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  1. At least we all have the What a long, strange trip it's been achievement.
  2. We are going to wait and see. Only Senor Hue can tell the future. It was proving to be a useful exercise I'd like to think so it would be good if we could keep going. Either way, not making any commitments there
  3. I just fucking don't know. Pservers eh? I can't really comment because while I was always unhappy with the tie-in with Elysium, I was prepared to still go full on with Crestfall. So therefore not having the courage of my convictions. So I can't take any credit out of this and people who I have argued against can and rightly so. My big concern is the welfare of Elysium, not the server or the staff, it's the player base.
  4. We're going to need a bigger, beautiful popcorn machine over the next few days
  5. And your English is excellent. Edit - that is a compliment by the way
  6. Poor Dark will get a statement out but he's RL critical with work at the moment with 14 hour days, so give them time to give a full statement. I'm sure their PR will be more finely tuned this time. Never a dull moment
  7. In the end, by and large yes. The methods were unnecessary but the result was correct. We do need to find out who Mr Legacy is as it's his hard work that got the full story out. PS. I had to apologise directly to Alex and that took a lot I can tell you...
  8. **choke** **snort** looks like @aoses had much more influence than previously thought..
  9. I'm pricking around with pre-websites as a base model for the real thing. I've put one up here: http://thefilthy.shivtr.com/ as a basic one if people want to go through the process of applying and playing around with it. Feedback would be greatly appeciated Thanking you
  10. Umm. I'd love to know where I ''overreacted''? I pointed out that someone, with no track record, posted an entire segment of accusatory drama on this thread about Elysium and I objected to that. The same person then copy/pasted a rant from Alexensual who is doing his very best to destroy Elysium and hates Crestfall, Asura, Crogge and all that sail on her. If people want drama they can go onto reddit or discord, that's what they're there for. I really, really don't want CF to be tarred with the Elysium brush but this doesn't look feasible anymore. @pvescrub did not call me a wow junkie, nor insinuate that playing on Elysium was the equivalent of fellatio with a drug dealer. That was @VladAtheris pvescrub hangs around, contributes posts and takes part in debate. That seems to make him a valued member of the community. @aoses just copies trash from reddit and won't respond. @VladAtheris is just sore that CF wasn't the white horse he thought it was going to be. But where am I overreacting?
  11. I'll be back in a while. Roadblock is there as ''stunted'' no personal comments and so is Lilaina as, well Lilaina. So ping them a PM on the forums for an invite. I'll be on later
  12. Your dedication to the Horde is commendable Chat is good, makes us feel nice and busy, so no worries there.
  13. Fantastic. Looks like we'll be able to do instances at the least. I'm happy to park the druid at scarlet monastery level and wait for you all to catch up. In the meantime, I'll continue farming and generating loot to keep you all fed. I'm not around on Monday nights so you'll need to ping 'yav' for an invite online or Yavannie #2517 on discord or ping her with a PM on the forums. Remember you're muted for whispers on Elysium until L something.
  14. We never have announcements only guesses. The only thing we know for sure is that Asura said it would be 2017 launch, period. We also know that Asura has some date in his head when he will definitely launch, regardless of the state of the core. However, if we look at the current state of closed Beta (not great) and take into account the time sink that Elysium will be, then the 30th June date I thought about is probably not on the cards. I'm angling Q3 at this stage. Sounds good, even if just chatting. I don't think any of us are going to be levelling fast. For example, I've been mucking about testing UI's and whatnot and currently I've advanced my Druid precisely 3 levels since January. Dedication eh? Great stuff. As the guild concept is ''in your own sweet time'' don't have any fears about that. We'll wait up for you.... Word of note, whispering is level dependent, so you can send me a PM here with a time/date for invite or get me on discord Outstanding*#4109