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  1. @Undertanker Welcome back and please keep contributing to the forums, it is appreciated.
  2. Great! I'm not sure where exactly we are on this. I've been MIA for about a month. But I'm back now for Oomkin unfun. Seeing as everyone is an officer you shouldn't have any issues bar but being able to communicate until L10. Drop us a line with your toon name of that's an issue.
  3. Greets, So CF is at worst 10 months away. Like us, you have been spending your time on the forums, reddit and discord and now feel vaguely bored and looking for something to do.... Well, Yavannie and I are on Darrowshire PvE at the moment and Yav is trying out tanking for the first time. I'm uh...a little ahead as a Druid and looking to heal for the first time. So this is going to end in a lot of wipes and fun times. Anyways, as you know we are going to form a guild on Zul'Dare and are currently working on a website + forum. We know some of you have expressed an interest in joining and we are looking for officer-type material/good people we like hanging around with. (edit) Oh yes, silly me. Just for variety we are on the alliance side. This is for hysterical historical reasons. I can assure you on CF we will be HORDE with ATTITUDE So at this early stage (Yav is L8), if anyone is interested in coming onboard please join us ASAP. The guild is called ''Leprechaun Apocalypse'' (don't ask) and you can ping Outstanding or Yav for an invite, just introduce yourself first. I'll be honest and say this is an opportunity for me to weed out desireables from non-desirables. So this is a good opportunity for those of you who want to find out the same thing about me. Yav is 100%, we all know that. So, hopefully see you online. Either that or just be bored. Best Outstanding
  4. Evening. So this is the last of the info gathering I'll be doing for a while. We're happy with the current state of the FAQ. We've recorded your feedback on what you would like to see on the promo videos on mechanics. So the last part of the puzzle is that we might consider doing a Q&A video with the likes of Asura, Crogge and Darkrasp. That being the case, could you post below one question only that you would like them to answer, it can be as detailed as you like. This is not guaranteed, we're just looking at options presently and listening to you.
  5. Right. Open again for business......on topic......
  6. OK people. This is going nowhere. I'm not sure why Theloras is so upset, but the thread is going off topic to just abuse and ad hominem.
  7. Hello everyone, The forums were created on the 16th April last year with Asura and Crogge as our first members. We rolled out into the public arena on the 17th, when most of us started to join. One year on, and we've had our ups and downs, but incrementally we get closer and closer to server launch with every day. We'd like to take this opportunity on our anniversary to thank you, the community. Not just because you populate these forums and keep things ticking over, but because you will form the backbone of the players, ensuring that the quality of the server and the realms is reflected by the quality and commitment from the players. Thank you.
  8. This doesn't strike me as being Theloras. Please take into account we may be being trolled. Either way, no point in playing a zero sum game.
  9. From the community point of view after all, that's what I represent, the issue is relatively simple. We side with the idea that opinions should be based on the facts, and as the saying goes, when the facts change people have the right to change their minds. That's not an ego thing, that's being practical, correct, and what you would expect from a project concentrating on replicating a (comparatively) very old video game with bad mechanics and dodgy reference points. What we don't side with are people who have a very limited agenda and spend all their time on a holy crusade to get their points across, whether their points are correct or not. I frequent other forums and it's clear that the religious zeal has backfired on a number of occasions because people are sick to death of it. By all means make your case, but moderate your communication methods and develop a sense of pragmatism. It works wonders
  10. Fáilte go Crestfall and don't forget the fish tonight.
  11. So, as a small tidbit tossed to the ravenous community, I've got the go-ahead to do a fishing blog on the beta testing I will be doing on the beta test realm over the next few weeks. Fishing is about the only subject I know that compares with the class testers, even then, I've had to be trained on understanding the DB tables and data I have access to. Also, I've never done Beta testing before and I imagine I'll have a steep learning curve. But it will be amusing for you to see me make mistakes and assumptions and I'm fine with that. So what happens next? First I need to get my invite to the test realm. There is no fixed date on this but we'll assume some stage in April. Second, once I'm in I'll update this section of the blog and post a bump to highlight it. Third, I'll continue to give updates on a regular basis to show you what I've encountered, bugs that I've come across (may need permission for some of these to be highlighted) and keep a track on the amount of time it takes to do a full test. I'll achieve this by editing the thread and bumping it with the update. At the moment the intention is to go through the immersive element of testing by replicating what the players will go through, namely: Test skill-ups 1-300 ensuring that progress is linear depending on your skill level. Test for getaways to ensure they are consistent Test expert and artisan book and quest hub Test skill rating is correct for % catches related to skill level Test every, and I mean every, fishing location to ensure they reflect the correct zone and DB profile Test all associated non-fishing, fishing stuff (quests, items, recipes etc) Double check all valuable fish and associated drop points Update in lovely yellow, well not quite. It would drive you mad especially if you're looking at this on your mobile phone. So back to normal. I've submitted 22 bug reports into the tracker. Of these, 15 relate specifically to fishing, three are related (like missing text from fishing NPC's) and four are random encounters on my travels. Of the 22 bug reports, 2 have been resolved, 9 have been confirmed, 3 have been assigned and the balance still await picking up. Lest you feel this is slow and shoddy work, it's important to point out that the only major bug was resolved in the last push. All the others are classified as minor such as DB issues. People who hate fishing would love fishing on the Beta test realm at the moment. First, casting time is only 20 seconds (that's a TBC legacy issue, it was reduced from patch 2.1). Second, you are guaranteed a catch - the 5% rule where there is no bite is not in effect - at a maximum of 5 seconds per catch. Third, even a getaway (based on your skill and the area) gets you a skill-up. In short, fishing in Crestfall is a breeze. Anyone can get to 300 in a couple of hours. So my job is to ensure that we reverse this to being the complete pain in the arse that it always was. And so this the difference with other servers, the usual bugs aren't there, and ones that work well in other realms don't work here. Hence Beta testing. All of the bugs reported are very easy to fix, because the people who fix them created all this from the start. As a bonus, generally, bug fixes don't tend to create a multitude of other bugs because the devs know what the potential impact will be. The work is long and onerous. For example, the fishing DB is divided by type (inland and coastal) and then by group (of which there is 6). But there is an additional 10 zones on top of that. In group 1 inland along there are 29 separate areas to be checked, all of which should have the same DB in it, but don't. The most common area is perfect except that it contains raw bristle whisker catfish, which should only be found in Group 2. In addition, Bloated Brilliant Smallfish didn't show up at all, and an investigation showed that it was down as the wrong reference number. How did we verify this? We did 500 casts in Crystal Lake, that's how. When we went down to road into Elwynn Forest we should be seeing the same DB, but we're not. We did 250 casts here and the DB error was that our raw bristle whisker catfish was showing up at 18.4%. There should of course be none. All the other testing in that area is working off the same DB as Crystal Lake, so we know after 100+ casts where the issues will be. Hence the chore that is Beta testing. Let's look at some other issues I found... Here we find that we can't loot items from pools.... Here we find that bobbers that are not collected remain in the game even after log off. And here we find that Aquadynamic Fish Attractors while having the correct tool tip of 5 minutes actually last for 30 when applied This is the holistic and immersive part of testing. No point in just being random and doing the bare minimum of making it functional. In Crestfall, we test everything...and then retest it again. If you think this is beyond the call of duty as it's only fishing, you should see the theorycrafting that goes on all night trying to resolve far more important and mathematical challenges. Easter is coming and I sure intend to spend a lot of it testing the bejaysus out of the other fishing groups. Right, just to finish off this review for the sake of completeness. All the above bugs were resolved in double-quick time by Asura/Darkrasp bar the permanent bobbers one. There is an addition problem which is the # of catches required to skill-up is pretty random numbers wise, although there is a linear curve in place. So that's pretty much it. Bugs that are reported get assigned and fixed in pretty good order. Thanks for reading!
  12. Updated!
  13. Thanks for your detailed introduction in flawless English. Hopefully we can reward your patience.
  14. Salvia is putting a lot of work into becoming a UI developer, so feedback including constructive criticism is important.
  15. I'm pretty sure he doesn't too.
  16. We don't think ping will be an issue there unless Brexit relations continue to disimprove.
  17. @Elicas this raises a lot of interesting issues for me. Let's open this up a bit this evening when stupid work stops getting in the way.
  18. @Aelhis Intention is to run proxy servers for the geographically challenged, so there should be no issue with regard to ping. Always good to see D&T people around.
  19. Greets. So we'll continue with these forum reviews until they become irrelevant or you all get bored. I briefly toyed with doing an April Fool's Special but this is a mature forum, right? So with all the excitement of the various issues in February, March returns us to quieter, cultural backwater times. Which is no bad thing considering that the next few months are likely to see the server being accurately promoted giving us a different kind of headache. So without much fanfare here are the current forum stats: So the placeholders are people who come here create a name and then....nothing. It may well be that they are lurking with intent. Quite a lot of them have come out of the woodwork recently forced to comment and support the server and its ideals. Primarily though, people put in this placeholder so they can actually peruse the forums, and to a lesser degree, reserve a name in case they need to communicate on the forums lest something odd happens like a server launch. The avatars are people who not only registered their nicks on the forums but went to the trouble of uploading an avatar too. This deserves some extra credit as it indicates a desire to really push the boundaries out, because before we know it, you'll actually be.. Posting something useful and witty. Or maybe useless and shitposting. If you've actually read this far and haven't fallen asleep, you might consider as a placeholder or avatar of just giving the rest of us a cursory introduction in the introductions section. We're a right friendly bunch here and we welcome all sorts. The staff numbers have increased enormously since the last batch of beta testers were approved and launched to break things. As always, we consider beta testers to be staff in terms of representing Crestfall on any social media platform. So not surprisingly, a large fall-off in new members, however, one thing I notice is that a lot of the new members start posting straight away and quickly become part of the community. More of the same.
  20. Elicas and I have completely differing perspectives on what constitutes staff. Which is fine, we disagree on balance druids too. We are both right, just depends where you are coming from.
  21. Coolmodi is officially one of our super useful people and is currently working on dev/admin support for which we are extremely grateful.
  22. Greets. So just a quick update. I'm away in flat land until Tuesday evening so can't test nor fish nor contribute much. Today I was able to do the first real testing of the DB as well as level up to artisan (so the Q-lines are working fine) I'll be pricking around in BoS for a while on my return for one very particular reason. After that, it's pretty much checking out the DB. I chucked in about 10 fishing bugs, all are either sorted or on their way to being sorted. Such is the CF for fishing. So it's looking really good, getting a lot of attention from the devs. Later next week I'll update the whole thread and explain what bugs I found. My aim is to complete fishing EOM and then move to cooking and first aid if that makes sense. Just want to emphasise one thing. We are awhile-away from getting to PTR and then server launch. But it's coming together and it's looking good.
  23. There's some truth to this. Having yet another MaNGOS scripted vanilla core wouldn't offer anything that hasn't been already offered in the last 3-4 years. The only differences being population size, bug fixes being applied, scripting - particularly of raids, trustworthiness and community interaction. So just as well we're offering a unique experience. You'll be able to choose a PvE or PvP realm and replicate entirely the original WoW experience, starting with vanilla and progressively moving through TBC, WotLK and potentially beyond. If you just want the TBC experience, then Legacy Crusade will fulfill this using the same core as Crestfall. This has been the goal for well over a year at this stage, we make no excuses for taking our time to ensure we give our players the best experience possible.
  24. We're sticking with this line at present.