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  1. Алло o/
  2. Thx for the brief explanation, was wondering what that was about lol
  3. congratulations and keep up the good work
  4. You might not end up with the newest/bestest pc at the time but you certainly end up with the cheapest
  5. Hello and welcome o/
  6. Looking forward to these updates and congratulations Elicas, there are ppl who stand out in the CF community (for the right reasons ) and yourself and Outstanding are two of them. GL o7
  7. How ya doing o/ Dont know how true this is but I've been informed this is now a typical aussie greeting, not g'day anymore
  8. Hey o/
  9. Hi o/
  10. Have a guess, the clues in my avatar A friend of mine purchased the BC collectors edition and got Lurky. When he stopped playing he gave me his account so i used that ever since so i could have Lurky run with me. I can remember him dying with full swoon animation once when he ran through some poisonous clouds in ST, we all had a minutes silence for him, after laughing our arses off lol
  11. Maybe for an mmo at the time but they still weren't great, not that the gfx were ever the reason ppl pld, blizz made a solid game that released at the right time ie when ppl were getting half decent internet, broadband over dial up. My geforce 2 ti 200 only ever struggled at the tarren mill/southshore raids
  12. Tache, chin beard, afro and what looks like a robin hood style hat with a feather in it, are you a merry man? 6/10
  13. Wow gfx weren't even that good back in 2004-5, but wow at the time wasnt ever about that. I'm new to the pserver scene and I'm loving it as I'd never thought I'd get to play vanilla again, i think you will find that the majority of old skoollers will prefer everything as it was, is wasnt perfect but it was probably the best game any of us has ever played, faults included. We all wish to relive that. I dont even notice/compare the gfx, i just love the game I can understand newer players wanted better models etc but vanilla is vanilla, please accept it warts and all.