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  1. just anxious to get in there and help as much as i can. stay at home dad with original vanilla beta testing, scripting, modding, coding, and mmo toolset experience (NWN2 server deesign, script design, quest writing and etc for the; i believe still live Menzoberrazan server) all that aside, thank you for your hard work devs, testers and everyone else involved.
  2. one last note - if you go into a amd3 or any intel ddr3 based systems, youre only hurting your wallet more than you think. As more and more ddr3 gets discontinued if anything were to happen to your "brand new" pc the prices for replacement parts prices will have skyrocketed.
  3. or go buy a dell, and their pre-built systems, pay 200 dollars extra on components to have an alien face on your pc. \
  4. 90gb for operating systems and a game or two. i assumed he would have older parts kicking around like mechanical hdds, and if thats the case i wouldve went with a 49 dollar m.2 just to cache the mechanical but i dont know what im talking about. (windows 10 trial is free for 90 days atleast, at which point he could pay for the license. but again what do i know) want a rig for current and retro gaming on a budget this gets you in the game. simple.
  5. thats more than enough to build a rig. First go amd4 ryzen https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16819113437 then get a B350M motherboard https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813144019 get some RAM https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820231886 pick up a rx570 https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814126189&cm_re=rx570-_-14-126-189-_-Product power supply (PSU) https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817139148&ignorebbr=1 SSD https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=9SIA85V3R95256 then a small case https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16811854028 i believe after conversion I'll be pretty damn near your price range. this machine is also more future proofed in you have DDR4 the newest AMD4 socket (they've reported plan on keeping the socket the same for a while, and just focusing on updating the cpu itself over the socket design. meaning you can update this part down the road as budget permits) people will bitch and say why not a 1060. this isnt a fan boy thing its compatibility issues. and the RX4xx and RX5xx run better on amd platforms than they do on intel based systems. The 1060 itself will work just as well, but if and when you ever update to a ryzen 7 series, you'll see a jump on performance from the RXxxx series cards. my two cents. Edit: i should also add this machine will run vanilla wow maxed everything. retail wow maxed everything but sunshafts and shadows. overwatch on elite settings. you'll be able to stream in HD resolutions as well if thats your thing
  6. i have chronic bronchitis - which essentially means i get sick once a year. not as bad as asthma typically, and damn near the same when i get sick. Sleep in a sitting position, sounds uncomfortable but the second you lay flat you'll start hacking
  7. Thanks to the entire staff working on this project in any position. I greatly appreciate it - and look forward to playing along side this entire community. Good luck with the new role, and i'm glad to hear about more updates down the stretch. if i had any question, i guess it would be. what class are you going to main, and why?
  8. i applied, have worked in alpha and beta stages on the original vanillaa. havent got a response, I dont check discord (not familiar with it) and my services for bug finding are still available.
  9. the classification here is the weird part. most anything in wow is referred to a spell or a action. a frost bolt or a heroic strike. Rogues break this mold abit, and add in poison a different circumstance all around. no spell dmg gear would effect it, because technically its not a spell it's a poison. Cant call it a debuff like a warlocks because a locks dots are effected by warlock talents and gear. only poison have is a higher poison rank in 1.12. I think in later versions of the game certain things and gear start effecting poisons dmg output, but in 1.12 its pretty straight forward, and equates to roughly 5% of your total dps if the correct poisons are used. playing a rogue is pretty straight forward and simple, however the concept and theroycraft of a rogue is one of, if not the deepest of all classes.
  10. that case is nice af
  11. new tubes and fans and overall layout of the loop
  12. ive got new tubing and new fans coming. same white tubing (works awesome with rgb lights haave whatever build color scheme i want, the white picks up the color and reflects it very well, highly recommend either white or pastal white fluids) ive got replacement leds for the raystorm block, 5 new andees fans that look like black holes, very cool. new rgb light kit my old one caught fire, fun day. will be moving rad from the bottom case mount to the top and adding in 2 additional HDD cages hopefully under a modded power supply shroud
  13. I am re-doing my water loop next week (waiting on one last delivery) anyone else want to show off their builds to boost epeen or to give advice to others. lets try and get a thread going showing off our rigs.
  14. kronos fills a void private servers need to operate its a server run program that handles the wow code, if you ever played NWN its the same idea of the toolset used, but heavily scripted opposed to point and click. if i am correct Crestfall is making their own type of "kronos" program, something that marries the blizzard data with theirs, and gives us a scripted world to play in. the programs can get as complex as writing a new quest in, new gear, etc etc etc its basically god mode.
  15. As much as i dont want to divulge my secret locations for farming. I'll help the community at whole, but i hereby call dibs when CF goes live! 1-28ish youre on your own. personally i buy gear during these levels even though every guide says not to. screw every other guide. You can do this on a lock or a hunter in sh*t gear, maybe even a priest or a mage.. maybe. at 27-30 really depending how gear dependent/gear you have before you can start. most people make a simple mistake here and farm turtles outside TM. this is a mistake. a massive one. you'll run into other popular youtube guide watching players, allies/horde etc. 40 warrior quest right there, its a bad spot during peak times and a porous spot anytime truly. NOW. why the hell would you farm turtles. they drop a few types of grey items, one of which stacks to 5, sells for 7s40c each. around 40s a stack of 5.. and various other things like clams for pearls etc. the best spot to get these are in three places, the river near tm / southshore which we covered, the shimmering flats which is a giant quest hub and its a pointless place to grind. the spot is off the coast of the dalaran crater. (i get there from flying to sep, following the road straight out and to the lake, short refreshing swim and and youre there. Allys know this route its how ya get to sm. this is a pure farm location, extremely low traffic, and enough turtles to choke on. (if you need food and water, there is humans nearby at the crater waiting to drop some for you) This spot of a blizzlike drop rates, i can pull 25g an hour with 10 slot bags. more obviously with the space, and i suggest an addon showing worth so ya can dump junk for more of the expensive shell stacks. so from high 20s to mid 30s you can legitimately farm your 40 mount. all your skills til 40 and beyond just by running up and down the lake front. (and when ya max out on xp off them, there begins the syndicate human farm literally and figuratively. there is another farm north of the crater on the coast with 38-40 humans to grind out til 40. farming your epic mount. you gonna need timbermaws and alot of firewater to AH for 100g+ a stack. or the early few crusader enchants might just well pay for the mount in one drop. but thats gonna be farmed like crrrrrrrazy. good luck and have fun out there, see me stealth while youre in my farm. go or be gone.