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  1. Oops haha Pack ya bags
  2. Welcome abroad o/
  3. Welcome Eyedie
  4. Agree with Calfuron's post, hits the nail right on the proverbial noggin. As for 6. I believe the team should just showcase their excellent work and let it speak for itself. The comparison's will come regardless and no doubt start arguments/flame wars with individuals of 'other' groups. This, for me, the team dont need to and shouldnt get involved in.
  5. Congratulations, from trawling through your many many walls of ... i mean excellent posts/threads you were ideal for the position. GL o7
  6. Darkrasp rapping his next update in a big blue dress??
  7. We aint hating, we ... o0o0o shiny
  8. Welcome to Crestfall
  9. Digging up an old thread For me, the use of voice comms, will be a massive help and enable your runs to go alot smoother. Discussing tactics or calling strats on the fly, mid fight if things have got abit lairy etc and hoping ppl actually see your chat is a right pain in the arse. (My pet peeve about pugs ) So my advice .. use voice comms.
  10. Welcome o/ 3 - got me some funny looks at work when i started chuckling to meself
  11. Welcome abroad o/
  12. Hello there o/
  13. Welcome to the community o/
  14. Hola o/
  15. Thank you, I'll see if i can get this new frangled discord thing working, it was all ventrillo back in my day