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  1. Hello one and all. So there is an awful lot happening at the moment, more of this anon. Darkrasp has updated the FAQ here: To make it slightly more relevant and change some of the details that were being misinterpreted, sometimes willfully. But nothing and nobody is perfect. Would you all do us a favour and scan through it quickly and leave any comments or constructive criticism on this thread please? We'll take the suggestions on board and make any changed deemed appropriate. The FAQ should be the first thing people read on the forums and it's important it makes the right impression. I'll be back later.
  2. Greets, So apart from the new FAQ being updated we have another snippet of news. Asura has been working on a pretty major core/bugs fix over the last few weeks and that has restricted the amount of work the beta testers have been able to do. As you know with Darkrasp's update, we recruited a large batch of beta testers recently which will increase the class testers and bring our current active pool to 40+ This includes the people who fix things of course. 80+ bug fixes were pushed through the test realm today and at this stage, a small army are currently working on the beta realm trying to break things. The next few weeks are going to be very, very busy indeed, and we expect an upsurge in progress as promised. In short, keep the faith we're getting there.
  3. Well. I'm here on the Kul'Tiras realm waiting for Elicas to find me and gank me ''just for fun'' I haven't started fishing yet as you can see, just getting into place, but I already found the first fishing bug! I'll be back later this week with the first update. Until then.....
  4. So I was wondering if you all wanted to go on a journey with me to do some Beta Testing? I can't hear you? Ah, OK now I can hear you... So here's the deal. There was a bit of negotiation behind the scenes but permission has now been granted. Before you all get excited I'll explain what is going to happen and then rain on your parade/dampen your enthusiasm. We're fully aware that there is a mild amount of frustration on our progress to server launch even though an awful lot is going on in the background. We could release a lot of amateur videos showing the work that's been done on the Beta realm, but this may reveal information and mechanics that we would prefer to keep to ourselves until closer to launch. Also, amateur videos are worse than no videos at all. So, as a small tidbit tossed to the ravenous community, I've got the go-ahead to do a fishing blog on the beta testing I will be doing on the PTR over the next few weeks. Fishing is about the only subject I know that compares with the class testers, even then, I've had to be trained on understanding the DB tables and data I have access to. Also, I've never done Beta testing before and I imagine I'll have a steep learning curve. But it will be amusing for you to see me make mistakes and assumptions and I'm fine with that. So what happens next? First I need to get my invite to the test realm. There is no fixed date on this but we'll assume some stage in April. Second, once I'm in I'll update this section of the blog and post a bump to highlight it. Third, I'll continue to give updates on a regular basis to show you what I've encountered, bugs that I've come across (may need permission for some of these to be highlighted) and keep a track on the amount of time it takes to do a full test. I'll achieve this by editing the thread and bumping it with the update. At the moment the intention is to go through the immersive element of testing by replicating what the players will go through, namely: Test skill-ups 1-300 ensuring that progress is linear depending on your skill level. Test for getaways to ensure they are consistent Test expert and artisan book and quest hub Test skill rating is correct for % catches related to skill level Test every, and I mean every, fishing location to ensure they reflect the correct zone and DB profile Test all associated non-fishing, fishing stuff (quests, items, recipes etc) Double check all valuable fish and associated drop points Feel free to ask any questions, correct my testing strategy, or ask me to take super secret pictures of specific locations. This would be a long, boring chore other than the fact that I'm really looking forward to it rather than while away the hours elsewhere. Depending on how things roll out, we may get more relaxed about releasing info from the beta test realm. Credits here go to Darkrasp and Nogar who have generated the DB and populated it. Let's take it for a test drive...
  5. So just in case... there is no video in this thread this thread does not suggest or imply that any video will be released shortly this is just a fact-finding, opinion orientated thread to get feedback Right, now that we've got that out of the way we have some simple maths. This is the 21st March, if our devs deliver on their aspirations then CF will release in the next nine months, worst case scenario. Our expert media people will be required to provide a number of promotional events to highlight the server and its capabilities. The most potent of these formats will be by video. Looking at the timelines and based on the continuation of beta testing (now with vastly improved numbers), as a community you'd hope that we'd get our first new video before the start of the summer. That being the case, a list of very simple questions: What would you like to see in the video(s)? Why specifically do you want to see these things? Should the videos contain a number of different things or concentrate on one specific element? How long should the video be? Would you prefer the videos to be low-key, technical and minimalist or OMG flashy neon awesomeness? Somewhere in between? Lastly, should the video just let the facts speak for themselves or should we compare and contrast with stock MaNGOS servers? Again just to reiterate, the expectation is that the community here gives this some thought and comes back with some good ideas and suggestions. Not saying that we'll implement any of these, but I'll pass them on as a suggestion box, hopefully stuffed. I'd prefer to open this topic up early now, rather than have people put a lot of hard work into a video that the community give a collective meh to. As always, thanks for your time.
  6. So the plan is to release talents and classes at 1.12.1, items at pre 1.9 and content around 1.4. Everything will get phased in two big patches rather than patch by patch. As to the specifics, I'm annoying one of the elder gods to update his FAQ in the next 24 hours. I'll be back.
  7. You know something, you're dead right on the PTR, let me correct that. Thanks.
  8. Opinion piece here: We warmly welcome any suggestions and opinions on how to combat rogue elements in the game. A lot of these suggestions have merit and are worthwhile considering. By and large though, don't expect us to indicate what we will do in specific terms because this allows the opposition to make plans to counter them. We're also not going to take a blasé attitude like other servers and tell you everything will be fine and it'll be a gold spamming and bot free experience, because it won't be. Gold selling/spamming/botting successfully on CF realms will be challenging, but it will be very much ''challenge accepted'' knowing them. As always, regardless of the measures put it in place the two key components are, the vigilance and assistance of the community to highlight spammers/botters, and the willingness of the staff to act upon this, having checked the facts first. We are after all, all in this together. So keep those suggestions, thoughts and opinions coming.
  9. I'll use @Blackrobe's patented emoji system Tauren, like most of the horde races at least you are getting something relatively unique to the game. Everyone likes Tauren as they are the most impressive, cool, relaxed and neutral of the races Night Elves bar the stupid ears and the fungus that the he-elves wear. Orcs for being honest. Dwarves for being honest. Female Drenai. Undead should have been cool but it doesn't work for me. Trolls scrape by as being OK. Gnomes I can tolerate. Humans, you're playing a fantasy game and you end up playing a human? Bet you like vanilla ice cream too. Male Drenai, the ugliest race ever. Blood Elves, I want to stomp on every one of their pathetic corpses.
  10. So for further feedback. Another FFA Q&A session is extremely unlikely. There may well be more interview-style videos in the future but they will be pretty regulated. No issues in having a Q&A session as a video where the questions are known beforehand and answers can be prepared. So if you and the community would like to see that, I can start a thread or you can promote one yourselves. I realise this takes away from the cosy and relaxed atmosphere the community was based upon and becomes a little bit fake and controlled, but sadly that's a reflection on the toxic part of the wider Pserver community and not this one. I don't think that's necessarily a correct reflection of that wider community too, but the few toxic individuals and groups seem to be exceptionally vocal and obvious to the expense of everyone else. Last bit, we will update the FAQ to make it more current. This should happen shortly and I'll put a memo down to remind me. Cheers.
  11. A perfectly reasoned and rational post, thank you Thadius. I've only been a staff member for a few days so I'm still on my trial period. I'm also not privy to a lot of the plans here in terms of media and communication, but it would be fair to say that I am a key representative of staff on these forums and so obligated to give you a formal response. There is a video(s) in the making that's no big secret, but the guys got burnt bad by the toxicity of the Legacy Gaming Network fallout. Your summerisation ''trusting, near-naive honesty'' has had all the innocence removed in double quick time, so I would not expect to have open panel discussions in that light in the future, unless under a more rigid control mechanism. That being said, I'll put the suggestion to the staff members for feedback and we will revert with any news. One thing that does need updating is the FAQ on the forums too, Video suggestions are on this thread here after I successfully hijacked the one from Elicas: In addition, I have my own ''bridge building'' ideas in my head, currently being discussed with staff to see if we can make things a little bit more positive around here, development-wise. I shall now unsummon myself, and thank you
  12. I think I'll put an opinion piece here. Being a Beta tester for a Pserver is like the worst job ever. First of all, you're not a member of staff and have none of the privileges like shiny border lines on your posts. Yet, you're still expected to act as a staff member by keeping your nose clean and keeping your mouth shut at all times, lest someone on reddit use your opinion against the project. You are expected to do a very repetitive and pretty dull/boring set of tasks and manually fill in bug reports ad nauseum, so it's just like going back to school. Then, having been used up for all the talents you have, you'll get spat out eventually with a pat on the back and return to being a minor scrub. You don't even get to reserve your name, nor a shiny tabard, useless vanity pet or a special title. Understandably, good beta testers are as rare as hens teeth. Here in CF we are very fortunate to have some of the best around. Ser Elicas is one of those.
  13. So I'm going to do this as an FAQ-style thread. On the scale of things this isn't important, at least not now, but it will probably become more important as we get closer to launch date. The main reason behind the post is that I'm on the record of saying that new staff members should introduce themselves, so people can ask the correct questions of them. So not posting this thread would be entirely hypocritical. Right, without further ado, here we go: Why are you the new community manager? To which the answer is I'm not. I'm not here to manage the community at all, I'm here to help it. So while I have moderation options I don't intend to use them except in extremis. The reason for this is that I am to act as an official go-between (gopher) between staff and the forum members. To do this I need some official sanction. So while I have moderation facilities, using them to penalise/mod the threads and posts of the forum members is not conducive if I then have to represent them as well. The role came about in a very round-a-bout way. It may still evolve and I might find myself being called something else like MVP (most valuable forum poster - which is horrible). However, in principle it came about for the following reasons - and this I should point out is my own interpretation. First of all, there is an acknowledgment that the only community that counts for Crestfall is right here on these forums. The only community that's more important will be the players on the server, but they still need the forums to communicate on. We fully realise how quiet the forums are, I highlight it pretty much every month. So by having me liaise with the community stresses how important we think you are, especially over the next few months as we get closer to launch date. You all know what will happen to the forums once the bandwagon starts and how toxic it may become, so this is a preventative cure before the toxin arrives. We will be better prepared. In terms of Discord and Reddit, after the Legacy Gaming Network event and fallout, it's become clear that neither serve as a suitable medium to communicate with the Pserver community. There is a CF reddit forum (Tumbleweed) and there is a semi-offical Crestfall Public Discord here https://discord.gg/MVN8B82 modded by @Chickengrease I will turn up on it from time to time as I need practice in dealing with people on Discord, but again, in a semi-official way. I'm confident closer to launch we'll start a fully public Discord set of channels again as well as a Reddit forum (heavily modded), but this is predominantly to catch another subset of players as well as a communication tool. Hence, backing up the value of the forums here. Lastly, the project is kicking into professional mode in relation to communication. We have 9 months left for 2017 and a commitment has been made for a launch this year. There is a very large amount of work to be done, but most if it involves crunching numbers and scripting as the core elements are in place. As such, the staff should be concentrating on getting the server and realms resolved and spending less time on the foums here answering every question that comes along. So the days of casual conversations with the God Crew are coming to an end. So this is where I come in. My job is to act as a bridge between the two, filtering out the less important questions and observations by answering them myself, or sending the more important ones to the correct individual and relaying the answers back. Yeah, but why you? I think the answer to that is that I'm well known on the forums here, so it's easier for people to accept my role. It's also down to trust. The staff here place trust pretty much above all else, although competency is pretty important too. I think they also respect the fact that I will challenge things and continue to be as independent as possible, and that I'll fight your corner. What about staff updates and announcements? So these will continue as normal. So we should still get Darkrasp's update today and this will continue on a fortnightly basis. I'm sure there will be other announcements in due time when appropriate. I don't have in depth knowledge of where we are on beta testing and what's been achieved behind the scenes, so there's no point in making announcements if I don't know what I'm talking about. I'll leave that to the experts. So how do you see your role here and what about all the stuff you said before. Yeah. So essentially everything pre 19th March 2017 is from Oustanding the forum junky. Everything from March 20th 2017 and for the foreseeable future is Outstanding the gopher, PR conduit, and 'on message'. So I won't be posting much, certainly in terms of opinions. Other people are going to have to take that so called mantle up and contribute a little bit more, but fresh blood will arrive as the year goes on so don't worry too much on that front. I'm also not going to be organising the community or asking people to name their favourite innkeeper in vanilla, although that's not a bad idea...... What I won't be doing is answering technical questions because I can't. This makes me a great addition to the team. I know jack shit even though I played for 5 years. I also have no previous Pserver experience so there's no dirt that can be dug up of previous gold selling experience. The role I see myself doing is mostly answering questions. These questions will be from ''when Crestfall'' to ''how do I become a developer here'' and everything in between. As such, I encourage you to contact me here on the forums, or private messages here, or on discord (Outstanding*#4109). I'll be like some sort of semi-intelligent algorithm, initially making mistakes (like this thread no doubt), but fine tuning things as I go along to a level of reasonable competency. I will be learning on the job so please forgive my trespasses. Last words? Of course. If I'm back to being a community member tomorrow that's down to my interpretation of the job and that of the God Crew. But I do want to emphasise this. We have gone through and will be going through a hard learning curve over the last few months and the months to come. It will all be to the good, even the brief LGN venture. We will be launching Crestfall and it is going to be 2.0 in terms of Pservers. I would not have taken this job otherwise. So good fortune all, and nice to meet you. @Asura @Crogge @Darkrasp
  14. This is a whole big curate's egg. I don't think there's any point in conjecture as to what the legal niceties are. We have some factual information on Blizzard's attitudes to the PS scene. First, that they issue Cease and Desist letters as a matter of habit Second, that they tend to take a more pro-active approach to shutting down servers based in the US Third, that they haven't shut down Elysium even though they use the same server-end provider OVH as Nostalrius did. Fourth, that the negative reaction Blizzard received in shutting down Nost has had a significant effect on their Pserver perspective, hence the dog and pony show for Nost staff at HQ Taking all this into account and the fact that there are far more options in hosting your own server these days (Open source from multiple sources) I can't see the point about Blizzard pursuing Pservers. Hearthstone has 50m accounts, Overwatch has 25m accounts. The age of subscription games has passed. I really don't think an EU based server with a small 5 figure sum community is going to cause Blizzard any sleepless nights or concern them enough to call in the lawyers. QED
  15. Donations would be hidden to all unless the individual(s) requested otherwise (this could be as part of the options available in the act of donating). Some people like it to be known that they are donating (albeit as their personae) but most don't At all times, the default would be hidden to all
  16. So this is a continual item open for discussion amongst staff. As I understand it, no donations will be sought from players until the realms are up, functioning and stable. All donations will go towards the cost of funding the servers and necessary precautions like anti-DDoS protection. No siphoning off funds for the devs. Ever. Conjecture: No cash or even vanity shop, if the server is as good as promised donations should cover all contingencies. If the server is as good as intended and donations do not match costs, then obviously we overestimated the willingness for players to make a fair contribution for a quality product. Donations are hidden unless requested otherwise Realms will run regardless of population if costs are covered by donations (this is particularly true for Zul'Dare) Absolute: This is not a standalone stock MaNGOS server (this is why we are still in closed Beta nearly a year after the forums opened). Working as intended, you'll be playing on Crestfall for years. To achieve stability we need a very good working relationship with the player base, so that donations are there to reward the work committed to that point as well as an investment for the work ahead. The only positive news is that the work gets progressively easier as we get further advanced in expansions, because more solid information is available or archived. From what I've seen recently the amount of work involved for a fresh vanilla server is absolutely obscene compared to a C&P MaNGOS version.
  17. Will do, though I'm not around that often these days
  18. Greets, So CF is at worst 10 months away. Like us, you have been spending your time on the forums, reddit and discord and now feel vaguely bored and looking for something to do.... Well, Yavannie and I are on Darrowshire PvE at the moment and Yav is trying out tanking for the first time. I'm uh...a little ahead as a Druid and looking to heal for the first time. So this is going to end in a lot of wipes and fun times. Anyways, as you know we are going to form a guild on Zul'Dare and are currently working on a website + forum. We know some of you have expressed an interest in joining and we are looking for officer-type material/good people we like hanging around with. (edit) Oh yes, silly me. Just for variety we are on the alliance side. This is for hysterical historical reasons. I can assure you on CF we will be HORDE with ATTITUDE So at this early stage (Yav is L8), if anyone is interested in coming onboard please join us ASAP. The guild is called ''Leprechaun Apocalypse'' (don't ask) and you can ping Outstanding or Yav for an invite, just introduce yourself first. I'll be honest and say this is an opportunity for me to weed out desireables from non-desirables. So this is a good opportunity for those of you who want to find out the same thing about me. Yav is 100%, we all know that. So, hopefully see you online. Either that or just be bored. Best Outstanding
  19. Yeah, sorry about that. Just laziness. I'll morph the two for our purposes on suggestions.
  20. Even Duki was right once (mostly).
  21. Is that we were here first, and will be the last to leave. Always and forever, The Shaman Community
  22. Welcome Eyedie. Even staff members are allowed to indulge in their factional preferences so it's great to see you here. I played on old Elysium (not very far) and started a month or two after release. I know there were a lot of issues at the start, but I found my experiences broadly positive and a lot of bugs were fixed or in the process of being fixed. It's a shame a lot of people weren't prepared to give it the time to sort itself out.
  23. Personally I think this is a good idea. It may be shot down by others though. You're probably - God help you - thinking on the same lines that I am. So if there's say, 6-9 months until server release, why not have a monthly special by way of an FAQ or a video that highlights the differences between CF and stock MaNGOS cores. That way it serves as a promotion for the server on a regular/countdown basis, and also acts as a key differentiator. We could be cruel with a ''guess the MaNGOS server'' competition when we make comparisons, or just plain information. I'll take it upwards and let you know the score. There's no doubt that there is a detailed plan on releasing promotional media, but I'm not yet privy to it. Yes, but likely to be very factual without the whining.
  24. Checks terms and conditions....