ones. 3. + 4. Videos in the 5-10 minute range showing off a few related elements at a time would be a good solution, I believe. 5. Personally I'm not a fan of ultra-flashy, meme-ridden videos, so I'd prefer low-key, detailed videos. But to build hype and a solid playerbase, some flashy-ness is probably necessary. Just don't go all out on the neon flashy awesomeness and everything will be fine. 6. As Retrac47 said, comparisons will probably be necessary for some smaller, harder to discern things, but letting the facts speak for themselves most of the time could send a strongl signal.
  4. Well, that sucks. I just hope Hellground keeps going and people won't lose their characters. As long as Crestfall doesn't get bogged down with queues etc., more players = more good.
  5. I'll definitely main a warrior again, switching between tank and arms. And I'll probably level a druid too, but that's going to take a while.
  6. Welcome! What server/faction will you play?
  7. @Njut Glad I'm not the only one around here. That tune is mad, Kartel and Bunji really are two of the greatest artists the scene has right now. Just a shame Kartel is in prison and once his pre-recorded stuff is all released, there won't be any new stuff from him for a long time.
  8. In general I listen to pretty much everything that has anything to do with Reggae and Dancehall. Some slow Reggae is, for me at least, the perfect music for relaxed leveling, while Dancehall with its faster rhythm gives the needed push for raids and PvP. Right now, this is one of my favorite Dancehall tunes: Hope some of you like it.
  9. Well, open world leveling should work fine with a Pala + Voidwalker as tank, but dungeons will be a challenge. Especially the later ones, things like Dead Mines and The Stockade should be doable. It's just that the lack of any kind of taunt and subpar threat generation makes tanking groups of elites very, very hard for paladins. If your damage dealers get aggro'd, they are pretty much dead if they don't have skills like Vanish, Feign Death or Iceblock at the ready.
  10. For the Alliance composition, if you want a tank, you shouldn't swap the warrior for a paladin. No matter what Killerduki says, prot paladins aren't really that viable in vanilla. I can't really give you tips for leveling as a group as I always leveled solo, but I'm pretty sure that you won't reach 60 in 1 1/2 weeks playing 4-5 hours a day.
  11. I'm glad all that drama is over, and you were able to get some semblance of normalcy back. Thank you all for your work and dedication, and I'd like to once again say, the way you handled all this made me have great faith in the team. Thank you for not giving in to the trolls, for staying level-headed and mature.
  12. @CodemonsterThere is no publically playable Crestfall server right now, the closed beta is for the vanilla realm. We're all waiting for the release of both the PvE and PvP vanilla realms, which will be sometime in 2017. Probably.
  13. Don't say that, if you love tanking and join a guild early on, I'm sure you can be their main tank. Tanks are always wanted and needed, and as long as your guild is more casual and not that fixed on progression, you can do it without having to invest too much time, if that's your concern. That's how it was for me in retail vanilla, I didn't have that much time and was around 12, so as you can imagine, I didn't know what I was doing half of the time. And while I didn't become main tank, as I fell in love with the Arms specc of my warrior, I tanked when needed and just had fun raiding once a week. I'm sure you will do much better than my 12 year old self, so I see no reason why you shouldn't accomplish your goal.
  14. I'd like to have Quel'Serrar, some day. Ever since I first saw it on a warrior chilling in Ironforge, I've wanted it. I can't tell how many damn times I ran through DM, even while TBC was out already. That damn book never once dropped for me, and I refuse to buy it for exorbitant amounts of gold. Some day, it will be mine...
  15. Thanks for the warm welcome everyone, I'm glad to be here. @Retrac47 Some friends of mine will probably start with me, and they are pretty fond of wPvP. We'll decide where we roll once the release is within reach, so maybe I'll have to roll another character on the PvP realm. If we do roll there, I'll make sure to message you, thanks! @Chickengrease Danke!