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  1. The struggle is real guys. My main was always shaman, but I had only 1 shaman in Horde in the last years because I hate joining the more popular fraction. I tried to level up a nelf druid but it was not my cup of tea, neither the dwarf warrior. I've found out that I have to play shaman, I can't even reach lv60 if I don't play it. Maybe you should level a little bit when we will be in the opened beta phase to find out which class do you prefer and which one gives you the feeling.
  2. I think crossrealm function would be the trump in the hand of Crestfall. As the devs mentioned before, it's a big work and costs so much time to build it, but it would be totally worth. On the other hand, when the server will officially launch the devs will possibly have so many other things to care with. I have never seen a smooth launch (except Kronos 2, but after a few days it suffered by DDoS attacks). Crossrealm has several benefits, let me list a few why I consider it very important: 1. It's very rare on the private servers. I can't say any decent project who has working crossrealm, and most of them have no opportunity to make it because their realms are not running on the same schedule and timeline. So it would be a good marketing trick aswell. 2. My definite conviction is crossrealm would help to increase the population of the PvE realm. There are people out there who are thinking about which realm should be the best for them, since the 2 realms give different experience. People who are afraid of the lack PvP opportunity on the PvE realm may consider rolling on the PvP realm and if these people are tired of gankers, corpse campers, wPvP maybe they will stop playing. 3. Reducing the chance of the monopoly gaming by the elite battleground premades. I've just realised that we need crossrealm when I saw how many people are interested playing battlegrounds on the PvE realm. Comparing the possibly population it's a lot. It was a pleasent surprise for me how active was the PvP topic there. Even most of the elite PvP players will roll on Kul'Tiras, there will be premade farmers on the PvE realm aswell. The lower population could cause easier farming opportunity for them. 4. It keeps the 2 realms in touch, and the community is not seperated completely. Maybe this is the most important of all for me. 5. Faster BG pops --> better leveling experience. Just imagine how many people would like to see a working crossrealm in the early part of the server. I'll definitely roll on the PvP server, but I'd be very happy if I could play against/with the other realm players. This function brings the community closer together, and this is why we love vanilla and the game. Grab this advantage from the begining, even if you have to delay the launch to 2018 - make the launch as perfect as you can.
  3. Hello! The server is not out yet, it's in the closed beta phase, however it will launch in this year in theory. You can see these many people on this forum because it seems very promising concerning the quality. Feel free to read more about the server in other topics!
  4. It's a very RP view imo. I think the faster BG pops, varied enemies and being less farmed by premades should have bigger priority.
  5. What's wrong with meeting players from other realms on bg and arena? I don't get your point. I really like the idea about keeping the pop around 4-5k, it's very healthy, but playing arena/battleground against the same teams are not that fun imo. Edit: RDF ruined the game, I agree.
  6. Thank you for correcting me, I edited my question to clear it for everybody.
  7. I wish I could play right now, but the thing is we missed the vanilla hype boat. We are not in hurry anymore, at least me, so all my "wish" is to make it as perfect as they can. I know they can implement it later aswell, but as I mentioned above, I'm afraid of they will have to care other important things after the launch. I have a bet that it's smoother to build it when the server is not out yet, and there are no crying players because of the server is down by crossrealm implementation. It is a big extra thing with lot of benefits, I'd be happy if I could see it from the launch. That's all.
  8. Do we have any information about the standpoint of the GM team admins in this topic?
  9. @Theloras I think you should care more about your life. Go to the gym, find friends, watch a movie in the cinema, get a girl or buy one, I dont care just leave us and everybody will be happier. Danke
  10. I think this @Brikot smoked too much. The point is, these changes are bad concerning players who was planning to play rng based chars, since this is why we want to play it and this is how it worked back in time. I'd be happy if my plan would be playing a lock or priest.
  11. First of all, I'd like to say thank you for your continously work. Secondly, I'm very disappointed about this proc mechanic changes. Since I'm planning to play an enha shaman, I feel this a very big nerf. In addition, it's also a huge nerf for all the melees and the Horde faction concerning PvE/PvP. I have never played vanilla but I don't really think that it was a game breaking mechanic. What are the chances for these things procs together? 1/1000? You shouldnt change this, the old PvP movies are full of these procs and this is why it was so epic. As I read comments and forum posts about these procs, it happened once per year, I'd be much more happier if you take your efforts into anything else, like crossrealm battlegrounds. On the other hand, double/triple/quadra windfury procs happened even in WotLK. Tbh I have never thought that it needs to be "fixed" since it was the way how it worked for years. Comparing the chances of these procs and the amount of time you want to spend for nerfing is also deficit imo. I have a bet that Darkrasp is not planning to play sword specced warrior or enha... EDIT: I have to say sorry, I told stupid things here. I looked after a few things and made a long conversation with a friend of mine about the proc mechanics, it's clear now.
  12. let me grab my beater!
  13. Welcome mate!
  14. We will be here and wait patiently. Thank you for your work, and Happy Easter!
  15. Welcome! Enjoy your free time before the grind begins!
  16. Welcome budy! We are already 5 with you. Hopefuly we will stick together till the launch
  17. Hello there! As I saw on the forum there are plenty of active users, however in the guild's recruitment section there is no active EU based horde guild atm, so I'd like to gather the horde players who definitely know that they will roll on the PvP server. The main goal of this movement are getting to know each other, keeping our hype up, and when a decent guild shows up we can join together. Until then we can discuss things, collect useful links/infos/addons, test and play on instant 60 server or start leveling on a blizzlike server. Since I'm pretty new in vanilla and interested in both PvE and PvP I'd like to know much more about the game before CF launches. You can do all of these alone what a mentioned above, but gather and share it with your potential playmates seems more fun for me. If you are on the same boat and interested in joining a small group of people who would like to burn their free time together, feel free to join us on discord! https://discord.gg/JZf4EA7 PS: Concerning about EU basement, I'm playing from central EU, and I'll looking for a guild which doing raids and guild events in the evenings. If you are not from the EU but you can manage your time to play with us there is no other barrier in fron of you. Thank you for reading, and have a nice day!
  18. There is a server which running from vanilla to wotlk on wotlk client, that would be your server budy.
  19. Good to hear this, welcome on the board! I've already started collecting some tutorials/guides/useful infos from youtube and forums on the discord channel. I'm wondering about how many useful stuffs are in the world of vanilla. It feels like learning a whole new game.
  20. Hi lads! I'll write a novel here because of 2 reasons: 1. I'm preparing for a superlative english language exam. 2. I was so disappointed in the last few weeks/months because of the newest private servers. More details below. First of all, I'd like to introduce myself. I'm 23 years old university student from Hungary. I'm learning international economics. I play football since my childhood in my local club, I ran 35 kilometers once from my town to another town, and I love foreign languages and cultures. I'd like to speak much more languages, however I speak only english and a little bit arabic. I saw we have a lot of people here from several countries, so if anybody is interested in learning a little bit hungarian for exchange teaching me on his/her own native language, I'd be very grateful. Even if somebody would like to practice english a little bit, I'm also up for that. Just send me a private message. About my experience, I play WoW for 10 years and I'm a big fan of WotLK and TBC. I had no opportunity to play on retail, however I've totally lost my interest after LK. Reforging Azeroth and let people fly there were a huge mistake in Cata. My main is enhancement shaman, but I'm willing to play elemental and restoration aswell. I always consider the benefits of my guild first. Basically I'm very helpful player with strong team spirit. We have a proverb in Hungary: "Unity is strength". I played on #####(Hungarian #1 private server with 6-7k players at peaktime on 3 realms with crossrealm bg, rdf and arena) about 5 years from TBC to WotLK. From WotLK my main became enhancement shaman, I reached 2,3k in 2v2 and 2,1k in 3v3 and also cleared the whole PvE content on HC difficulty. After they patched the server to Cata, I rolled on LK Arena-Tournament and TBC Arena-Tournament servers. We reached 2k+ ratings on both servers(beastcleave on LK AT and holypal-war-cementsham on TBC AT) then we stopped playing. In this time I became a big supporter of 3v3 and 5v5 brackets, since it's not a thing on blizzlike private servers. 2v2 is dominated by the same teams for years on the servers, however the higher brackets give more opportunity to play with less op classes since it's more balanced. Maybe I'll open a topic about it when it will be actual. So after a while, I rolled with my friend on several TBC servers, but the main problem was that all of these servers were in the end content for years , so it was hard to prevail as a new player. Meanwhile I heard the story of Nostalrius and their comeback. I was so hyped when I found a pretty good guild since I always wanted to try out vanilla. I joined this guild more than 1 month before the relaunch, so we prepared together with explore leveling guides, google drive sheets, we made leveling groups, youtube tutorials etc. The first Sulfuras of the guild has been promised for me, so you can imagine how I felt after playing years with enhancement shaman and I had a very good chance for possessing the strongest weapon int the game… Maybe a week before the release, one our officer found out that we should roll in alliance because it's much better than horde. So I started a dwarf warrior on the launch, but I couldnt enjoy it, even if I loved those guys… Maybe you know this feeling, when you would like to play with your friends/playmates, but you and they want to play totally different thing. In the end I left the server because I couldn't enjoy the game+ DDoS attacks 24/7. After all of these drama I rolled on the relaunched polish TBC private server which had a pretty good playerbase, but they have been closed by Blizzard… or at least they say this. In addition they have been DDoSed in 24/7 aswell. I lost my interest and belief in this server because they had some major gamebreaking bug, and there are 2-3 devs working there. After the wipe another trash private server stole a big part of the players so I'm not hoping anymore in a good-shaped, populated TBC server. All my faith in Crestfall now. I don't mind the population anymore, all I need is a good community. Less attention, less DDoS attacks. I can't wait playing with my shaman from vanilla to WotLK. I'm hoping in a stable server and maybe some extras, like crossrealm function or supported 3v3 and 5v5 brackets, pre-nerfed dungeons and raids... I know we have a long ride ahead of us and there are a lot of opened questions yet, but I'll wait here patiently. Have a nice day guys, and keep your hype up!
  21. Ppl said enha dps is not viable in vanilla. Remove the cooldown of Stormstrike please.
  22. I'm happy to meet with a like-minded person, dear neighbour! I'll be very happy if you will spend a few minutes of your free time to me! After my superlative english exam I'll learn german possibly, but before I totally engage in german, you can also teach me some basic romanian, spanish or italian sentences if you up for that! Since @Urutau was also interested in this kind of topic, I'm going to write him another pm, hopefuly he will respond on this one. Learning together foreign languages would be really useful and fun until the launch!
  23. When I'll start playing on CF I don't want to hear on the second week that a guild is already farming MC... It happened on Elysium, and I felt like "my whole life is a lie" There are several reasons why did vanilla become easier over the years, I don't want to explain it again, but I think we all play it because we want some challange. However I think the HP and Damage buff would be enough. I don't want to see new spells or the old spells more often. My opinion is concerning all the expansions. Don't change the experience, just make it a little bit harder, please!
  24. The old AV was awesome, I hope we will have opportunity to play it because the nerfed one is available on everywhere else.