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  1. I would be content with you going to WOTLK then stopping. I wasn't a fan of anything that came after that. I wasn't as into the game anymore anyways. Too much change and QOL nonsense. I never even bought Legion, as I quit before it was ever released. I am curious about what they are going to come up with, and how it's going to progress. If it sounds and looks promising, I will certainly give it a fair shake. If it turns out to be garbage, CF will be a lot further along by then.
  2. "Do you remember all the threads?" "Do you remember all the active members?" "Do you remember when the community grew and got focused?"
  3. I have played on two private servers one a wraith based and dead server. Or I am just on at the wrong times. The other being a vanilla server, that feels high population compared to the wraith server. But I haven't messed around in any in a few months.
  4. I have been ready to go back since Cata.
  5. Hello, and welcome! I hope to see you on in 2030.
  6. Yes it would be nice on some level. Especially when it comes to alts. But I do enjoy the grind, having to go all over Azeroth, just to find hidden away areas and rep quests.
  7. I am not interested in any gimmicks. And I don't want any of this to start either. Besides, if a ton of people did this idea it would defeat the purpose behind it anyways. Granted, having to wait or fight for mobs is never fun. But sometimes that is just how things go. I have dealt with it before, and I will deal with it again.
  8. There can be only one! Horde all the way. Lok'Tar Ogar
  9. It was very entertaining, thank you for posting this. +250 rep for you.
  10. I have been rather anti-social lately. But I am always in the background reading and following up on things. I am sorry to see more drama has happened. But I am not surprised by it either. But enough about all of that nonsense. If it happens, it happens. If it doesn't, it doesn't. With that said, I am glad that things are still going ahead. I have no issues with your pacing. As has been said this is voluntary, and nothing is owed to you or any of the other staff. Just the same as you don't owe anything to any of us. I want to say thank you to all of the staff, from the War Chief him self, to everyone below him to down to the peons. "Lok'tar ogar"!
  11. I found that rather enjoyable and relaxing. I can't even remember how many Quilboar's I have killed in my 12+ years on the horde. Not to mention how many countless times I ran those damn dungeons. I would put this right up there with my love/hate relationship with the Hyena's.
  12. Alright, so personal opinion here. Wraith was best expansion lore/story wise. As I enjoyed seeing the darker side of wow. As far as the poll goes. I would like see things like los fixed. That is one of my biggest gripes in both pve/pvp. I would also like to see the exploits/cheats fixed. As well as bugs in general that blizz didn't get around to. I guess my mindset is more along the lines of a minimalist approach. I am not a big fan of a lot of the QOL changes that have been made over the years.
  13. I agree with Macu, that sounds exactly like Barrens chat to me.
  14. I have a few classes I really enjoy playing. Each for different reasons. I can completely agree with the Warrior and the berserker mentality(fury spec). Not everyone in a group setting seems to appreciate that kind of dedication, and I am not quite sure why. (Evil grin) I have also enjoyed the Druid (feral spec) As there is just something so instinctively primal about that class. What is not to be enjoyed about being the hunter in search of prey. And this leads to my first and probably favorite class, that of course being the Warlock (affliction spec). I love how they are so very good at sowing the seeds of chaos. Or as I affectionately call it, spreading the love. I love how they have the can't kill me mentality with all of their tricks and utility. Having all of those dots to manage, and just being a nightmare in general. With their drains of life/mana, curses, pets, and their just overall survivability in general.
  15. Just my opinion based off personal experiences. As I have played both sides to some extent. I think the alliance attracts a lot more people for a few different reasons. 1. LOTR I can't even tell you how many lego-whatever names I have seen on the ally side. Or gimly-whatever names I have seen ally side etc... 2. Same thing goes for the whole drizz-whatever names again 3. They seem to have the pretty races. Elves, Gnomes, Dwarves, etc... 4. It seems to be a lot more kids on the ally side of things. There seems to be quite a Harry potter fan base on the alliance. 5. The alliance seems to be a lot more open and accepting of whatever orientation. Again I have no feasible proof, other than my own experiences.