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  1. Welcome friend.
  2. So...u got fired or u resign?
  3. Be prepared to pay 5-10euros a month. I think thats fair.
  4. http://forum.nostalrius.org/viewtopic.php?f=30&t=44796&start=50 when u scroll down to last post on page, ull see https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/ ... nknown.png
  5. U dont need to be like that.I mean, its 2017, theres so much other things to do.Let them work, and in time ull get server....or not.Tbh i was worried when they announced closed beta.Why? Coz of timing....it happened just few days after Nost return news. By that time, we all knew there wasnt going to be beta in august, september....and they just rushed with beta news just days after Nostelysium hype( key word "rush", i dont want that kind of server). 1 year passed? Ok, if it takes, let another year pass(i just hope u did not sit down in front of pc whole year waiting for cf server ).
  6. oh damn....i thought they fixed that in tbc(3 sec cd). o well...
  7. Some classes must have this to be able to defeat mages for example.And u said for urself, its rare , very rare. Aligned stars on WF matches with mage cc and nuke with frosball.If i somehow get to mele him, let stars align and decide will i 1 hit him. Just wanned them to think twice if they counter encha in open world:)
  8. This is the reason i believe.If that was me, id be provoked too tbh.
  9. U think Theloras and Duki bring false information to see paladin class op?
  10. Game is designed for u to go to other lvl10-15 zones to lvl.So, it meant to be like that, u fininsh all westfall quests than move to loch modan.That combined with few dungs u get urself lvl20 in no time.If ur not dungeon player theres allways nelf zone to lvl.Back in 2005, it was new game, for players to explore the world, not to sit in one zone for 10 lvls(excpt Barrens).
  11. 5min blessings lasted 1 year. Patch 1.9 introduced greater blessings, 15min raid wide.
  12. Im on work...and slightly drunk(dont ask)
  13. Its unfinished quest in Aszhara southern coast, u help grp of pirates to counter naga waves.
  14. Will u fix holy resistance?