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  1. It's not the tea and biscuits you should be worried about, it's the ''hugs''
  2. @Nocturn personally I'm not so I'm not sure who is online these days. Most people have nearly all guild controls so there should be no problem getting an invite.
  3. Zul'Dare will stand or fall on the number of people who play there, and the financial commitment they bring. Any opinion is pointless as people have a choice. This whole argument is boring and irrelevant.
  4. Ah, they have 2.0 working now.....
  5. :Bloo:
  6. I see what you did there
  7. No healing for you so.
  8. No and no. But the fixes implemented were perfect.
  9. Greetings all. Let's make this brief (for me) First up, great that @Elicas is stepping into the role as community manager (temp). I can think of no finer or more appropriate person. Knowing the unbelievable amount of work he's put into the project so far, I'm pretty sure the community will see the benefits shortly. Just please don't bait the bear, he has a terribly short temper and doesn't suffer fools at all. As for myself, it's true. I left the role as community manager for a variety of reasons as alluded to in a super hidden thread, and the main reason was nothing to do with the project or staff at all, but a by-product that left me advocating stuff that was contrary to my role in representing the community. I'm sure a screenshot will present itself at some point. As to the other reasons, this is where I am obliged to show integrity, as it will directly convene the NDA I willingly signed up to. I'm happy to divulge these in a calm, rational, constructive and comprehensive fashion, but only if I am released from this clause. That's pretty much it. The project and staff still have my support.
  10. It's unfair to continue this conversation on this thread.
  11. You have to take into account that I'm not part of the original staff. You already have community managers like Inari and Rooted. I was an added bonus based on the fallout from The Legacy Gaming Network. They really didn't want a repetition of that fiasco and they wanted a Canary in the coalmine.... Anyway, as I said with the NDA in place there will be no frank exchange of views and I won't be found lacking in gravitas.
  12. Wait.....What? Oh.. That community manager status. That's a tough one to answer. Out of respect to the project I am still under an NDA and I believe that integrity is important. So unless the NDA is lifted I'll limit my comments. The main reason is that I had a hybrid role here. I represented the community to the staff, and represented the staff and the project to the community. Owing to events outside the control of the project, I found myself advocating stuff that wasn't compatible to my role. So in the end, I'd become a complete hypocrite. I already was to a certain degree. Such is life, and I can't really say more at present.
  13. Fab darling! Any chance you could review something....I don't know....say gaming related? All this effort for off topic when I think you'd make a really good reviewer for games in a gamer forum. But what the hell do I know..
  14. @Undertanker Welcome back and please keep contributing to the forums, it is appreciated.
  15. Great! I'm not sure where exactly we are on this. I've been MIA for about a month. But I'm back now for Oomkin unfun. Seeing as everyone is an officer you shouldn't have any issues bar but being able to communicate until L10. Drop us a line with your toon name of that's an issue.