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  1. Gonna be honest. I don't really care anymore. I've been following Crestfall for over a year now. If it comes out in 3 months I'll play it. If it comes out in 2 years I'll play it. But I have no control over when it releases so I'm not going to get my panties in a twist. I am going to wait until Friday, start playing some TBC, and hope that someday in the future I can see appreciate the work put in here.
  2. There is a difference between something being a time sink and something requiring constant upkeep. It would be like if they decided you have to get attuned to every raid every week in order to keep your chance of getting better gear for PVE. I believe more in merit than in effort. The best players should be rated the highest not the players who put in the most time. Arena's were better back during retail when people actually played 3's and 5's. Even if 5's has always been the least played just because it required a lot more people to play. Nowadays all private servers seem to be nothing but 2's. Which sucks because with 2's you know everyone is going to be playing the same comps.
  3. I don't believe in changing a major part of the game like how the entire PVP system is run because that is just a whole can of worms that doesnt need to be opened. But the fact is the PVP system during Vanilla is kind of trash. It doesn't reward the most skilled players, just the ones with the most time to devote to playing. Not to say you can be bad and just grind your way to rank 14, it still requires you to know what you are doing. But the fact that you can be the best person to have ever played PVPed and still have no shot at reaching the pinnacle unless you play hours upon hours a day. It's just a horrible system and is why Blizzard never went back to it. I imagine he was saying it's bad for the game because it doesnt provide incentive for the best players to go up against each other but to try and feast on bad players.
  4. With this being a progression server you are going to have people who get tired of playing but want to come back when progression happens. I'm not in favor of deleting characters for inactivity only, but if an account hasnt been played in forever with all characters are under level 20 then go ahead and delete them. In reality just make a character a different name, its not that big of deal.
  5. I like PVE Servers because Im an adult with responsibilities and I dont have 10 hours a day to play anymore. Nothing sucks more than only having an hour or 2 in a day to play and you spend half of it getting ganked and making no progress on whatever you were trying to do. PVE lets me do the parts I like without having to do the parts I don't like such as WPVP.
  6. Im going to go the other way and say go mage. I have mained a mage at some point in every expansion, and there really wont ever be a point where you are bad. You might be average for a tier here or there but for the most part at least one spec will be in the top dps range. The only bad thing about being a mage is that for a while you are going to be a 1/2 button spec. IMO mage is the best DPS class in the game. Every time I try something else I just can't live without having my teleports and free water.
  7. I know you added a bunch of beta testers. Are you still focusing on certain classes or do you have all nine classes being worked on?
  8. Since cardboard dude has already been rated Im going up to Kelila 6.5/10. Would be a lot better if the gray didnt look so washed out. SweN 7/10
  9. Its definitely not the best expansion. I would put it pretty solidly as the 3rd best expansion and the last one I enjoyed. Tier wise it goes Tier 1: Tbc, WotLK Tier 2: MoP Tier 3: Cata Unplayable: WoD I can't rank legion cause I haven't played a single minute of it.
  10. Keep the expansions how they are. People are going to bitch no matter what you do since people like different things from different expansions. At least this way there is no unnecessary drama of people always trying to campaign for what they want and at the same time completely deriding anyone who suggests a change that they don't want for being unblizzlike. There are tons of things from each and every expansion I have loved and things I haven't. I have said it before and I will say it again. I don't think LFG and LFR would have been nearly as detrimental if they had been tied to just one server. If people knew they would see the people they are running the dungeons with again they would not be nearly as toxic as they turned into. They also wouldnt have as many people who didn't say a word since there was no point to make a connection with the people in your group that you wont ever run into again.
  11. Well, I'm done. Not with Crestfall but with the forums. I'll still be here come 2030 for release and I'll still read the bi-weekly updates. But I just really don't care about anything else. All I want is a server that has good quality, good population and PTE. Everything else doesn't matter to me. I have my Beta invite to Burning Crusade, I'll be over there helping out. See you all once this comes out.
  12. I agree with you that a lot people are being selfish about this. Everybody wants Crestfall to be what is, in their mind, the perfect WoW experience. The unfortunate truth is that so many people have differing ideas that you can't please everyone and the developers have to just go with their own vision. I know that I have been around here for a little over year, whether I had an account or was just lurking. While I can't claim to have spoken to Asura , Darkrasp or Crogge about it, I have read all their posts and can infer a decent amount. They are interested in PTE. Everything they have said has been about how they want an amazing core and to have a truly PTE experience for the first time in the WoW private server scene. The problem is that if you are planning on running for the next 8-10 years and going through all the expansions is how do you deal with people that don't want to progress. Do people really think that 10 years from now Asura wants to be running and managing 20 different servers across 7 different expansions. That you have to take time away from developing the core and focusing on PTE like his vision is, and focusing on if he needs to release a new fresh vanilla server since the current one is now 8 years old at that point. The answer is no. So how do you solve that problem in advance? You create a Legacy Network. You bring people on who can be in charge of just dealing with vanilla, or TBC, or WotLK, and you can focus on only dealing with what you want to do. Which is PTE. Can you imagine the outcry and amount of butthurt people would have if after 16 months they announced that they have no interest in dealing with vanilla for the rest of time. That they are being forced to progress. At least this way eveyone will be on the same core and the quality of the server won't drop. The main problem they have is that they are developers. Not PR people. To all the people who say "you betrayed us and I wan't nothing to do with you or the free service you provide". Well, tough shit. This is their server and they will run it how they want.
  13. I honestly think people will like Cata a lot better on a server like this. While there will still be lfr and lfg it would be one server only. That means you don't get the toxicity or silence that is retail since you actually will be running into the same people multiple times and will have a repercussion to being an ass. Plus there won't be the long ass break with nothing to do after DS.
  14. Yeah I don't really get this? Why does this need to be changed? Because some classes can farm easier than others? That seems like kind of bullshit to me. Some classes are better at things than others. Thats vanilla. If you want all classes to be at the same level go play retail. There shouldn't be any changes to nerf farming. As long as a player isnt exploiting anything than let them do whatever they want.