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  1. So, I thought some off-topic discussion wouldn't hurt in bringing back some activity to the forums, so here goes. Any SciFi fans around? What are you watching/reading right now you think we shouldn't miss out on? What are your thoughts on the new Star Wars movies? Those would just be some examples, so feel free to talk about any and all things SciFi. Me personally, I'm really loving The Expanse right now. Third season just started, and oh my, the first episode alone was damn amazing, and I can't wait for the next episode to release. I haven't read the books, so I'm going in completely blind, and I love it! It just ramps up everything from one season to the next and keeps pumping out those sweet "Holy Shit!" moments, it's awesome.
  2. Oh, I'm aware of that, and I support your decision. I basically wanted to say that I'm looking forward to the eventual return of the community.
  3. Looking forward to the update! It's nice to see at least a little bit of activity coming back to the forums, it has gotten awfully quiet around here.
  4. Racism and sexism in one post, even.
  5. "Oh no, someone likes something I don't, fuck him!" Grow up. Be happy you get a PvP server to engage in e-peen measuring, and we're happy we get a PvE server. And not releasing a PvE server wouldn't stop the divide, assholes like you would make damn sure the community stays divided.
  6. @Smirre and once again, you are the only one who cares. What's with your hate on Outstanding and Elicas? We've been through you hating Outstanding last week already, haven't we? Just fucking drop it, it's annoying and you are the only one who gives a shit. Outstanding and Elicas do what they believe is right, because they don't have faith in Elysium and seem to be a bit perplexed by this very sudden announcement. They have good reasons for not liking/wanting to play on Elysium. Maybe you should be banned from "every pserver" if you act like a stubborn child without the ability to have a discussion without having it devolve in you trying to shit on people who don't share your opinion. Jesus Christ dude, grow the fuck up.
  7. @SmirreCan't you just drop it? What even prompted you to start bitching about Outstanding in the first place? It has been months since he left the Community Manager position, there doesn't seem to be bad blood between him and the rest of the team, so what even is your point? Also, it's not like he did anything essential to the development of the server - he helped managing the community and was in charge of testing fishing - that's it. And your analogy is pretty bad - it's more like he helped you move in for hours, and after that something came up which caused him to leave - would you really be pissed at your friend for that? Would you call him a dick because he just helped out for 5 hours instead of 8? Would you keep bringing it up and bitching about him for the next months? Or would you be grateful for everything he did to help you? To reiterate: Just drop it, nobody but you seems to care about it. It's been months since the discussion was even slightly relevant. And not even then would it have been appropriate to go around insulting people who have sacrificed not a small amount of their time to help create a server we all are waiting for. Insulting people because they didn't help for as long as you might have wanted is just silly, also, what kind of message does it send to the team? I'd think it sends the message that you feel like you are entitled to their time and work, because of...well, because of no reason, you just think that you deserve it and that they owe you.
  8. As far as I know, more videos will be produced and released once the team is ready to start the hype shortly before release. But right now, hype isn't very important, as there's no launch date or date for the start of the open beta yet. Building hype would only mean people flocking to the forums and a whole lot of them would do nothing but spam the forums with "Crestfall when?", which, honestly, can be pretty annoying.
  9. If you really want to be a GM, maybe become part of the community first. Be active on the forums, interact with people and build a rapport with the people here. I mean, seriously, do you really think the devs would read your thread and just be like "Oh cool, this kid wants to be a GM, well, we don't know anything about him, this is his first ever post on here, I'm sure he's a trustworthy, upstanding dude, we can definitely give him access to the closed beta. It's not like we've had troubles with some dude with access to the beta bad-mouthing the project recently, so let's get this newcomer started!" It's just not a good first impression to immediately ask for a position of power and deeper access to the project. Also, I personally don't think it's a good idea to let teenagers do something like that, simply because you are in a pretty turbulent phase of your life, and who's to say that you'll even be around still once this project launches? Who's to say you don't just walk away from your commitment once you get into a serious relationship or just lose interest in the game? Of course, that sort of thing can happen with adults too, but I feel like the probability of that happening with an adult is far lower compared to a teenager in the midst of puberty.
  10. I'd say that depends completely on the population of the server. If the realm regularly reaches the max amount of players online at the same time, BGs will be pretty populated. I've only seriously played on a retail PvE server, and at least there I never had to wait an excssively long time for a BG to pop, so it might be a bit different for private PvE realms. But I doubt the BGs here will be deserted, because most people who don't want to get ganked 24/7 while leveling and roll on a PvE realm for that reason, still enjoy PvP in the BG setting.
  11. Well, while the war in Iraq wasn't justified and founded on lies, saying that "everyone was happy before the war" is a pretty bold claim. Ask the Kurds and the Shia about how happy they were. But yes, the Iraq war gave rise to ISIS, so the war pretty much screwed everyone in Iraq over and made their lives worse. We'll see how it all turns out, and the only thing we can do now is to help the people of Iraq to rebuild their country, and maybe not start anymore wars in that region.
  12. Multiboxing isn't allowed, giving yourself an advantage by controlling 2 characters at once is not allowed, you can have alts chilling in cities and that's it. Read the thread, this was discussed in detail already. If you want to make sure you don't get banned, play one character at a time like every other normal player here. That's the only way to guarantee you won't get banned for multiboxing.
  13. First of all, a big Thank You to @Asura @Darkrasp and all other staff members for the work you're doing, I'm really glad to have found a project with a team that dedicated. With that said, it's great to hear that most major issues are cleared up or will soon be, and that you're steadily moving towards open beta. Don't rush it, take however long you need, I'm sure most here will patiently wait for the work to be done and help out as soon as we get the chance.
  14. You all did realize that this thread is nearly 2 months old, right? I'm just confused, is all. Carry on.
  15. @Hops You don't get it, it's not about making the game easier. It's a different playstyle, simple as that. As multiple people already said, time is a big factor for a good part of PvE players. For example, I'm planning to play with some friends of mine, but we will probably only be able to play like once a week for at most 3 hours at a time. Tell me, why should I want to waste time killing people or being killed by people if my time is that limited and my plan is to play the game, do the quests, soak in the lore and not look for other players to annoy by killing them over and over again with a group of 5? I also plan to level another character whenever I have time and my friends don't, and then, too, I wouldn't want to waste time killing or being killed or running or hiding from other players while I'm just trying to quest in peace, or farm mats for professions, or level fishing for one or two hours. Just accept that people want different things from the game. Stop belittling people for their choices and move on. I mean, you got several detailed answers to your question already, and still you keep asking the same questions.
  16. Yes please! Getting to experience all of that for the first time again? It would be a dream come true for me. Nothing else until now has managed to inspire such a sense of exploration, adventure wonder in me as my first journey to 60.
  17. Well, @Balista, we tanks have to condition the others a little bit. They run away from you when they get aggro? Let them die, taunt the mob once he's dead. Of course, you can't do that with healers, but how often does the healer steal your aggro? We tanks have nothing to do with people dying to fire, just pull the mob a few steps away from the fire to make sure melees don't have to stand in it. And if a DPS doesn't control his threat? Fuck him, he's dead. That's what I did to condition my Kara group, or better put, those 1-2 guys in my group who just didn't learn to focus the right mob and couldn't wait even 2 seconds at the beginning of a fight. Did that for one evening and they never intentionally switched focus or stole mobs at the beginning again. You just have to get the healers in on your plan.
  18. Nice to hear! Congratulations to both @Gorbulas and @Xaverius for the promotion, and it's nice to see the staff being sourced from the community. Keep up the good work.
  19. Welcome! I'm excited for you getting to play Vanilla for the first time when Crestfall releases...It was a great time on retail, and I wish I could start over again with all memories of vanilla erased.
  20. I can remember one occasion, back in Vanilla, when something weird happened. I was questing in STV with a friend and we decided to duel a bit while we were in Booty Bay. I think it was the second or third duel, I got her to below 20% HP, Execute critted and...she died. That's the only time anything out of the ordinary happened to me while playing, and I was pretty damn confused at first. But well, because of this I can now say that my warrior was so badass, his Execute broke the dueling mechanics.
  21. Sounds like you're really working your asses off, which is great to hear and I think I can speak for everyone when I say that we appreciate it very much, so thanks again. It's awesome that even the little stuff gets the necessary attention, if you keep going like that I won't be able to contain my excitement in the next few months.
  22. For now, it's not going to get more spedific than that, @Hamilton.
  23. I don't have much experience with private servers, so I don't know much about common bugs or things that often don't work correctly, but I'll just chime in. 1. What I would like to see would be, for example, that Charge works correctly, meaning the character stops in front of the target, not behind it. Another thing would be mobs turning towards a stealthed character shortly before discovering the character. One last thing I can think of would be ore nodes not spawning on top of each other, although I don't know if it's possible to really show off in a video. 2. Those would be things that, for me personally, would show off the Crestfall staffs capabilities and attention to detail, to help distinguish the project from other, similar ones. 3. + 4. Videos in the 5-10 minute range showing off a few related elements at a time would be a good solution, I believe. 5. Personally I'm not a fan of ultra-flashy, meme-ridden videos, so I'd prefer low-key, detailed videos. But to build hype and a solid playerbase, some flashy-ness is probably necessary. Just don't go all out on the neon flashy awesomeness and everything will be fine. 6. As Retrac47 said, comparisons will probably be necessary for some smaller, harder to discern things, but letting the facts speak for themselves most of the time could send a strongl signal.
  24. Well, that sucks. I just hope Hellground keeps going and people won't lose their characters. As long as Crestfall doesn't get bogged down with queues etc., more players = more good.
  25. I'll definitely main a warrior again, switching between tank and arms. And I'll probably level a druid too, but that's going to take a while.