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  1. New draenei male model works for me.Love how they sit on chairs, and most impressive thing is that speed burst talent for paladins, thats a real charge of giant.U can check that under "sprint" animation. http://www.wowhead.com/item=126276/warmongering-gladiators-pike#modelviewer:11+0
  2. Thats nice, but u misunderstood my comment.
  3. Most love for Troll, Orc! Most h8 for race, lol, they are not even a race, rather some kind of mutation. Story goes like this: Once upon a time there were trolls.And they prospered.Time passed by, and 1st signs of degeneration showed up.So, to protect their race, trolls tossed their weaklings from cliffs(SPARTA). Not all weaklings found their end from the cliffs,... some of them survived(damn), coz nature herself was amazed how degenerate are they,...so nature naturaly, felt pity and spared most of them.Not only that, she gave them fckin sunwell to drink and be less degenerate.And 15000 years after u got night elves. Taa daa! Metzen, thank u so much for this:D Edit: O yeah i forgot...coz of their unnatural strenght(drained sunwell, moonwell whateva), blizz gave them Shadowmeld, so they can charge in front of their alliance!!! MUHAHAHAHAHA!!!!
  4. Ok, now im intrigued. So, blizz totally washed up wow, made it "only last exp game matters(1st 80 lvls can be jumped within few days with dungeon finder tool, azeroth- skip, outland- skip, northrend- yup)".When ppl point that out, u get annoyed?
  5. Relax, its not u, its them(blizz).
  6. That means u played few hours
  7. For me, it was superb.Didnt like pandas as race tho.(pandas as race makes sense, their continent, lost in mists, but that chubby lil cake eating fat panda runing around, waving with those chubby fat fur hands....nah). Horde needs worgens, give fat bears to alliance.
  8. I tried to reply, then i saw this Bah, its just me i guess....Not very fond of big news corporations.
  9. wtf is bbc? Aaaaa, bbc as news?!? ok, u need help;)
  10. XP FTW madafuka!
  11. Just finished Witch3 and.....dunno what to play now.After this exp(best game i ever played, damn), theres only 2 games in my mind, W3 and WoW.Im so bored right now.Whats the name of guild there, i may give it a shot these days. O yea, dont mind me, but i really dont know an dont care about discord.Tried once, its just to fast for me.
  12. Oh that Metzen guy , ....not viable I think i know lore better than him.He totally forgot about Eredar , and retconned them. https://forum.rpg.net/archive/index.php/t-263738.html And lore after wotlk.....its better to not read it at all.
  13. I read all wow lore from wiki sites.
  14. http://wowwiki.wikia.com/wiki/Spectral_Essence I was a newb, wotlk was exp, so u can imagine how much time did take me to get lvl for this quest.Sadly, grp for scholo was imposible to find(waited for hours), most ppl just went BC dungs.Soon after Cata hit, and this amazing quest line got lost in void forever.
  15. cooking = rabbit with 1 leg