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  1. Right. Open again for business......on topic......
  2. OK people. This is going nowhere. I'm not sure why Theloras is so upset, but the thread is going off topic to just abuse and ad hominem.
  3. This doesn't strike me as being Theloras. Please take into account we may be being trolled. Either way, no point in playing a zero sum game.
  4. From the community point of view after all, that's what I represent, the issue is relatively simple. We side with the idea that opinions should be based on the facts, and as the saying goes, when the facts change people have the right to change their minds. That's not an ego thing, that's being practical, correct, and what you would expect from a project concentrating on replicating a (comparatively) very old video game with bad mechanics and dodgy reference points. What we don't side with are people who have a very limited agenda and spend all their time on a holy crusade to get their points across, whether their points are correct or not. I frequent other forums and it's clear that the religious zeal has backfired on a number of occasions because people are sick to death of it. By all means make your case, but moderate your communication methods and develop a sense of pragmatism. It works wonders
  5. Hello everyone, The forums were created on the 16th April last year with Asura and Crogge as our first members. We rolled out into the public arena on the 17th, when most of us started to join. One year on, and we've had our ups and downs, but incrementally we get closer and closer to server launch with every day. We'd like to take this opportunity on our anniversary to thank you, the community. Not just because you populate these forums and keep things ticking over, but because you will form the backbone of the players, ensuring that the quality of the server and the realms is reflected by the quality and commitment from the players. Thank you.
  6. Fáilte go Crestfall and don't forget the fish tonight.
  7. Updated!
  8. Thanks for your detailed introduction in flawless English. Hopefully we can reward your patience.
  9. Salvia is putting a lot of work into becoming a UI developer, so feedback including constructive criticism is important.
  10. I'm pretty sure he doesn't too.
  11. We don't think ping will be an issue there unless Brexit relations continue to disimprove.
  12. @Elicas this raises a lot of interesting issues for me. Let's open this up a bit this evening when stupid work stops getting in the way.
  13. @Aelhis Intention is to run proxy servers for the geographically challenged, so there should be no issue with regard to ping. Always good to see D&T people around.
  14. Elicas and I have completely differing perspectives on what constitutes staff. Which is fine, we disagree on balance druids too. We are both right, just depends where you are coming from.