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  1. Thanks for the informative answer.
  2. Im really interested in what proffesion should i level as a Warlock. I was thinking on going Tailoring and Enchanting or Tailoring and Herbalism. Like i really dont have a clue on which profession profits most and how can i gather enough gold for my mount fast. Is there a better way of farming gold? I saw some guy that played as a mage and farmed BRD trash mobs and got a decent amount of gold, but i think that the economy of the server might be a bit inflated and can cause some problems with that. The only possible way of farming gold i see is by vendoring items and selling green - blue - epic drops. Im really curious to hear other peoples' opinion on the topic.
  3. You're still not answering my question, i dont have a problem of playing even more, the thing is that i want to know in which way should we level up as a group.
  4. I know that paladins arent good as tanks later into the game but for leveling wouldnt they be fine? Like he`d switch holy later on and the warlocks Voidwalker could tank a decent amount too. Just my idea in theory, as for the leveling tho i remember playing on nostalrius and i got to lvl 35 in like 4-5 days by playing 4-5 hours a day, thats why assumed we might get to 60 in 1 and a half weeks or 2.
  5. So i recently heard about this project and im curious if anyone here has experience with lvling as a group of 4 people. Im not sure which faction we`ll be playing but if we go alliance we might play humans and if we go horde we'll probably be undeads. The composition that we`re planning on doing is Lock / Mage / Priest / Warrior on Horde and for Alliance it might be the same or we'd swap the warrior for a paladin and the mage for a rogue. The real question is how should we level up? Is it worth to grind as 4 people? Is it worth doing collection quests? Our goal is to play each day for a approximate 4-5 hours max and reach the level cap in like 1 and a 1/2 weeks. If you know any guides concerning the topic please share them.