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  1. So as this is my 1000th post I thought I'd do something useful for a change. Ask a question for example. Before you think that 1000 posts is an achievement, please recall that Elicas did this months ago and his posts are far more lucid and factually useful. Also, please take into account that 50% of my posts and threads relate to polls of such importance as What colour goes best for mages in Molton Core? Anyway, I digress. What I really want to talk about is what class people should play. The answer is ''whatever you feel like'' but I can't help but think there are salient factors that should warrant at the very least, a smidgeon of doubt in your ''whatever'' thought processes. But the central point to this rapidly expanding tale is that I don't know what I'm talking about........because I never raided in vanilla. Therefore, I can't be relied upon to give an informed opinion seeing as most of us - far more than retail vanilla - intend progressing as far as our meagre talents allow us to, raid wise. So I'm going to throw in some facts as gleaned from the Crestfall test realms on Darrowshire and Anathema. I will roll these facts together so we get a generic reading on the class spread there as follows: Tanking Classes: Warrior - 17% Healing Classes: Priest - 11% DPS Classes: Rogue - 13% Hunter - 13% Mage - 16% Warlock - 10% DPS total - 52% Hybrid Classes: Druid - 8% Paladin/Shaman - 12% So for instances the rule is pretty simple: 1 tank + 3 DPS + 1 healer. The thing with instances is that you have a lot of forgiving circumstances. While it would appear that the priests are in high demand I'm seeing a lot of threads/posts/comments about finding it hard to get into groups for instances. I guess this could be down to end instances as everyone goes raiding but as 1 healer = 20% of the requirement, you can only assume that a lot of the druids and paladins/shamans are taking up the slack. So with DPS classes only coming to 52% with an instance requirement of 60% it would seem that getting your 3x DPS might be an issue in instances. From retail memory this is not what I recall. But when you take into account that some mages will be AOE farming and hunters are introverted loners maybe this is true. Tanks, well even accounting for furry's and stuff, the balance seems to work out with help from Druids and Paladins. So that's instances..... So my noob question is (please), even allowing for swapping out some classes for certain bosses/raids etc. How does the breakdown work for raids in vanilla? You hardly just multiply it by 8 giving us... 8 tanks 8 healers 24 DPS Do you?
  2. But they're not, they're apes. It's not like it's Planet of the Monkeys now, is it. See Crestfall, this is what you've made me do. Hog the forums and correct statements on species instead of playing WoW. Hurry up already
  3. @Keter the core for the Crestfall emulation is actually from TBC. My understanding is that the intention had always been to make Crestfall PTE, so the devs have always been working to that aim. Work for TBC is already taking place and will accelerate once the vanilla realms are launched. Similarly, when TBC launches, they'll start working on the WotLK version. This is the fundamental and key difference with Crestfall and other vanilla emulators. It's their core, not borrowed somewhere else and patched together. The timeline for progression has been discussed before with an optimum from vanilla launch to TBC launch is 16-18 months. They don't mention this now as they don't like deadlines as it allows people a stick to best them with. Last bit. The co-owner intends to launch a standalone TBC realm at a later stage using the Crestfall core. He has 10 years experience with private TBC servers. So you're in good hands here QED
  4. @Djlovedrop so you can bubble hearth faster then anyone else? Much impressed by this. The Horde community salute you. PS. You need to talk to @Killerduki
  5. It entirely depends on population. So there will be at least two realms. Whichever one you choose will either forcefully progress to TBC aka Blizzlike, or allow you to remain on the vanilla version as long as you like. But this can only happen if the player pop makes both realms viable. Everyone likes the idea of avatars, whereby the realms split and you progress to TBC but also leave an avatar on vanilla, but no sign of positive feedback from the devs. You have to take into account that splitting realms has a huge implication on costs and resources. In the end, population is king
  6. It's true. It's not asking for much in 2017. The question on CF are not so much about launch date (2017 guaranteed), it's more about living up to it's ideals and successive progression through expansions.
  7. People actually pay me to turn up to PvP BG's because everyone gets distracted and want to kill me ASAP. That's why I usually play Resto X so at least I can last as long as possible. Meanwhile, with everyone distracted it's a simple job to get the flag to home base etc.
  8. An excellent choice of realm, faction and class. What a great addition you're going to be.
  9. Yes it does. So basically we can do all the UI/Interface work on the Crestfall test realms in Elysium and use the saved values by renaming them to the Zul'Dare realm and change character names if necessary.
  10. Yes, you need to summon @Roadblock or @Salvia or any of the rest of the resident community minded experts to assist you. Not me obviously although this has never prevented me from offering an opinion So I think you can set your add-ons in game until they are right and then save that folder + the WDB folder so no matter what happens server side your preferences remain the same. For example, when Elysium renamed their realms all my UI's were skewed and I had to start from scratch again. I'm sure there was an easy way to get around this. No doubt explanation will follow. Also pro-tip. Set the add-ons memory limit to zero rather than 98mb or whatever. Apparently 0 = as much as required. Just like you, I'm learning as I go along.
  11. Yeah, BEB did the trick although @Roadblock beat you to it on Discord
  12. @Cruzix I'll confer later master Cruzix
  13. Noice. The only other thing I did was to reverse colour the dialogue screens to black, such a simple thing to do, makes a massive difference. Playing around with XP bars next
  14. There are, at last count, approximately 21 contributors on Reddit /wowservers etc that are sane, rational and normal people.... The main discussion point on Rag on these forums is here: There is a ton of discussion on this particular issue over the last 12 hours on the Crestfall Discord Channel (Highly recommended) https://discord.gg/7t6wTvx The forum stats from the PUG that downed Rag is here http://realmplayers.com/RaidStats/FightOverview.aspx?Raid=57718&Fight=13&Filtered=false note top healer was the ....... Paladin The MT with his FR gear is here: http://realmplayers.com/RaidStats/FightOverview.aspx?Raid=57718&Fight=13&Filtered=false See you on Discord?