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  1. https://forum.elysium-project.org/topic/54584-darkrasps-blog-9182017/
  2. Yeah, well I miss writing them. Contrary to what people may think, there is zero difference between the perspective of the old community heads and the developers of Crestfall in terms of what we wanted to happen. The issue is just about where we are now and how we got there. There is a huge, massive requirement for a kick-ass Pserver version of Warcraft as per the Benedict core, a PTE philosophy, and a mature, committed community prepared to regulate itself through a panel of gamesmasters with a shared philosophy. The potential was huge.
  3. With little respect, what have you done for the vanilla community and otherwise?
  4. There is no chance that Elysium could actually bring out a decent working core with TBC on it. They have no ability for innovation, everything they've done has been borrowed from other Pservers. As you know, there has never been a decent TBC core. So where are they going to beg/borrow/steal it from? It's a bullshit statement from a bullshit franchise. It's known that the team here were working on a TBC variant using the new core. To that end, there is some development on a TBC realm in terms of structure and the DB. But none of this is transferable over to Elysium in any significant way. I was always puzzled how Crogge was going to fit in with all this. His stated aim was to use the Benediction core to allow him a standalone TBC variant under his own brand ''Legacy Crusade'' There was a forum on this, now removed, here http://forums.legacy-crusade.com/index.php?/forum/3-legacy-crusade/ But how was this going to get any decent population from CF? After all, while people love TBC, most would happily move onto WotLK and beyond, making Crogge's realm a cultural backwater in non-PTE-ness. The answer to this of course was his footsie playing skills with Shenna. This brought us the shit that was Legacy Gaming Network, and now the takeover merger of CF and Elysium. So it's very much a dalliance of a large number of freeloaders on one side (Elysium) and a small number of brilliant innovators/hard workers on the other (CF). This is the equivalent of an arranged marriage. Pristine, college educated and beautiful daughter marrying some lecherous tribal lord with money and connections. There will never be an Elysium TBC realm before 2019. It will be Crogge's original standalone server. It will be based on Benediction. BTW, someone is working very hard on Reddit wowservers to edit out negative opinion. This was removed with no explanation given and no option to reformat: https://www.reddit.com/r/wowservers/comments/6v9cdu/the_elysium_take_down_of_crestfall/
  5. Except it does. The people who quit on the project are the community managers of this world, because they see no future in the CF community there. It's not Crestfall after all. Neither Elicas nor I have anything against CF, after all, we put our hearts and souls into it, this isn't bitter resentment, it's a factual assessment from those that understand what the project had to offer (new PvE realm, anyone?) and now feel obligated to give a damning assessment of how things currently stand, because we feel we're actually qualified to do so. The fact that Wyke, one of the very few calm, neutral and factual-based observers in Pservers - he's played extensively on all of the major and minor ones - won't touch the project with a 10' barge pole - reaffirms all the negative and depressed sentiment here. It saddens me to see the increasing amount of rearranging of deckchairs on this Titanic by people who should know better at this stage.
  6. Correctly scripted fish too.
  7. Asura says lots of stuff, but he physically does very little and never lives up to his promises. You can interpret ''more or less at his level '' in many different ways.
  8. So a simple message to coin a well-worn WoW analogy. I would happily throw myself under a bus for Darkrasp. I would happily use the same bus to run over* Asura, Crogge and all their fellow travelers who greased their egos and pandered to their whims knowing full well this ''hobby project'' was going nowhere. This was the last great hope of the Pserver community. To understand why, you'd have to have been on this long journey of the soul with us. The great regret is that the answers to unlock the project and make it work were here all along. Collectively all of us would have taken our turn on the wheel to get it over the line. But we were never asked, never challenged, never appreciated, never loved. We are just left with the empty sadness of what might have been. *figuratively
  9. That's simply not the case. What you are talking about are things that might come to pass, with a fair wind and everything working out grand. Well, it doesn't work that way. The only thing we can go on is the previous track record of Crestfall. The past record of Crestfall is one of constant failures and missed targets. Like him or loathe him, Asura has more talent in his left pinky than all the developers in Elysium. I don't buy for one minute that he's suddenly going to become wonderfully productive now that he's resigned the lead developer/project manager role. No doubt, something will come out at some stage, who knows when. All we know is that it won't be what was originally envisaged, that which we happily signed up for. Whatever it is, will be swamped by Elysium players, and all the community folk here who built the forums will have long left. Whoever you are, you were never part of this community. We don't need to be patronised or chided when we express our opinions based on the experiences we have had here as a community. It takes time and effort to build something special, and only a few minutes to tear it down.
  10. Actually, it's our community, not theirs. That's the definition of community.
  11. Yeah, well you're entitled to your opinion just like I'm entitled to mine. Now if you don't mind, I'm busy playing No Mans's Sky. Bye.
  12. Certainly one of the hardest workers I've come across. So glad you're sticking to the NDA as well. Look forward to the next community manager announcement.
  13. U still owe us some screenshots;)

  14. You're more than welcome in continuing to entertain yourselves with your ad hominem comments and amateur psychoanalysis. I'll just stick to the facts... I spent 12 months helping to build up this community. The reward was to become the community manager and a beta tester - special assignment fishing I spent two weeks going through the fishing and associated bugs and two weeks getting mightily concerned and then depressed about the management and structure of the project When it became clear that the choice was to betray the staff by voicing my concerns or betray the community by pretending everything was fine, I resigned. This is called a conflict of interest. I offered to inform the community of the reasons why I quit but only if the NDA was removed. As that offer wasn't made I kept my mouth shut for the last 12 weeks. I left all Discord channels. Only when I received a PM and about the reddit post and someone started a thread followed by people asking me direct questions did I respond. I now ignore the NDA as the reddit thread specifically mentions me three times and ties me in with the opinion piece. Besides, most of the opinions broadly mirror my own, without the vulgarities. I know who the reddit poster is, so does the staff management. It will be of minor interest how they handle the situation. At all times I have behaved with integrity and decency. I still have huge respect for the staff, management and developers. It could still be released, at some stage. Unfortunately, the Pserver window has moved on from where we were one year ago, six months ago, three months ago and now into the future. These things happen, I'm off doing different things now and enjoyed my time here. I still love the community but it's been dying for some time now. Goodbye.
  15. As long as Asura controls all the choke points on this project it will fail.