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  1. An outlandish idea that wouldn't probably be taken by a realm that is centered around blizzlike (so this is ramblings) would be to make a type of heroic quality you could enter for the raids. Like a Crestfall tuned difficulty that could be accessible for that 1% even when a nerf is necessary to open that content to the remainder of players. Again, idle ramblings, very excited about all the progress and the attention to detail in every way.
  2. Too much bickering. As far as I've read (and i could be wrong) crestfall will release before crogges server. Crestfall will release in vanilla and progress through expansion. Crogges will start in BC and remain but it will come out probably 8 months after crestfall releases. According to projected timeliness that means you might be able to play tbc on crogges before crestfall but there's a plethora of reasons to play on crestfall. There are a few tbc realms already out there as well such as hellground and the like but i don't personally know anything about them. I'm here for crestfall. Which speaking of crestfall the progressive nature will allow you to stay in whatever expansion your heart desires most without being forced into a new one against your will. This is a unique feature as far as i know. All of this was found on these forums and could have some errors here and there but please don't argue over requests for information or offering said information.
  3. Generally I would pull up a sheet on every boss within the raid we were about to tackle and just go over mechanics and timings. I'd think through previous runs and things that went wrong and how I could try them differently. Sometimes this involved theorycrafting with others in my raid group in dedicated chats to find tactics that aren't only the tried and true ways a boss goes down but also what would work for the group we had in front of us. Now I raided as a healer so we were very socially coordinated with how spells would be applied, to whom, and when. This of course involved the interesting or quirky moments we may need to set our mind to the task before us so if anything did go awry we wouldn't react poorly. This can be especially important I feel for a healers prep because there's an inherent amount of responsibility to keep the raid alive and you can end up feeling guilty for failure even when you've seen the issue fell somewhere else. So getting in the right frame of mind with other people I was about to go in with and hopping on some chat channels to start a fluid and friendly discourse with these folks as well was the biggest part of my prep for raids. Add in the necessary repair, food, water, flask or elixir crafting and boogy on over to the raid meetup (SW for Ony buff, raid entrance, etc). Lock myself in my chair and become a zen HP vending machine for the next 3 hours minimum.
  4. I actually enjoy the suspense of the PvP servers and the challenge it can produce at meeting stones and the like. I absolute love the PvE content and it's my primary reason for playing, but I'm probably leaning PvP server for it's constant excitement and extended camaraderie between players as they fend off the opposing faction to get to their goals.
  5. I started WoW right after release. I was actually attending a university that specialized in Game Design at that time and everyone was in full hype mode over the release. Naturally, I was the one who had no idea what was going on or why everyone was so excited. I jumped on board about 6 months after vanilla got off the ground and dabbled for a time until right before BC released. In those days I gravitated toward Night Elf Druid and Tauren Shaman. When BC released it was a whole new ballgame for me. This was my era. Got really connected with some great gamers in the guild Brotherhood Of Ronin and finally got to experience the world of raiding. That's when I was super hooked and decided to go roll Holy Priest and hand out HP like it was going out of style. I had some really helpful people to show me effective playstyle and necessary addons to get me set into the raiding culture. I dabbled in PvP but it was all about PvE for me. I played through WotLK and Cataclysm but BC was and will always be my favorite time in WoW. I really enjoyed questing in Wrath and the Firelands in Cata but nothing will beat Karazhan and Zul'Aman. My favorite classic dungeon is Blackrock Depths. I could spend weeks just living in there. Around the time Wrath had been released I started up a tiny Mangos server for myself and about 3 friends for absolute shenanigans to unfold. It definitely wasn't fun in the conventional sense, nor was it anything to write home about, but it did interest us to have the ability to create some really interesting scenarios. Of course none of the server was scripted out and it was a total waste of a shell but it allowed me to dabble in Machinima as well. Which, to my dismay, I never actually finished. So alas there's no interesting vids I can share with you all but it remains an interest of mine if there is a community for it here. I'm very much looking forward to the private server community fleshing out the PtE experience that emulates how this game was released originally. I think given the closer nature and more helpful attitude I typically see in these communities that this could be the most fun I've ever had playing WoW. In the end that's what I was into. Making good friends that generally want to see us all have a good time and experiencing a game together that is Sooo much fun with that variable.
  6. From the moment I stepped into these forums I have seen no shortage of well mannered fun loving people with a unified goal of creating the server of dreams. This is something I can get behind. With that, I am CaerBaer. Nice to meet you all!
  7. Totally agreed, hence the fact I'm totally rambling. As a player I think it would be neat to see some people who helped get this thing off the ground as they're running around but I didn't know how I would otherwise know that. "Rewards" are a bad way of looking at it because what I was really looking at was identifiers. I personally hold a TON of respect for everyone who dedicates time to creating a great server and environment. In the end there may not be any way to have that form of recognition in game but I thought it would be neat to be marching around and then all of a sudden spot someone who did dedicate their time and be able to offer them a /salute. I suppose this just comes down to getting to know these people personally so I may offer that without any form of perk or reward being their motive.
  8. The simplest tip about gold farming that could ever be given and is often completed left out or considered common sense is Bag Space. Anytime I have the opportunity to upgrade my bag space I'm upgrading my efficiency at farming. It's less trips to the vendor, less trips to the AH, more time at the farm and more loot to walk away with. Plus if you're still waiting to stack out some more vendor trash and you pick up another random junk item worth 5s... well you're gonna have to toss it or not pick it up if your bags are otherwise full. You just lost 5s. Which is no big deal and the reason you chose not to get that particular item, but you're still missing out on coin you worked for. So yea, check for bag upgrades often.
  9. I noticed a question about characters created during the beta. Now I'm not in the beta, still new to the forum, and this is just a thought but I figured why not just throw it out there anyhow for people to think about. Obviously it makes sense that beta characters be deleted once the realm is released. There's no reason anyone should have an advantage. However, I think it would be neat for those characters to just revert to a fresh state, just made, nothing accomplished, no access beyond any other starting character for the sake of a perk. Basically, you participated in the beta so go ahead and keep that character name if you wish. If you didn't wish to keep that name obviously it's just a delete button away and in all other ways it would not be any particular advantage. Of course, this leads to questions about how would that reverted character exist on any particular pvp or pve server that comes out at release if the beta is just being done on a test server. And obviously I don't know and that's why this is all just blabber nonsense about something that sounds neat. Also, I thought it would be even cooler for the devs to come up with a tabard for Beta Testers. Something they can wear that otherwise does absolutely nothing that can say, "Hey, I participated in Beta". Kind of a perk for helping, and a nostalgia inducing achievement if you will. So yea, there's my pointless blabber about Beta because I'm excited about the release and this is fun stuff to think about. Thanks for everything you do guys!
  10. I thought I'd start a thread to discuss downranking spells as a Healing Priest. I'm in no way an expert on this topic as I did a majority of my end game healing in BC and if I remember correctly that was around the time this entire topic became obsolete (or at least was heading that way). I'm personally curious as to some of the thought process behind downranking for certain situations and how a few players who are used to the mechanic get that accomplished. So Downranking is essentially using a lower rank of a spell for mana efficiency or occassionally for a quicker cast (again I don't know if this is particularly applicable in terms of priest spells). If anyone has a better definition of such that would be helpful. Currently I'm using click casting addons whereas in the past I used Healbot. I'm noticing issues with my setup (which might be better suited to ask in an addon thread) where Clique won't properly Downrank. Calling all Vanilla healer pros for advice and help with the particulars of Downranking and how to actually implement those casts.
  11. DoT Fear Wand Bubble HoT Fear Wand Got Near a Priest Now I Want My Mom
  12. So this has always been a topic of interest for me because my primary method back in the day was playing the AH like a beast. Flipping items all day. Essentially this has been posted in a million ways on several forums around the net but I loved the bid game. You throw down a good amount on some bids and then just moderate that from time to time. If you lose the bid, your money comes back, if not you'll be getting way more benefit from flipping items. Of course this requires you to take time researching your items, using addons to track statistics, and then to moderate your mail and your bidding over the course of week. Now with that in mind here's the talking point I wanted to reach. Server economy. First and foremest the big chunks of money you'll make are from other players. This is however limited by other players spending potential. So farming techniques that don't rely on other players is VITAL to server economy health Especially in vanilla. I've noticed that the drive is to push toward money making tactics that won't work unless the server has matured and the economy has begun to flourish. In the beginning however it is important for the life of the server for every person to put an emphasis on grinding mobs for expensive trash. The more we can get fresh coin into the hands of players that comes directly from the server (quests, vendor trash, farming dungeons, etc) the better off everyone will be in terms of making and spending money. This becomes fairly limited for a while as people spend a great deal for mount training at lvl 40 and 60 which unfortunately is money going back to the server (a.k.a. money that disappears from the server economy). If you're like me and you play the Auctions or you look for rare items to sell (rare mats, recipes, weapon or armor drops, companions, etc) then you'll notice that prices can fluctuate drastically dependent upon these occurrences. For that reason I've a totally different approach to private servers (especially at launch) and towards the vanilla experience in general. Vendor trash, vendor trash, vendor trash. The more of it the better.
  13. Vanilla: I'd definitely have to say the Gates of AQ event. I got to participate in the war effort but then missed the entire glorious moment that followed when gates finally opened and AQ was ready for exploration. I only ever got to run Naxx in WotLK and we did AQ at that time for fun as well but to experience the vanilla versions would be amazing. I would also love to experience the epicness of Atiesh Greatstaff. BC: Black Temple. Plain and simple. That and the ever elusive Ashes mount. Or even the pet that looked similar (I think that was a thing) WotLK: Honestly I tore through most of this. If I could do it more I would just be more of an achievement junkie.
  14. I could not be more excited to see this server not only get released but to flourish as the new standard in the private server scene. Every update I read is not only well written and professional but it fills me with a sense that "home" is right around the corner. It's been a while since I've given my efforts to Azeroth and this is such a beautiful prospect for where my future character could live. Thank you to everyone involved in grasping what the community not only needs but has requested for years. If there's any way I can help bring this endeavor into fruition I would love to offer my assistance and see to a home where our toons can finally rest their heads. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your continued diligence, your vision, your professionalism, and for the mere potential of a server worth writing home about. I hardly know you all, I haven't seen your work, and already I love you all.