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  1. Greets, So CF is at worst 10 months away. Like us, you have been spending your time on the forums, reddit and discord and now feel vaguely bored and looking for something to do.... Well, Yavannie and I are on Darrowshire PvE at the moment and Yav is trying out tanking for the first time. I'm uh...a little ahead as a Druid and looking to heal for the first time. So this is going to end in a lot of wipes and fun times. Anyways, as you know we are going to form a guild on Zul'Dare and are currently working on a website + forum. We know some of you have expressed an interest in joining and we are looking for officer-type material/good people we like hanging around with. (edit) Oh yes, silly me. Just for variety we are on the alliance side. This is for hysterical historical reasons. I can assure you on CF we will be HORDE with ATTITUDE So at this early stage (Yav is L8), if anyone is interested in coming onboard please join us ASAP. The guild is called ''Leprechaun Apocalypse'' (don't ask) and you can ping Outstanding or Yav for an invite, just introduce yourself first. I'll be honest and say this is an opportunity for me to weed out desireables from non-desirables. So this is a good opportunity for those of you who want to find out the same thing about me. Yav is 100%, we all know that. So, hopefully see you online. Either that or just be bored. Best Outstanding
  2. Ah damn. And I was in poll position for reddit love (which is on par for reddit hate)
  3. Things are not ''tits up'' what we are experiencing at moment based on the last 24 hours is purging a number of people who are either incompetent or downright detrimental to the Pserver scene. https://www.reddit.com/r/wowservers/comments/5uzgvi/truth_about_the_most_recent_elysium_dc_issue/ Me, at the moment I would like to concentrate just on Crestfall on the Crestfall forums. It would be absolutely fantastic if everyone else did the same.
  4. @pvescrub Except it's not. This is a reddit post about a Elysium staff member that may or may not be associated with gold selling, based on the premise that the server itself has shady dealings, hackwaves, gold selling and never banned VPN's. Well, this isn't the Elysium forums. So if you or others have an issue with Elysium or their admin staff, that's where those posts belong. Not here. This guilt by association is just that. Bear in mind that doesn't mean anyone here is happy about the tie-in, but most of us have made our feeling known at the time, and this is just drama for the sake of it. @aoses Poor Alex is a bit misguided. He has a messiah complex. He constantly falls madly in love with a server and then falls out with them after a few months, then gets all morally superior. Problem for Alex is that he is running out of servers to play on. As suggested, you'd be far better off arguing your points in person than using Reddit and Alex as a proxy.
  5. Actually, I've been very careful about that. My particular beef is people who create accounts and their first post is to rehash reddit drama posts. Plenty of people have registered recently and then make a positive contribution or make an introduction. # of posts is irrelevant.
  6. Correct. I have attacked myself it seems.
  7. Parsing through what you said I'm assuming you are referring specifically to end game gold farming, rather than, how do I operate a profit and loss account from 1-60? All I can offer is the following: It's vitally important that you maximise all three secondary skills so fishing, first aid and cooking. All three significantly add to the gold farming pool, add variety to the game, and further increase your value in instances and raids with the buffs etc they provide. Second, the professions you level up with may not necessarily be the professions you want for your L60 toon. So for example, herbing and alchemy are widely seen as a magnet for gold generation where the truth is they really only become so at higher levels. So for 50 levels or so you really don't get much value out of them. Better to take something like skinning/mining that maximise returns at low-medium level, then when the mount is paid for, your herbing/alchemy progression takes place at a far faster rate. Next, you need a good support team, that means levelling a toon to L5 so you can disenchant greens and blues where the value is suspect. Enchanting materials are unique where there is no deposit on the AH so you don't have to price to sell. In the long term, the value is usually better than vendoring same. Create bank alts so you can cheaply reserve stuff for sale later. Also remember that you can max artisan with only a L35 toon. So you can invest in another toon just to get enchanting/leather working or alchemy to artisan and act as a gold generator for you with a minimum amount of effort. This also works well on maximising rest benefits between toons. Pick a speciality farming wise and get expert at it. Talk to other players that are in the same game and try and manipulate the auction house, it's in your interest. To give an example, back in retail I had a Bank alt that just happened to be a L35 rogue with 300 leatherworking. Using Undercity as a base (very easy to get around) she would buy rugged leather on the AH below a certain value and maker Wicked Leather Headbands which just happen to be the best value item to disenchant - her other profession. Then she would vendor the Greater Eternal Essences, Large Brilliant Shards and Illusion Dusts on the AH at full value not worrying about deposits. I had about 6 players farming rugged leather for me for which I paid a fair price and removed from them the risk of losing their deposits. The value to this is that unlike specific spells like transmutations etc, you can do this as often as you like as long as you had enough rugged leather and there was a market for it. Which indeed there was. It took me maybe 30 minutes per day and the value was down to RNG. But I always made a tidy profit consistently.
  8. @VladAtheris People who create accounts here just to re-post reddit hysteria will be treated with the opprobrium they deserve. They're not doing it out of love for Crestfall, or for the community, or indeed 'for the vision' whatever the hell that is. They are doing it just to incite drama and popcorn. As for the ad hominem comments from your good self, that's all they are. Ultimately, most people are unhappy with the tie-in with Elysium and watch the ongoing events with dismay. However, it's up to each individual to decide if they want to commit to the server or not on launch. There's very little anything you or I can say that's going to influence their decisions. Hope for the best, fear for the worst.
  9. So hyped (sic) indeed, that you actually bothered to create an account and post on the forums 10 months after they were launched. Well done, you community-minded person. I think enough people here have made their negative feelings known for the staff to get it. All levels of trust have been broken, and all we have to go on is previously good behaviour. But any project goes through learning curves and this is just one of them. Just wish it wasn't a 180. Here's the thing though, the staff do respond to criticism and complaints. So if you really valued and treasured the potential behind Crestfall, would it not be more community-minded to enter into a dialogue with them about all this? Instead of a) copy/pasting drama inducing shit posts on reddit of all places or b) replicating your fine piece of investigative powers in a medium where dialogue is king?
  10. Quite the introduction and welcome....
  11. Ooh, sorry Kazrid. I'll delete that now....
  12. So I've actually done this quest (obviously) as you've seen from the avatar. The NPC acts as a helper on the quest. My memory is that she tags along with you so you can go down from the hill where the q giver is and she'll assist you kill the Grimtotems For me it was not an easy quest (Priest). I do recall (to the best of my knowledge) that the escort heads back up to the camp they have if you fail and you start again. The key *cough* to finishing the quest was to pre-clear out the camp as best you could before you started it. It sounds easy but you have to ensure that 6+ sprites survive until they get out of the area, so you might have 12 in the cage but they get killed real easy on release.
  13. Taking the boat to Feathermoon Isle without getting DC'd Patches of Elemental Water Seasonal and Nocturnal/Diurnal fish Not being left in mid-air after flights Flightmasters that PvP with their mounts
  14. That's a fair point. I do feel the gaming industry needs to go through the same process the music industry went through/is going through. My first record I bought was 'Dark Side of the Moon' and I paid full fat for the record even though I was at school at the time (but not 1973). In paying for the record I made a fair and complete payment for the rights to listen to the music anytime I wanted to. Later on in life I bought a Walkman, but the record was scuffed and scratched. So even though I could (illegally) make a copy on a blank tape, the quality wasn't good enough. So I paid full fat for the same music but in a different format. So when CD's came along particularly multiple CD players in cars, we all know what happened next. So I ended up playing three times for the same music just so I could hear it on different devices. When Napster et al came along, I felt absolutely no guilt whatsoever about downloading DSotM as an MP3 file and playing it wherever the hell I liked. This is where the music industry missed a beat. They could have done a deal with Napster, cleaned up their act and legitimised the whole downloading concept and continued to make good profits...but no. The more they played whack-a-mole with illegal downloading sites, the more popular they became and the more damage was done to the music industry. These days I use Spotify. For €15 an entire family of 4 get to listen, store and play most of their favourite tunes wherever they like. For which the vast majority of artists get sweet FA. The gaming industry is heading the same way in case you haven't noticed. Consistently, Blizzard has crapped on its players and former players by producing a lazy, common denominator version of the game we love. In doing so, they have created increased traction for Pservers, as there are now more than double the players online now than there were a year ago. They have had ample opportunity (like last Blizzcon) to proffer a small titbit to this community, only to continue to ignore us and treat us like lepers. So that's why Crestfall exists, and I for one, am happy to see it here. Yarr!
  15. This bad person donated €1100 to Blizzard in subs and purchases, so I don't feel bad about it at all. Happy to donate even more for the same product, but it doesn't seem to be available anymore.....
  16. I'm sure burning-crusade.com will be fine. But there is already a BC module on Crestfall PTE planned using the benediction core and in addition, there is a separate stand alone BC realm called Legacy Crusade. So I think they have that expansion more than covered.
  17. If you're going to quote me, quote everything. It's important for context, hence, So to answer your question directly. Yes, absolutely. Over the next few months people are going to come onto these forums and troll the shit out of the staff and the community. Standing together does not necessarily mean agreeing with each other. People who join right now are also part of the community, but you don't just join and then the very next post start criticising the staff and the M.O. of the server.
  18. Excellent Elicas. @Xaverius is indeed a 'small ring'
  19. @tetriszocker @Czarcasm This isn't Elysium, it's Crestfall. The community here has been around since last April. A lot of us may have issues with recent events but that's between the staff and the community here. You're more than welcome to be on these forums, and we appreciate your points of view, but accounts created hours and days ago overtly critical of Crestfall won't hold much sway. Just sayin'
  20. This is the issue I discussed with @rooted, you can't have someone as moderator, GM, Beta tester, Alpha tester, administrator, developer or whatever and consider them to be separate from the staff. You're all feathered and tarred with the same brush. So bringing in someone with a dubious track record immediately changes the perception people have on all staff. It's like the lowest common denominator. When it was just Crestfall, you could get away with these things because the members here and on discord were mature enough to weigh and measure things on balance. Once you put Elysium into the pot then you're sure to get all the drama and popcorn, no matter how reasonable and rational your decision making is. It doesn't matter a damn to me as I've gone to Hope for the Best, Expect the Worst mindset.
  21. I don't think anyone can make a judgement call on this. After all, this server has seen a lot in the way of changed minds depending on logic (Holy Resistance) or opportunity (Legacy Gaming Network). So all you can do is parse the different components and come up with probabilities. Crogge is down as a co-owner for Crestfall, just as Asura is down as co-owner for Legacy Crusade. However, we now have Shenna in the mix as a minority stakeholder. So it's now looking like a triumvirate. In that instance, clearly.... Asura is obviously Caesar Crogge is obviously Pompey And Shenna, Crassus OK, maybe a little less butch. So yeah, the most important person in this is Pompey Crogge. Why? Because he's doing all his work upfront with no reward. Sure he's going to get a shiny uber emulator and get the Burning Crusade of his dreams but, in the meantime he's doing a shit-ton of work (doubled now owing to Elysium) with nothing to show for it so far. Sooooo, do we really think that Crogge will sit on his hands when CF launches, sit on his hands when CF progresses to TBC, then wait until they are nearly at WotLK before he gets to play LC? We're talking about THREE YEARS here. Not going to happen. So the one thing we can pretty sure of is that LC is going to launch within a reasonable time frame. So next on the list of dictators for life owners is Shenna. Shenna talks a good game and whispers sweet things into Crogge's ears and she's pretty smart. So you can bet she's crunched the numbers. She knows like most of the smart kids that Pserver vanilla has a limited shelf life. Once the Elysium realms are finished *cough* by way of Naxx on top of the CF versions then most people here will be thoroughly sick of vanilla and want to move on. So by the time Crestfall launches, there are two options available that should be made completely clear to all the players regardless of realm. Option #1 confirms there will never be transfers from any server to CF PTE, regardless of what expansion it is on. More to the point, no transfers to Legacy Crusade either. The problem with this option from CF's point of view is the carnage that will happen on server launch. From Shenna's point of view the carnage is one of players voting with their feet. So Elysium will be culled down to one realm and even then, a very small community indeed. Option #2 confirms no transfers to CF PTE but will allow transfers to Legacy Crusade. This achieves a number of functions. First, it gives comfort to Elysium players to remain on their realms until LC is launched, second it reduces the frenzy of players on CF realms when they abandon Elysium, third, it gives Crogge a very good population base. Put it to you this way. If you are playing Elysium now and you have the choice of starting all over again on CF just so you can PTE to TBC, OR you can stay on Elysium and port your toon onto LC at some stage, you know have some deep thinking to do. Part of that will be when LC launches. You also need to remember that TBC is really good for porting toons over. A lot of discussion goes on insta 58th level toons, why not just bypass that with transfers? You can still put in a pristine version too for the die-hards. So for my 2c. CF launch Sept 30th 2017. CF progression to TBC January 31st 2019. Legacy Crusade one month after that. Have a nice day now.
  22. So, leaking as intended. I thought so.(bastard)
  23. OUR guild madame
  24. So I've been thinking about this new development........a lot. Let's address a few negatives about me. So the plan for me was pretty simple. I, and a select group of elite grumpy old men and women, swear our allegiance to the Crestfall flag on the basis that if the staff managed to pull things off, we have a bona fide chance to relive all our WoW memories. Further, that because we were there from the start we become respected pillars of the community, prodding and guiding said community into an image of ourselves. According to this masterful plan, CF would launch later in 2017 in a reasonable blaze of publicity with enough numbers to make the two realms viable. Slowly and surely, more players would hear of CF and increase the populations, but firmly behind our curve. The first speed bump for this strategy was the reappearance, albeit briefly, of Nostalrius. While it seems the means to facilitate the joint venture of Nostalysium was in development for some time, the bizarre circumstances of their abandonment of the project along with pathetic self-pronouncements, quickly undid the last remaining affection you could ever have for them. But they did leave a legacy, about 40,000 active players. While the popcorn was free, after a bit of thought it was deemed this was a good thing. First, because we could revive our old Nostalrius toons for practice. Second, because CF had breathing space to develop in a manner as they saw fit. Third, because we now had a huge population base to siphon off, and that population had all backed the wrong Elysium horse. This latest development though, it really knocks me off my perch. Because this particular meta game is up. From this point on, all the players on Elysium will be reminded every day, that their World of Warcraft existence is on a buggy, average server with no life expectancy. Every day, they will question the logic of their long-term commitment to any of the Elysium realms when a fresh start on a better, PTE version is only months away. This means that when CF launches, we will have Elysium style numbers at the start, and those numbers will completely drown out our hand-built community. So the TL;DR version of the above is that the negative reaction to the announcement from my part, is by and large down to the exact realisation of what that means to our community here. Now, take a break. ____________ The second negative about me is that I represent this community. I do not. I might have seniority, posts, likes and whatever, they count for nothing. Indeed, the staff could completely ignore me and all the posters who have felt ''let down'' by the announcement - because it won't make a blind bit of difference to the success of Crestfall. I'm sorry, but that's the truth. I have no doubt they have been taken aback by the scale of the negative responses, and after a pause to digest this, are now in tiny crisis management role. So let's be clear, the staff values the existing community, and the community values the staff. So why then after this announcement have things gone so pear-shaped? Well, we've already examined part of the reasons above, that the community is selfish. But there's more to this than meets the eye. ____________ So for me, we have multiple issues with Elysium. Not with the people. With the whole philosophy behind them and their history. There's no need to go into details, most of us are aware of them, including the devs. For the record, the major blot for me on their record was the Elysium launch last August. They were in poll position to take on the mantle of best vanilla server. Instead we got a buggy mess. Why launch something when you're ill prepared? The net result of this was that before the Nostalrius announcement, they were down to peaks of ~600 players and on the way to being this year's version of The Rebirth. The suspicion remains with me that this realm was never meant to prosper. That in August, they were already aware that there was a possibility of a tie-in with Nostalrius. Therefore the rushed launch was purely to get an active PTR going with live victims, sorry players, so that they could get an English speaking realm up and train staff in. When the Nost tie-in happened, they have made the most of their fortune and preparation. You have to give their team credit for launching 4 realms, having over 40k players online at any one time, dealing with DDoS attacks, and by and large, being professional, positive people when dealing with what can be a toxic community. So well done you. Problem is that they are incapable of delivering a final product. That means a correctly functioning AQ40, a correctly functioning Naxxramas, and well above their job spec, progression to TBC and beyond. So you can imagine the way the conversation went between CF and Elysium over the last few weeks. Elysium's problems are: We've lost core staff members who would have contributed long term to server development We can fix standard bugs and problems, but we're not in a position to do any core development work for end content or TBC expansions We have a full time job coping with DDoS attacks and other malware We're losing players, albeit the right ones, but we'll have to do a PvP realm merge soon and that's going to give a bad impression At some stage in the future, CF will launch. It's going to have a big impact on numbers initially, but the main problem will be a DOT on players leaving to a better server with PTE Whereas from the Crestfall perspective we have: Server launch is still in far, far away land. Last beta testers were very small in number, it would be nice to have a bigger pool of expertise to choose from. It would be really neat to have unlimited access to another Pserver core to compare and contrast with our own. It would even better if this was the Nostalrius core, but clearly that's not an option now It does concern us the level and scale of DDoS attacks, but I guess we won't know until our own server launch how to combat them effectively It's a huge concern with what's happening on Elysium in terms of its future. We certainly don't want their population to dwindle too much before we launch. Legacy Crusade numbers (see below) So you begin to see how, after a few online beers the staff on both sides might see the potential of a collaboration. The fact of the matter is that both projects are entirely different from each other. One is a bolted on, standalone vanilla emulator with a limited shelf-life, one is a progressive shiny next-gen emulator with a very long future ahead of it. It just so happens that the second project needs a few things from the first. Borrowing some specific staff, access to testers, a genuine stressed PTR x 4 and most of all, about 40,000 active players. The first project gets a major shot of developers, administrators and a major JOT. They get stability long term for those that want standalone realms, and they get a minority stake-holding in the choo-choo train. Need a coffee yet? _______________________________________ So before we go back to my favourite topic (me), let's just get some premonitions out of the way first: Crestfall will launch this year, but not my preferred date, 30th June 2017. Bullshit about the fact that managing the Elysium server won't have an affect on the CF timelines is BS. Of course it's going to have an affect even if they bring in another major developer as Asura alluded to. When senior staff members say that for the moment there is no plan for Elysium players to be able to transfer their toons over to LC = they absolutely will be able to. Not only is this a necessity but it will become impossible to resist the sensual demands of others to make it so. In fairness, part of the collaboration on both projects is to ensure that Crogge's server has the fresh meat necessary to ensure viability, something I was always puzzled on with the CF PTE competition. What I would say is that there is a probability that we are looking at multiple realms including a virgin one. But the tie-in with Elysium is way too relevant for both parties to negate the transfer option. We now have an unstoppable juggernaut. We have a server with a huge population tied in with a server that intends to recreate the Blizzard WoW experience at a level of accuracy and detail never seen before. As a consequence, you can expect a lot more developments taking place over the next few months as players, devs, GM's and a host of bandwagon specialists abandon their current residencies and get on board before it's too late. That with the aligning of the Pserver planets, you can damn well be sure that Activision will actively start thinking about how to knock the train off the rails sooner rather than later. That the biggest danger to the project is that the senior staff go ego max. I've seen hints of this on Discord recently. Ego max is fine after you bring out the server and progress smoothly to TBC gentlemen and gentleladies. You haven't even got past closed Beta yet. That at all time, it is wise to reflect why this project has come about. It is partially about bringing a PTE emulator out successfully, it is partially about giving the Pserver community the product it deserves, it is partially about the skills acquired in developing, launching and managing a project of this scale, but above all else, it is about writing the most impressive thing in your CV that pretty much guarantees your career in this industry in the years ahead. Cynic or realist? You decide. _____________________________________ So let's go back to my current feelings. We're recounted that the negative reaction to the collaboration is mostly down to selfishness from the community in the knowledge that Elysium style hordes are bearing down on us. We're recounted that Elysium have got to this point by luck and hard work, but not in the manner of skill sets and ability, and the proof of this was coming soon if CF didn't come on board. Taking all this into account, weighing up the commitment I've already put into the forums, I have to decide whether I back off and become just another player (ego-lite anyone?) or double down and go all in. I have said before in mangling JM Keynes ''When the facts change, I change my mind. What do you do, sir?" the facts haven't changed. I haven't seen anything from the FAQ that gives the necessary solace other than the deliberate omission of facts not to damage a third party. The staff who do cherish and appreciate this nascent community have reached out as best they can, that has been noted and appreciated. So taking all these strands together, I am going to continue to my original plan. I will indeed start the preparation work to develop The Filthy Casuals guild website, and all that this entails. The difference now is that I am accepting the facts that things may go wrong for CF in the future on the back of this collaboration with Elysium. From being 100% confident I find myself doubting the team here. I still feel let down even after I analysed all the reasons behind it. So I will do this. I will put the time and effort into this, pay for it, and make it a harbour for those in the community that feel the same way I do. That way, no matter what happens on Zul'Dare in relation to population, drama, popcorn and so forth, we will all have a place we can call home. So please, I'm not asking you to agree with what's happened, I'm asking you to stay with me and forge the friendships and adventures we promised each other. Less dope and more hope. This is our last chance of PTE emulation. We need to seize it with both hands.
  25. There's so much going on it's nice to get back to relative normality. As always, appreciate the updates. Thank you.