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  1. If they bann vpn and ip what can the sellers do?
  2. I think it's not a big deal tbh since we won't have 20+ realms with 100k people, max 3 realms with 10k. It's like playing on Elysium concerning bgs but not in an overcrowded world. I played on a wotlk server where their 2x xp rate realm had 4500 players in peaktimes, the 6x pve server had 700 and the 15x server had 1500. They implemented crossrealm bgs, arena and df, and I have to say that the vast majority liked it. It was pretty fun to play with other people, or beat them in arena. We were even laughing with the hordies when a 10 man alliance premade was farming us on wsg from the lowest poped PvE server. I usually talked with people from the other realms, it was not that bad what you mentioned above concerning anonymity. It's my only private server crossrealm experience, I think there was no other project made it before. I understand you cannot play with them in the real world but... It would definitely bring our future community closer together, and it will be neccessary if they will launch with 2 PvP realms since the more populated will kill the smaller one.
  3. Thank you for your answer @coolmodi . Can you tell me a few more words about this thingy? What is your opinion about the time cost to write a proper filter rule to mute these sellers, or atleast give them a really mind-breaker task to advertise? I can imagine this like the 'IF fucntion' from excel I really doubt that it would take days/weeks to write it. I'm really incompetent in programming and these things, but I feel like Elysium didn't tried everything against these sellers.
  4. I've wrote a suggestion about it on Elysium forum before, but I've found deaf ears. I've played on 2 servers before where I was not able to send any kind of message which contained other private server's name. So if I wrote 'xxxxxxxxxxxxElysiumxxxxxxxxxxx' my message hasn't been sent. Why is it not possible to use the same method on Elysium? In the end of the gold selling whispers there are several random letters/characters/numbers, so it means Ely staff is muting a whole message, and not a word or a few characters from the message. So it's not that efficient to mute if these bastards still have infinity possibility. In addition, I also don't understand why is it not possible to mute messages which contains certain characters/letters/numbers in a certain order. I mean if you have a text: xxxxxxxx gold.com xxxxxx why we cannot mute the whole message which contains g-o-l-d-c-o-m - in this order. I don't think it causes lagg since Ely staff has already banned thousands of messages. So can somebody enlighten me who has knowledge about why this kind of filtering is not applicabe?
  5. Thanks for the asnwers. My first thought was like 'more activity, more items - - > healthier economy' about crossrealm AH, but yeah.. I have to admit that there are several incompitable factors in this idea. However, my opinion is the same concerning crossrealm bg/arena, I'd be really happy for it. PvP is really about more people, various enemy&team mates. Hoping the best...
  6. What do you think about crossrealm Auction House? If AH/BG/Arena would be linked I swear I'd roll on the PvE realm. Simply every issue which usually caused by the low population would be solved imo.
  7. The struggle is real guys. My main was always shaman, but I had only 1 shaman in Horde in the last years because I hate joining the more popular fraction. I tried to level up a nelf druid but it was not my cup of tea, neither the dwarf warrior. I've found out that I have to play shaman, I can't even reach lv60 if I don't play it. Maybe you should level a little bit when we will be in the opened beta phase to find out which class do you prefer and which one gives you the feeling.
  8. Hello! The server is not out yet, it's in the closed beta phase, however it will launch in this year in theory. You can see these many people on this forum because it seems very promising concerning the quality. Feel free to read more about the server in other topics!
  9. It's a very RP view imo. I think the faster BG pops, varied enemies and being less farmed by premades should have bigger priority.
  10. What's wrong with meeting players from other realms on bg and arena? I don't get your point. I really like the idea about keeping the pop around 4-5k, it's very healthy, but playing arena/battleground against the same teams are not that fun imo. Edit: RDF ruined the game, I agree.
  11. Thank you for correcting me, I edited my question to clear it for everybody.
  12. I wish I could play right now, but the thing is we missed the vanilla hype boat. We are not in hurry anymore, at least me, so all my "wish" is to make it as perfect as they can. I know they can implement it later aswell, but as I mentioned above, I'm afraid of they will have to care other important things after the launch. I have a bet that it's smoother to build it when the server is not out yet, and there are no crying players because of the server is down by crossrealm implementation. It is a big extra thing with lot of benefits, I'd be happy if I could see it from the launch. That's all.
  13. I think crossrealm function would be the trump in the hand of Crestfall. As the devs mentioned before, it's a big work and costs so much time to build it, but it would be totally worth. On the other hand, when the server will officially launch the devs will possibly have so many other things to care with. I have never seen a smooth launch (except Kronos 2, but after a few days it suffered by DDoS attacks). Crossrealm has several benefits, let me list a few why I consider it very important: 1. It's very rare on the private servers. I can't say any decent project who has working crossrealm, and most of them have no opportunity to make it because their realms are not running on the same schedule and timeline. So it would be a good marketing trick aswell. 2. My definite conviction is crossrealm would help to increase the population of the PvE realm. There are people out there who are thinking about which realm should be the best for them, since the 2 realms give different experience. People who are afraid of the lack PvP opportunity on the PvE realm may consider rolling on the PvP realm and if these people are tired of gankers, corpse campers, wPvP maybe they will stop playing. 3. Reducing the chance of the monopoly gaming by the elite battleground premades. I've just realised that we need crossrealm when I saw how many people are interested playing battlegrounds on the PvE realm. Comparing the possibly population it's a lot. It was a pleasent surprise for me how active was the PvP topic there. Even most of the elite PvP players will roll on Kul'Tiras, there will be premade farmers on the PvE realm aswell. The lower population could cause easier farming opportunity for them. 4. It keeps the 2 realms in touch, and the community is not seperated completely. Maybe this is the most important of all for me. 5. Faster BG pops --> better leveling experience. Just imagine how many people would like to see a working crossrealm in the early part of the server. I'll definitely roll on the PvP server, but I'd be very happy if I could play against/with the other realm players. This function brings the community closer together, and this is why we love vanilla and the game. Grab this advantage from the begining, even if you have to delay the launch to 2018 - make the launch as perfect as you can.
  14. Do we have any information about the standpoint of the GM team admins in this topic?
  15. @Theloras I think you should care more about your life. Go to the gym, find friends, watch a movie in the cinema, get a girl or buy one, I dont care just leave us and everybody will be happier. Danke