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  1. It was very surprising for us," Brack laughs. "I didn’t remember that after casting an intellect buff I had to drink [a potion], and then I’d cast it again on another party member and then I had to drink again. I was surprised at how much I had forgotten. You know, that’s not going to be for everyone. RED PILL ALLTHEWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Crowd screamed louder on classic announcement than to next expansion
  3. O yeah baby!!! Blizz, take my money...again u bastards!!! "It was very surprising for us," Brack laughs. "I didn’t remember that after casting an intellect buff I had to drink [a potion], and then I’d cast it again on another party member and then I had to drink again. I was surprised at how much I had forgotten. You know, that’s not going to be for everyone."
  4. Thx for Kiiara. What a voice...
  5. Mostly i agree with ur point.Tho, i dont see the point of this text.If u ask why(pls dont ask), read elysium - cf merge announcement and all other threads. "we" couldnt do shit bout it, so stop dreaming about some "our community means something".This is not Blizz project.(not anymore:) And yeah, u are arrogant;)
  6. Ye, its irony that ex-goldseller is good guy in all this. Its both funny and sad. Tbh, i dont mind for that money thing....selling R14 is problem.Players who buy their way tru game, wtf....assholes who doesnt want to play game fairly. For me all that Potty ban drama was legit.Ban, ban,ban, ban, bang and maybe something will change in their heads.
  7. Ex-goldseller LOL, u fcking have no clue. To all "dramaqueens" , RESPECT! So, warmane merge now.
  8. Im only human....please forgive me.Im cool now, but ur posts just make no sense to me.To lazy now to quote u and give u my opinion on ur claims, but please stop with " my way or high way" = "CF shutdown or Elysium ownership".Too many holes there.Read some dev posts before september 2016.Im just dissapointed with all this ....cant let it go so easy. edit And yeah Elicas and Outstanding have nothing with it, idk why u mentioned them.
  9. Yeah? Well, from my point Valaquenta is not banned yet, so....
  10. Say hello to ur ol friend Shenna/Vitaly-literate Keyser Söze . https://forum.elysium-project.org/topic/52432-state-of-development/
  11. Wau...im amazed that u think ppl misinterpret announcement.And why do u keep telling us "Asura is not quiting"? Anyone wrote smthing about Asura quiting? I dont think so. Mayor problem here is ,u can guess, again, Elysium.There is nothing "elitist" bout it, its just actions,...past actions.How many ppl were so uber fcking excited when LGN was annouced?Too many. And what we got few days later?.... Point is, stop thinking were elitist, or stupid idk(little harsh but...). Here, Wyke summed it all Wykeunchained Private Member 30 7 posts Posted 22 hours ago · Report post Sorry to say that this is me done with the private realm scene for the long term for a number of reasons. Crestfall offered a true PTE experience, even if it was not yet complete, and now the management and control of the project is being handed to Elysium without a single consideration for the people following the project. I have played Elysium and before that valkyrie. I walked away from the elysium project entirely because of the drama over the ownership and gold transfers ect. I have friends that still play there and even though the management has changed the underlying issues are still obvious, such as gold selling, bots and the ability to hack at will with no threat of punishment. I have witnessed first hand a friend of mine running bot software and hacks well over 3 months ago when I was still playing and his account is still live and active. This is why I no longer play there. I dont care if the odd person slips through the net, that happens, but its clear to me the Elysium staff just dont react even when players are reported by players. Things may have changed in that time but I seriously doubt it. I came to this project as I had faith it would be a high quality private realm, and that belief has now been removed. I am sure the realm will launch successfully due to the infrastructure changes, and probably much faster, but I simply have no faith in the ability of Elysium management to recruit competent and trustworthy GM's. I dont want to play on a realm where reports of botting are ignored, I dont want to play on realms where I am inundated with gold selling spam and I dont want to play on a realm that has no consideration for retail population levels. Handing over control means you lose all of those selling points. Elysium has already shown that they react to player demand, with the release of extra realms that are now merging again, with no care for the actual player experience. I dont want to play on a realm with 9k people, I want a realistic experience. I have a serious question for @Asura, @Darkrasp and @Crogge. I know there were already links with elysium, BUT was any other alternative discussed or investigated? If the management of the project was the cause of the delays and set-backs, was searching for a new project lead ever investigated? and if not why not? The issue I have is that you narrowing the private server scene down to a select few choices. You have warmane realms, twinstar realms, elysium realms and a few individual smaller projects. If blizz wanted to they can target 90% of all realms now by focusing on just 3 main set-ups. You take out the projects mentioned (and yes its possible regardless of their location and ownership) and you remove 95% of all private realm space. You are making the target easier to hit and the impact more severe. I wish you had communicated your plans with your followers in advance, many here could have offered input, suggestions, advice and help. As it stands you made an internal decision, without consultation from your followers. I dont trust elysium to follow your original mission goal, I dont trust them to not merge realms, I dont trust them to provide high quality service. So from me a final goodbye from this project, and possibly the private realm scene altogether. I wish you all luck in the future with your lives and the the project as a whole, but I have lost all interest since this public announcement.
  12. For me, problem is not flight points...its graveyards. Ghostrunning....
  13. ^ dont mistake this for alliance druid!
  14. and ull get respond -> smoke signals from wood